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Cat Art Irrestible Qualities

The mystique and the magic of the cat portrayed in amazing cat art is what makes these charming animals such good pets for many cat owners across the planet. Cat art  perfectly exhibits the independent yet loving nature of the cat, which is indicative of what makes them exceptional animals. Majestic cat art often displays the characteristics of a semi-wild, half domesticated animal and expresses how we are priveleged to be in their presence and honoured to be chosen as their companion.

Descended from much bigger wild cats our domesticated friends still demonstate their abilities as epefect night-time hunters, displaying stealth, great intelligence and incredible instinct, these unique qualities are often depicted in cat art. We all know our beautiful cat friends will not completely tamed no matter what no, but why would we want to tame these wonderful animals?

Their independent streak can get them into all kinds of diffilculties, curiosity a defining feature of our wild pets. The exceptional agility and excellent dexterity of the cat portrayed in cat art  with their speed and fantastic senses make them definately worthy of their “cat with nine lives” attribute. These cat characteristics displayed with skilled precision in cat art usually zooms in on the eyes, the brilliance of which is startling, their eyes the specific attribute which makes them such skilled nocturnal hunters. Artists creating cat art uses this focal point to define the enigmatic character of the animal also pin-pointing the large ears set upon the top of the head, a defining part of their form and main observational point in cat art, these characteristics make a solid foundation for bringing into being the cats image on a canvas. Picture in your mind a cat art portrait and these attributes are what jump into mind.

Cute cat art  paintings and portraits, especially of kittens, show the playful nature and vital development of tthe cats ability to hunt, cat art captures this important aspect off the developing kitten’s life and the involvment with other members of their cat family. The dynamic image of a cat at play makes for a excellent piece of artwork. A traditional or contemporary picture portraying a distinct cat breed gives a clue as to the huge range of breeds in existence, which is probably going to be surprising to most individuals. A cat art picture gives you a great choice from this massive selection, from persians to oriental types to siamese and the unusual “Sphynx” cat, this vast array of cats makes for all sorts of cat art images, the classic black and white moggy often making the most appearances; everyone loves the black and white cat in all its cute and adorable fluffiness. These dignified and proud or sweet and cute cat art paintings wil not fail to be loved by all cat enthusiasts.

The suitability of a cat art portrait for cat lovers is clearly demonstrated in the popularity and endless range of cat art pictures in collections displayed in online and well-established galleries all over the planet, along with the popularity of the artwork portraying our canine companions, this cannot be matched. While the faithfulness and wonderful companionship of our adorable dog pets make them universally popular in dog art, the beauty and exuberent loving nature of the cat make her one of, if not the, worlds most popular pet and therefore art subjects, a fact which cat fans need not to be told.

Nicola Foote.

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