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Cat House Training Tricks

A kitten can be a wonderful addition to the right household, bringing with him an exuberant playfulness that resembles that of a young child. Depending on the situation, however, even the sweetest kitten can have some trouble with cat house training. Though most cats are extremely easy to house-train, there can be some real problems that leave you scratching your head, holding your nose and reaching for the household cleansers! While there are many reasons why a kitten or cat has trouble with house-training, there are some tips that can help with any problems.

Cats are creatures of habit, and their behavior can deteriorate badly if things that they relied upon have changed. Stress can play a part in house-training accidents, especially if the change is as significant as having been moved to a new home. There are several things you can do to mitigate this disruption. If at all possible, make sure that the move is the most stressful thing your cat has to deal with. Whether you have adopted a cat or kitten, it will be worthwhile to find out what sort of litter box set-up they were using before, if any. Keep their litter the same. In the case of a kitten, make sure that the litter-box is one with sides that are low enough that they can get in and out of it easily. For some kittens, house-training can be as easy as placing them in the litter-box a few times and making them aware of the texture of the litter.

To reinforce good litter-box behavior in a kitten, keep an eye on it, noting when it stops playing and start scratching at the floor or nosing around. When it does this, place it in the litter-box. When the kitten has behaved well, reward it with plenty of attention and praise.

There are a number of reasons why a kitten might balk at using its litter box. First look for any sources of change. Has the box been moved, or has the litter changed? If so, you may wish to change back, if at all possible. Another reason may be that the litter has not been changed recently enough. Cats can be quite sensitive to this condition and may reject the box until it has been thoroughly cleaned.

In the case of house-training problems, it may also be worth examining other members of the household, human or feline. Cats can bully each other sometimes, and the stress can result in all sorts of undesirable behavior. Similarly, if you have added someone new to the household, your cat can become annoyed or jealous. When steps have been taken to introduce and reconcile parties involved, it may also take care of the house training problems.

Keep in mind that using a litter box tends to come very naturally to cats, and if your cat has prolonged issues, it may be time to see a veterinarian. For the most part, however, if you keep these cat house training tips in mind, your kitten’s arrival to your home will be sweet and trouble-free!


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Cat Houses For Outdoor and Indoor Pets

Forget about do only canine owners find the joy of choosing the beautiful outdoor home with regard to their pets. Cat owners will have several choices from which to choose too. Whether your cat spends all it’s the time outdoors or simply just is out to achieve, it’ll need some way of shelter for rest. If you are searching for virtually every cat house, it is possible to choose from single story houses to multi-level condo systems.
Deciding on an essential model firstly cat, seek out th kitten house providing you with security in addition to low maintenance solutions. One new option on the market features cedar construction, that may be easily washable, but assists in maintaining the fleas away having its oils. Some of these designs even include sunning balconies or two story units to offer multiple ones for your pets. Should your cat is going to be outside generally in most varieties of weather, you may pick a platform style selection. These ones are elevated in the ground several feet to keep up your canine through the cold ground plus dryer conditions.
If you’re looking for any outdoor cat house that provides fun and relaxation, you should look at new Kitty Castles or Palace trees. These new styles offer over 6 feet in height in your case kitty to climb and play through. These structures are generally made out of wood, carpet, or even a basket weave solution. Them in many cases are 2 feet by 2 feet in space, to assist you to fit them in about any space. With this particular design, your dog won’t employ a crib, but a satisfying climbing option too. These items are apt to have One to three enclosures, with lots of perching shelves and poles to climb.
The most important thing to consider is what conditions your brand-new cat house will likely be employed in, and what types are preferred. Additionally you need to consider durability in outside elements. Be sure your brand-new cat house can remain standing through rain, snow in addition to lead to further problems. Most are insulated for winter but offer venting solutions for all those hot summer days. Purchasing one could be considered a big part of pet ownership. Associated

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An Outdoor Cat Shelter Keeps Kitty Coming Back

When one thinks about cats as pets, the image of a big furry feline lying down in its own cat bed with a big plate of milk by its side, comes to mind.

