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Cats are popular pets around the house, primarily because of their particular pretty and wonderful visual appeal, and their fluffy coats.

However, there are specific animalistic routines and traits that may not sit too well with many cat owners, such as the horrible smell of cat urine and stools, as well as their uncontrollable need to go outside the house at the oddest of times.

Happily, cat flaps for doors are around, to solve a lot of these problems.

Cat flaps for doors, are simply hinged flaps set right into doors, walls, or glass windows, to permit easy access to the outdoors and re-entry into the house, whenever the cats and kittens are interested.

There are many kinds of cat flaps for doors available on the market which include weighted flaps, infrared and also electromagnetic flaps, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks with respect to their cost, efficiency and routine maintenance.

The best cat flaps, cat flaps for doors, cat flaps for windows and cat flaps for walls are available at Amazon.com. Click on the image below to check out what is currently available.

Cat Flaps for Doors

Cat Flap for Doors

Easy Outdoor Access and Re-entry Indoors. – As mentioned earlier, the most apparent good thing about cat flaps for doors is the easy access to the outdoors and re-entry into the house that they give to pet kittens and cats.

The pet can easily get in and also out of the house even without the need for the services of a human to open and shut a door.

Cat owners will therefore have the ability to carry out their household tasks without having to be always at the service of the cat whenever it desired to leave the house or come into it.

You might be in the middle of carrying out the washing, cooking a meal, or cleaning the floor, and if your cat needed to get out in the open, to be able to go on a poop, or simply bask in the sun, you would not have to stop what you were doing to let the cat out or let it in again, because of the cat flap for doors.

If you were taking a much needed nap, or watching your favorite TV show, or deeply engrossed in a good book, a cat flap for doors, if installed, would allow your cat out of the house or allow it to re-enter it with out you being disturbed.

You do not have to worry about bad weather anymore. Your cat will not be trapped out in the cold snow or rain anymore, as it can bolt back into the house once the weather turns nasty, all because you have installed a cat flap for doors.

Cat flaps for doors have many more benefits than what is mentioned above, that you can make the most of right now.

Pet Door

A pet door or pet flap (also referred to in more specific terms, such as cat flap or dog door a.k.a. doggie door) is a small portal in a wall, window or human door to allow pets to enter and exit a house (or other structure) on their own without needing a person to open the door. Originally simple holes, the modern form is a hinged and often spring-loaded panel or flexible flap, and some are electronically controlled.

They offer a degree of protection against wind, rain, and larger-bodied intruders entering the dwelling.

Similar hatches can let dogs through fences at stiles. A related concept is the pet gate, which is easy for humans to open but acts as a secure pet barrier.


A pet door is found to be convenient by many owners of companion animals, especially dogs and cats, because it lets the pets come and go as they please, reducing the need for pet-owners to let or take the pet outside manually, and curtailing unwanted behaviour such as loud vocalisation to be let outside, scratching on doors or walls, and (especially in the case of dogs) excreting in the house. They also help ensure that a pet left outdoors can safely get back in the house in the case of inclement weather.


The simplest type are bottom-weighted flaps hung from the top of the opening, which swing shut on their own, but may be spring-aided to increase wind resistance. Those with side-mounted hinges and more door-like operation[clarification needed] usually do have a spring or other contrivance to force their closure after the pet has gone through it. Either type may also feature low-strength magnets that keep the device closed against drafts while remaining easily openable by a pet’s pushing.

Another common feature is an adjustable catch to restrict the opening of the device to either one direction or the other; for example, to allow the pet to come in for the night, but not go out again until the owner releases the catch the next morning. Some pets, mostly cats with their retractile claws and flexible paws, learn to circumvent one-way pet doors, especially the “flap-within-flap” design.

Most also have a locking mechanism of some kind, and can be closed off by sliding a rigid plate into parallel rails on the left and right of the interior side of the pet door to close it off, e.g. during bad weather or when the owners are travelling with their pets.

Pet doors are generally designed to be safe for any pet. The panels are often designed with soft vinyl that does not trap or injure the animal. Cheap, easily replaceable pet doors are made from plastic and as such many not always be robust enough for large, boisterous pets.

Read More…….Pet Door – Wikipedia.org

PetSafe “Big Cat” Cat Flaps for Doors Installation.

From http://www.petsafe.net – A step-by-step guide with installation tips, tools and pet training tips for installing a PetSafe “Big Cat” Cat Door.

Our Big Cat door allows access for plus-sized cats and small dogs up to 25 pounds.

This generously sized, energy-efficient locking pet door offers an option of in-only, out-only, open, or locked.

With a see-through rigid flap and a magnetic seal you’ll have peace of mind while your pet enjoys his freedom.

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