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Cat Doors – For A Healthier And Less Problematic Life With Your Cat

Some pets attune their rhythms to those of their owners. Over time, they tend do share the same schedule of activities, or at least closely overlap them – watching television together, preparing a meal at about the same time, and sleeping at about the same scheduled hours. They way they stick to such a routine, even a feeding time, can be amazing. These pets are perfectly potty trained. When these kinds of pets are bored, they do not scratch indoor furniture. They don’t get bored staying in the house all day. Now wake up to reality. Did you really think for a moment that you cat will not do anything untoward indoors if you keep it there for hours on end? Seriously, you’re going to think about installing cat doors> If you don’t provide such a pet door, they’ll also do as they please inside your home.

Let’s start with potty accidents, which aren’t really accidents

Even though there are some cats that love staying indoors due to the timed pet feeder and indoor heat or cooling, some get easily bored. Expect several recurring potty accidents – even when there’s a potty station set up – and try to come to terms that your couch, clothes, and shelves will smell of pee, cat pee.

Cats can scratch their itch, and your walls, shelves, and curtain, too

You can probably start a list of scratch things – curtains, shelves, the couch, chairs, and so on. Don’t expect paintings to escape your cat’s claws, along with other items of value on your shelves – they’ll be shoved down and topped over and break. if you leave soiled dishes and uncapped catsup bottles, you may find them rummaged and broken, or tumbled over and spilling on your carpet. It’s possible your cat is just weird, or maybe there’s nothing else to do indoors.

Shelf climbing and dropping books from shelves

If only books fall down from your shelves, consider yourself a lucky pet owner. You may have some expensive or valuable mementos that could get knocked over. We tend to keep these things on our shelves, which a cat might just climb up on especially when they’re bored. Cats need to explore – that’s how curious they can be – and even if they keep snug-fitting themselves in some unused shelf or box, expect to keep seeing broken and scattered things indoors.

Who’s the butler in this house again?

So you’re home, and you do what you do when at home – relaxing and watching a movie, sleeping soundly, chatting with friends over the Internet – but with a cat that wants to get out, you need to drop what you’re doing. All because your cat wants to get out and you are to let it out of the door. Cats will meow all night and jump on you if need be. Later, when they want to come in, they meow non-stop, because you’re the butler.

Since you deserve relief from the indoor havoc your cat can cause, you need to look into cat doors to check out what suites your home and your extraordinarily curious pet.

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