Most domesticated cats are lazy, indoor pets, but that is not necessarily a rule, as cats in general are active, natural born hunters, who like to wander freely, and if you own a cat like that then you might want to consider acquiring an outdoor cat house.

Many cat owners who live in suburban and rural areas, choose to give their cats the liberty to live outside and enjoy the freedom of having somewhere safe and comfortable to come back to when they feel tired of wandering.

A great way to keep your cat coming back after its adventures is to provide it with a comfortable outdoor cat house.

Outdoor cat houses are very sturdy and safe; made from durable non toxic materials. They protect your cat from the rain, cold, wind and snow in the winter months, and a cool shelter in the warmer months.

Most outdoor cat houses are made of isolated wood, which would have received a specific treatment to make them water and wind proof. They usually contain vinyl doors, in order to make it easy for your cat to go in and out and still keep the outdoor cat house warm and protected.

There are several outdoor cat houses available on the market today, and by doing a little bit of research you will be able to find the perfect one within your budget as they come in all sizes and types of finishing’s.

Cats are free and independent animals. They are feline hunters by nature and they were not made to be kept inside the house at all times.

Keep your cat happy by providing it the opportunity to be free and safe at the same time.

If it knows that by coming back it will find a perfect and safe place to be, it will not go wondering, looking for comfort. An outdoor cat house with the right features is a great choice for the true cat lover.

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Features Of An Outdoor Cat House

While the iconic doghouse has become an engrained part of American culture there is very little mention, however, of the equally important and much needed outdoor cat house.

Any American who resides in a quiet suburban or rural area and who is owner to outdoor cats knows the importance and need for an outside shelter for his or her feline friends.

Designed very much on the lines of a doghouse, all outdoor cat houses are so built so as to keep a cat warm and dry in the cold, rainy winter months and cool in the hot dry summer months.

All units are made from weather-resistant woods, (the same used in most outdoor furniture) and since of late also in poly resin plastics.

Wood is the most popular and is a classic choice because of its tradition as a building material and also because of its natural beauty. While some woods, like teak, are hardy and weather-resistant, other wood, like cedar, produce insect repellent tannins.

The last decade has witnessed the emergence of the outdoor cat houses made of plastics which have come a long way as far as quality and popularity are concerned. Current plastic models are extremely durable, colorful and elaborately crafted. They can be hosed clean and usually come fully assembled.

When buying an outdoor cat house make sure that is only big enough to allow the cat to comfortably lie down and turn around in, with a snug fit. A cathouse that is too big will cause the warmth produced by the cat’s body heat to quickly dissipate, actually making it colder.

Go for the slightly larger houses if you own multiple outdoor cats, or larger cats.

As far as features go, no matter what be the material they are constructed from, they must be waterproof, durable and have ventilation. Do not be taken in by appearance. You inspect one and find it is sturdy durable and waterproof, then you glance at the next it looks the same, but it may not be, inspect it to make sure.

The opening and doorway could be square, round, and even off center. Remember a cat can squeeze through small openings, and the smaller the opening the less heat is lost.

Extra protection from harsh weather, wind and moisture can be given with the addition of door vinyl flaps.

That much for the basic outdoor cat house. There are a lot of additional features on many upgraded models which are not necessary, but add convenience, are luxurious and fun.

Elevated floors or an entirely elevated house will keep your cat away from the damp and cold or wet ground. There are also cathouses with lofts and roof decks that would appeal to the climbing and jumping nature of cats, who will love lounging on their outdoor perch to survey their surroundings.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. There are outdoor cat houses that mimic the finer edifices of society, in miniature form. There are barns, cabins, mansions with attached deck, and covered porches. If you have more than one cat, you can find an ornate bi-level townhouse to mimic city living.

Last but not the least are the considerations of comfort and ease.

An easily detachable roof allows for the lifting of kittens, invalid and shy pets much more conveniently than through the front opening. It also facilitates complete cleaning of the inside of the house.

Bedding in the form of a cushion with waterproof filling and a waterproof, machine washable cover not only gives your cat a comfortable surface to lie on, they also add added insulation to the bottom of the outdoor cat house.

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