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Can You Train A Cat?

Cats have a reputation foe being fiercely independent and have a mind of their own. Is it possible to teach your cat new tricks?

Mant cat owners think that there cat is simply too moody and sullen to listen. Some owners feel their cats are un-trainable simply because they are arrogant. The fact is many times pets don’t obey because they don’t understand what you want from them. So, if you have attempted to train your cat there is a slight possibility that you may not be doing it right.

Good Kitty:

Training your cat takes time and patience. It takes more of that than it does with a dog. A sure way to achieve results is to use positive reinforcement. Whatever you do, don’t scold your cat because she is likely to just misbehave when you aren’t looking. Instead, praise and reward good behaviour. Any cat can learn. It is recommended to start when the cat is relatively young, eight to ten weeks would be ideal. But, the pet will do well at any age.

How do you get started?

The first thing to start with is training your cat to come when called. Have your cat’s favourite treat and call his name. Start by making sure you cat is in a good mood. Try to make sure that there isn’t a great deal of noise. Distractions will only slow down tha cat or befuddle him. Decide on a single command. The direction should be short and easy to say. It is important to note that simple instructions work well such as come kitty or here kitty. Try and get down to your cats level by kneeling or sitting on the floor. Verbalise the command. Your voice should be happy and excited. When your kitty comes to you, reward him a treat. Insure that you praise and reward your cat. Then, try moving away and do the same thing again. The aim is to use the same tone of voice and the same command each time. Work on it for no more than ten minutes. If your cat is showing signs of boredom or frustration it is time to stop. Repeat this two to three times a day for approximately a week. Once he gets this command, you can move on to others.

There are many things that your cat needs to learn for his own well being are needed to teach all cats. For example, he needs to learn to accept a harness and leash in case you are required to travel with him. Furthermore, your cat should learn to use a carry box.

A Harness and Leash:

To do this, you’ll want to start by putting the harness on him. Do not under any circumstances attempt to restrain your cat once it is place. Praise and reward him for it. Give him a treat for behaving so well. When he is used to wearing it, attach the leash to it and simply let him lead you throughout the area. Try coaxing him into following you with rewards and praise. Many cats will learn to heel on the leash. But, most won’t. All should learn to not panic or to struggle, though when wearing a leash.

The Crate:

When it comes to the crate, it can be done a little simpler. Cats love warm dark spaces and so placing a comfortable blanket or even a favourite toy inside the cat’s crate. Give him praise when you place your cat inside. Try leaving your cat there for a few minutes. Please let your cat out within a three to five minute time frame. Try not to offer him praise when he leaves the crate because you do not want him to think this is the good behaviour. Ensure that you offer rewards whenever he goes in. Try leaving the cat in the crate a little longer each time. Eventually your cat will be trained well enough to keep him in there.

I hope these simple tips will show you how useful it can be to give your cat a little discipline.

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