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Overnight, the world turned white….. I usually like to go outside prior to snow plows and shovels ruin a perfect picture. There’s something incredibly magical concerning the light reflected by billions and billions of special crystals. Fallen from heaven, all those tiny flakes perform a timeless, selfless act. Down to earth, they reflect the light of the moon and stars, giving back what they receive, before melting away, only being reincarnated.

The pneumonia inside cat, like that inside the dog, is a bronchi-pneumonia, or a pneumonia as a result of filling up of isolated tiny lobes inside the lung in the animal, and differs from the standard pneumonia of man along with the horse, in which latter the inflammation invades a complete lobe from the lung. In bronchi-pneumonia there is a lot more fever than in uncomplicated bronchitis.

The constitutional indicators and debility from the animal are a lot more marked, with commonly a total loss of appetite. Also to the a mucus respiratory seem characterized by fine crackles which may possibly be heard in bronchitis, you could have a hissing, whistling, or seems of much more or less sharpness, like those people of a whistle, which may well be due to the hepatization (a state in the lungs when gorged with effused matter, so that they are no longer pervious on the air) or filled-up lobes pressing upon and compressing the air-tubes which cause lobes of sound lung-tissue.

This type of bronchi-pneumonia at the outset resembles in its indicators an standard bronchi-pneumonia either with the detection from the parasite from the discharge which the animal coughs up, or by the truth how the bronchi-pneumonia will not run its regular course, but will get superior in a few days, or will get decidedly worse.

A Buddhist may well say how the beauty of snowflakes lies in their transient nature. One moment they’re here. But leave it to less-philosophical people to make an effort to defeat the inevitable passing of time and stop the clock from ticking. We’ve grow to be really fine at it, actually. I’m not referring for the remedies accessible in specific celebrity spas.


Instead of smoothing aside the ripples from the past, I wish to preserve them as very best as I can. It’s where our ‘biology reflects our biography’, as Caroline Myss would put it. It really is very simple.

I am a professional voice-over actor, so for this purpose I use a clever device that’s capable of capturing the moment, right prior to its echo is about to disappear into nothingness. It’s called a microphone. The really moment my seem meets the silence, I catch it; I record it and I store it in a very safe place.


Born in 1865, he grew up with a farm in Jericho, Vermont. As a teenager he became fascinated by snowflakes. When he was fifteen, his mother gave him a microscope, and soon Wilson was over a mission to capture what he affectionately named “ice flowers”. Trying to draw them was impossible, mainly because the flakes would vanish just before he was able to finish the picture. His breath would consider them away.

After several years of experimentation, the 19-year old Bentley became the first person ever to photograph a single snow crystal, employing a bellows camera to which he adapted a Dutch invention, the compound microscope. And it was Bentley, who discovered that no two snowflakes are alike.

In the beginning of bronchi-pneumonia a similar remedy may be used as for colds and bronchitis. The cat need to be inserted in a very quiet, darkened corner, and be protected from drafts. It need to not have food forced upon it, although it should possess a smaller saucer of water, through which may be put just a little bicarbonate of soda and a tiny saucer of fresh milk, which it can take if it wants. It is far better to position only a little quantity of milk at a time, as the owner can then judge how much the cat is taking, and there is certainly no possibility of the milk souring.

During his lifetime, he captured more than five thousand snowflakes. He also published articles for magazines and journals including National Geographic and Scientific American, and filled nine notebooks with 47 many years worth of his observations and analysis. In 1925 he wrote:

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