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Are You Intending To De-Claw Your Cat Because He Is Ruining Your Favourite Tables And Chairs

Is your favourite cat driving you to distraction by tearing up the legs of your favourite table or destroying the fabric of your favourite couch? Are you now starting to consider de-clawing your cat as a solution?

Almost all cats love to scratch. It’s natural for them to do so and helps remove some of the dead nail material on their claws. It also helps them leave some scent around the house to mark their territory, after all they don’t know that you’re not letting rival cats into the house.

Being instinctive it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to stop him from clawing, and if you expect to stop him by smacking his paws or by throwing him outside or by punishing him then you’re on a loser. Do all that and when you let him back in he’ll still head back towards the legs of your favourite table.

Eventually cat owners who are subject to these problems reach, in some cases, the stage where they are considering de-clawing their cat. Ce-clawing is the removal of the claws and a part of the bone in the toe and is a serious surgical procedure. It’s expensive to undertake and the pain to the owner is matched by the pain to the cat who has to walk around on injured paws for some time before they heal.

Some of the most important things that cats do require claws. Your cat can’t play in trees if he can’t climb them. They use their claws when stretching, running and jumping and even digging in their litterbox.

And finally de-clawing your cat removes his most important weapon against dogs. Watch a cat defend himself against a dog and you will see he can very successfully do so using his claws. But not if he doesn’t have any.

The sad fact is that there are much cheaper, less painful and less stressful solutions to de-clawing a cat. The best of these is to spend some $20 or less buying a cat scratching post and spend some training him to use it.

If you don’t know about them then a cat scratching post is a simple piece of cat furniture which gives him a place to scratch away without damaging anything important. Whilst it can be difficult to train him to use it is certainly way less stressful and less expensive than subjecting him to unnecessary surgery.

In some countries cat de-clawing is outlawed because it is unnecessary and painful for the cat. It is also painful for the owners wallet and the need for it is removed simply by training your cat to use a simple and cheap cat scratching post.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on June 27, 2010

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