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4 Tips On How To Get Cat Urine Out Of Carpet

A lot of feline lovers i know ask me how to get cat urine out of carpet. The 1st time I stepped in a pool of cat pee I was absolutely furious. I knew the litter box was clean, and I was positive my kitty was correctly trained but for some reason they’d still urinated on the carpet. After getting over the initial disgust (and cleaning my shoe) I wasn’t sure what to do.

Once pet pee saturates the carpet it is hard to shed the smell, or forestall a stain from setting. I knew I had to do something, and after one or two fake starts I was in a position to get the kitty piss out of the carpet. If you’re a kitty owner who is dreading that first accident, learning the way to get cat-urine out of carpet before an accident happens will assist in avoiding a major stain and lots of stress.

Blot the Area

After finding an area that has been urinated on by your pussy-cat, blot up any excess liquid instantly. If the liquid has a chance to flow thru the carpet, it may reach the boards before making another area for the smell and bacteria to grow. Drying the area as well as possible will reduce the prospects of the pee reaching the floor boards or comprehensively saturating the carpet.

Neutralize the Scent

Once you’ve finished blotting, neutralise the smell with vinegar and water. Create a mix of 50% vinegar and 50% water in a large glass or bowl. Pour the blend over the area completely saturating the area which has the most piss. The mix will neutralise the scent making it difficult for the kitty to find the area and piss on it again. If you don’t work on neutralizing the odor, your pussy might begin frequently “marking” the same location compounding the difficulty. The following step is critical in how to get cat urine out of carpet.

Kill the Bacteria

Just because the nastiest of the scent is gone does not imply the bacteria isn’t still there. The bacteria in feline piss may continue to prosper if not looked after, and the bacteria can frequently smell worse the original ammonia of cat urine. Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and cooking soda to destroy the bacteria before it has got a chance to grow or spread. If you don’t have cooking soda, just use hydrogen peroxide to exterminate the bacteria.

Final Cleaning

When you are sure the majority of the odor and bacteria has been eliminated by the vinegar, water, and hydrogen peroxide; move on to a final comprehensive cleaning. Utilise a pet cleaning chemical on the affected area. Though many of those over the counter moggy urine cleaners do not perform as well as publicized, after you have cleaned the area the chemicals in the spray will probably repel your kitty making them avoid the area in the future. Repelling a cat is one of the most important parts in cleaning cat urine out of carpet since it decreases the probabilities of a repeat performance in the same area.

Cat Urine Odor and Stain Remover

This product works wonders

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4.0 out of 5 stars

Pretty Darn Good,
September 14, 2007

Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from:
Urine Off Odor and Stain Remover for Cats, 1
Gallon (Misc.)

Of course, this is the kind of product you’re slightly
embarassed to admit you need, but if you have cat(s) you
inevitably will.

This product does take care of odor and works really well on
carpets. Contrary to the manufacturer’s claim, it will not
reverse cat pee damage to fabric and wood (the bleach and
dye effect), but we all knew that was too good to be true,
didn’t we?

We’ve found that if you saturate the area, let it dry for a
LONG time–like several days–treat it again, and then clean
the carpet, it does remove the (ahem) evidence. In our house
it seems to remove all of it, but we’re not unusually
sensitive. I suppose if you’re really nose-conscious, you
wouldn’t have cats in the first place.

I recommend buying it in gallons, because it takes a lot of
product to treat an area. I also recommend buying a small
pump sprayer (ACE Hardware, about seven dollars), because a
spray bottle neither covers evenly, nor holds enough.

I wish I could train the cats to do it themselves.


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Removing Carpet Odor caused by Cat’s Pee

We know our domestic cats are outdoor animals, but even the felines themselves are scratching to come into the warm once the cold, bleak mid winter kicks in. Unless your moggy has got its own centrally heated outdoor cat house or an insulated cat house, then he’ll be in more than out from the end of November through to the end of February, and that means most of us will be spending some time over those months removing carpet odor caused by cat’s pee, and for most people, that’s one smell we’d sooner not wake up to at first light.

Even though outdoor cat houses are becoming more popular, there aren’t many of us that would want our kitties spending the night in them during the icy cold chill of winter. Okay, so there are some types of cats who cope with the cold better than others, but people being people, we still don’t like to see Tiddles outside during this time. Keeping the pets at home, in the home, seems to many the right thing to do for all the animals during winter, and that means we will be cleaning the occasional accident up no matter how house trained the fluffy companion might be.

Make the Job Easy!

If you are new to owning domestic cats then do yourself a favour and make the job of cleaning cat urine an easy one. The way to do this is to simply stock in a purpose cleaner. If you don’t and you try to clean up the mess using warm soapy water, then you’re going to experience a stink of all stinks. That’s right, you’ll make it worse, not better!

You can find these cleaning products in any high street pet shop, or supermarket that has a pet’s corner, or you can order them from any online pet store easily enough. Wherever you get yours from, just make sure you get it, or you might just find that any visitors to the home will be cutting short their stay.

18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor Problems

18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor Problems

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