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Cat Health Care Problems In Senior Cats

It is natural and logical that as a cat ages it beings to face more and more cat health care problems. Just like humans, cats age and their health deteriorates. Those people who own senior cats are advised to keep a close eye on their pet’s health and to keep cat health care an absolute priority. Although unfortunately many of the cat health care problems associated with older cats are untreatable, vets can make life as comfortable as possible for the pet through medication or diet.

One of the most common afflictions developed in our senior feline friends is osteoarthritis. The condition affects cats in the same way it does humans, meaning that it causes painful inflammation of the joints making mobility difficult. Signs of osteoarthritis are normally quite obvious. Normally the animal will appear stiff, have trouble getting up or sitting or lying down, appear to find climbing stairs difficult, walk awkwardly or generally appear less mobile. Cat owners who believe that their pet is affected by this particular cat health problem should take him or her to the vet’s practice. Although there is no exact treatment for the illness, a range of cat food aimed at senior, arthritic cats is available and this can ease pain.

Older cats are also more likely to suffer from the cat health care problem heart disease. Vets typically find around a tenth of cats to have some type of heart condition. The symptoms are not too obvious but can include coughing which is more noticeable at night and a decrease in appetite. A vet will be able to confirm suspicions of heart problems and suggest ways to improve the pet’s condition. Options include altering the pet’s diet or exercise regime. Alternatively, some other treatments might be able to lengthen the cat’s life.

Finally, older cats are also often affected by chronic renal failure. This is a progressive and irreversible cat health care problem which basically means a deterioration of the kidney function. The condition can be caused by several factors such as polycystic kidney disease, cancer, infections or poisoning. Amongst its many symptoms are excessive drooling, increased thirst and urination, vomiting and mouth ulcers. Owners should remember that not all cats will develop all of these symptoms. The illness has no cure, but options are available to manage it and maintain the highest possible quality of life for the cat. The most important thing is managing the pet’s diet so that it remains hydrated. Therefore moist cat food is a good choice and plenty of fresh water must always be provided. Feeding a cat food which is lower in proteins and phosphate will limit the amount of toxins in the blood and therefore reduce the workload placed on the kidneys.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on May 17, 2010


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