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In terms of cat supplies, one of the most popular necessities that you can give your pet is among the cat collars.

Like with dogs, this neck piece is used to train the animal until it is fully domesticated, or when it is able to exude a socially acceptable attitude. It is also used to identify your pet in case of health emergencies or if it loses its way home.

These cat collars are readily available in retail stores and online shops worldwide. Nowadays, manufacturers have sought out ways to make the accessory more useful and multi-functional. Aside from the unique variety in style and design, you also have several options in terms of purpose.

The best example would be the breakaway cat collar. This type is mainly used for felines that are lighthearted and mischievous.

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Cat Collars, Leashes and Harnesses.

Cat collars are used primarily for animal identification.

Outfit your cat collar with an ID tag that has your contact info printed on it in the event your pet gets lost. Breakaway cat collars are generally preferred because they significantly reduce the likelihood your cat will get caught on something, like a tree branch or fence.

Cats like to prowl, explore and sometimes slink into tight spots. A breakaway collar will prevent your kitty from getting hung up or worse, strangled. Reflective cat collars are ideal for outdoor cats, especially if your cat patrols your home or street in the evening. Cat collars also double as fashion accessories, with many colors, patterns and materials available. Leather cat collars are particularly popular because they are durable and stylish.

Cat owners also use leashes to distinguish the gender of their pet.

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Safety Purposes

These breakaway cat collars keep your pet safe when it is out playing or prowling the neighborhood. These accessories are equipped with a special type of mechanism, which as the name implies, “breaks away” to take off the neck piece without difficulty. This attachment is very handy when your feline enjoys playing in areas where the accessory could be easily snagged on a branch or a very sharp object. This usually happens in woody areas or rough street spots. It is a way to prevent strangulation, because the clasp dismantles itself when your cat stretches the collar.

Protection Purposes

The collar can also pass for an identification attachment to inform the people, especially the pound, that it is domesticated, and it has an owner. With this, you can allow your pet to go outside and play whenever and wherever. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your feline, and you are sure that it can return home because of the details that can be written on the back side of the collar.

Breakaway cat collars, aside from training purposes, are used to keep your pets safe. These work in a similar way as that of muzzles, wherein the animal is bound to discipline it, rather than punish it. When it comes to your pets, you realize that safety and protection are priorities to maintain your feline’s well-being, and the use of these collars assures you of its total security.

How to Collar a Cat!

This has nothing to do with trucking. I'm putting this up because I think it's cute and amusing…and if it gives you a laugh, then I'll be happy! I fostered a kitten for a week, while trying to find the purrfect home for him. The day before he was to go into his new home, I wanted to "dress him up" by putting a pretty little collar on him. As you will see, little "Buddy" was having none of it! Cat=1 Collar=0! Adopt a furry friend from the shelter! And an older cat could be the very best companion you will ever find!

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