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A Dog Fence: A Good Idea?

Invisible Dog Fence.

With a good dog fence, you can save yourself a lot of worries and headaches. If you’ve ever left your dog alone for a few minutes and come back and not find it where you left it, you know what kind of worries I’m talking about. You needn’t be reminded that a repeat of such occasions could put your dog in harms way, or perhaps worse. That’s the reason why a dog fence is so useful; because it allows dog owners to leave their dogs unattended without the constant fear that they will run into trouble.

What Should You Consider?

Choosing a good dog fence requires you to consider the size and type of place you live in, the area that you will limit the dog to, the size and breed of the dog, how much freedom of movement the dog needs when you’re not around, and how much you can afford to spend, of course. Therefore, it’s important to study the features and benefits of the different types of dog fences in the form of a dog containment system or an in ground radio fence on offer, before you buy one, in order to make the right choice.

What Are Your Options?

Most people still think that dog fences are made of wood or metal, but actually, there are many materials and methods for keeping your dog from wandering away. You can even get one of the new containment system which for all practical proposes is an invisible fence just pet fencing that use advanced technology. For the sake of simplicity, let’s compare two totally different types of dog fencing e.

The wooden dog fence has been very popular for centuries. However, although it is difficult to install and costlier than other fences, it is suitable for all weather conditions and has a longer life, too.

On the other side of the scale, the invisible Sportdog fence marketed by Petsafe Innotek, is the most advanced of them all, and it’s also simple to install. A cable that marks the limits of the dog’s movement is buried around the area where the dog will be and then flags or posts are placed on top of it to mark it. This cable can detect the collar that the dog is wearing, so if your dog gets too close to the cable, the collar ill emit a sound to warn your dog. A mild shock will be delivered if the dog doesn’t pay heed to the signals it receives, especially if it goes beyond the invisible dog fence.

Innotek Smart Dog SD-2000.

The Innotek Smart Dog SD-2000 is a simple to use dog Containment system.

If you have areas in your yard that you don’t want your dog to go, or you need to keep your much loved dog from running away, then this invisible dog fencing system is a must have!

Just lay the included wire in the ground where you want the boundary to be, and put the special collar on your dog. When your dog gets close to the boundary, he’ll get a warning beep. If he gets too close, he’ll get a harmless but effective short static pulse correction.

In quick time, your dog will learn where he can and can not go within your yard – and more importantly not run away!

This is a great solution for properties up to 5 acres and for easily trainable dogs from 3.5kgs in size.

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Because of their curious nature, unrestricted dogs will wander away at the first opportunity they get. So, if you want to keep your dog safe, and free yourself from complains from the neighbors, install an invisible dog fence. A fence will keep problems and dangers OUT. And your dog safely IN.

Invisible Dog Fence - Innotek Smart Dog SD-2000

On the other hand is your dog driving you crazy with its incessant barking?. If that is the case then you should try using an Anti-Barking Collar.

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