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Felines are known to always pleas their owners. Cat training, especially cat toilet training, and the use of Cat Clicker Training is always dependent on the owner’s preferences.

An untrained cat will tend to pee and scratch everywhere. This may bring more work and stress to you. In order to live along side with a pet cat, proper training is required. It is possible to train your cat to use toilet,  but it will take some time. All you need is a lot of patience, love and some free time. The following cat training tips can be used at home.

Teaching your cat how to use a litter box will be the first cat training tip to restoring your home’s order:

  • Place a litter box suited for the cat in your bath room.
  • Bring the cats to the litter box after meals, after play time and after nap time.
  • Be ready and quick to giving rewards to your cat.
  • Remember to praise them when they use the litter box.

You’ll probably need to bring your cat to the litter box for a few days or a few weeks. They need time to get used to their surrounding and to understand what the litter box is for. Keep encouraging your cat to visit the litter box.

Avoiding the people or furniture scratching is the next cat training tip on our list. I’m sure you would hate seeing your furniture get ruined by scratches from your cat.

Cats scratching people is even worse. Control this behavior with regular training.

Provide a scratching post for your cat and position it near the favorite object to scratch. Wait until your cat is about to scratch your furniture and then carefully place its claws at the new and real scratching post.

Give your cat its own scratching post as a replacement for your furniture. Physical disciplinary acts are not advisable for cats, since this will only cause nothing but fear.

When you leave the house, you can spray something that has a bad odor for the cats on the furniture. This will also help your cat to be familiar with the right places to scratch and do its business to. You can also provide many toys so the cat won’t get bored easily.

Training cats may bit more difficult but it is also more rewarding once your pet starts following you.

Apart from the Cat Clicker Training method, most reliable cat training material is available at Click on the image below to browse through current availability.

Cat Clicker Training

The ‘Complete Cat Training Guide‘ from the Kingdom Of Pets is also considered to be among the most reliable cat training material available online to-day.

Cat Clicker Training In Action.

As Karen provides commentary on a cat training video, she reviews many of the basic clicker training ideas.

Watch as clicker trainer Catherine Crawmer goes through these basics of clicker training with a rescued cat.

Clicker Magic has long been a classic video for learning the concepts of clicker training.

Karen Pryor teaches you all the techniques and essentials you need in order to have your pet clicker trained in no time! There are 20 live demonstrations by Karen and other top trainers. See how it works with young and old dogs, cats, a mule, and even a fish!

Long considered the standard, Clicker Magic provides a solid introduction and inspiring, fantastic footage. "Clicker training" is the popular term for the training or teaching method based on what we know about how living organisms learn.

Research has shown that any creature—whether a dog, cat, dolphin, parrot, fish, horse, llama, or person—is more likely to learn and repeat actions that result in consequences it desires and enjoys. So clicker trainers provide consequences desired by their animal in exchange for actions or behaviors desired by their trainers.

We call these consequences "rewards" and the process is called "reinforcement." Clicker training, therefore, is a positive-reinforcement-based system of training. First widely used by dolphin trainers who needed a way to teach behavior without using physical force, operant conditioning (the scientific term for clicker training) can be and has been successfully

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