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Bark Collars – Because Big Dogs Can Mean A Big Barking Problem

Big dogs tend to have a big bark. If you have a dog that gets excited and barks madly, incessantly, at every little thing – moving bushes, passing trucks, cats nearby – that indeed is a problem. If you own several big dogs, then that just multiplies the problem – and amplifies the racket you have to put up with. It’s time you sent a clear message to your dog – such barking will not be tolerated.

Anti-Barking Collar

You will find many bark collars available, in pet stores, and online, and ones especially for big dogs who just won’t listen. One of the best ways to curb excessive barking is through the use of static collars.

Anti Bark Collars

Dog trainers and owners know, by experience, that not all dogs respond in the same way to attempts at habit control. Some large dogs belong to this category, since some of them can bark despite the stimulus provided by the static collar they wear. That’s why there are static bark collars with various intensity settings. Over time, you want to be able to settle on a setting that interrupts your dog enough to stop his barking. When the cause for the barking is presents – a loud truck pulling close to your house, another dog being walk on the street fronting your gate – and your get doesn’t bark, let the moment pass, and reward your dog with treats, attention, or some play time. That way your dog gets the message – you prefer silence over its previous behaviour.

You also want to make sure the collar itself fits comfortably around your big dog’s neck. This is to make sure your dog will not be irritated by the unit, and so avoids subjecting the unit to wear and tear. Be sure to inquire about collars for dogs with large necks, when you visit a pet shops, and also about shock collars meant for big dogs.

The trigger mechanism in the collar, try to ask about it, how it’s activated, for example. Be sure that your choice among bark collars uses sensors that trigger the static correction based on vibrations on your dog’s throat. In this manner, the static correction follows the instance of your dog’s bark. You want a unit that can ignore loud sounds near the dog, and activates only when the dog wearing it barks. What’s vital is that your dog learns to link the shock as a consequence of his barking. Finally, you may want your bark collar to be waterproof, since it will be battery operated and be used by a big dog that might get rowdy during play.

Another Tip To Stop Dog Barking.

Here is another tip that may help your dog stop barking. Many dogs get attracted by passing stray cats who roam about at night times. You can stop your dog barking on this count by erecting an insulated cedar wood outdoor cat house on your property. This would give shelter to the stray cats, stop them roaming about on your property and stop your dog from barking

Install Outdoor Cat Shelter and STOP dog barking at roaming stray cats

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