Choosing the Perfect Cat Bed

Cats are relatively unpredictable animals, one minute they’ll be playing with their favourite toy then the next they are asleep in one of the few places you don’t want them to fall asleep – in your bed, curled up in the clean laundry, in the garden or napping on your new sofa. So you want to treat them to their own special area for sleeping, but how do you find that perfect bed that they’ll keep going back to when they are tired? There are a few things to look out for, to make the bed appealing for them and easier for you to keep clean and safe.

Cat Sleeping

Decide on the Bed Type.

Different cats enjoy sleeping in different locations and different light levels. To choose the ideal bed for your cat, observe where he or she likes to fall asleep most often; is it light or dark? Is it warm or cool? Is it out in the open or hidden away? Knowing what your cat enjoys most for its sleeping conditions ensures you choose a bed that best fits the preferences your cat has displayed. For cats that enjoy curling up in open spaces and falling asleep, a cup-style cat bed may be ideal – keeping them warm in winter and cool in the summer. For cats that are more partial to darker areas, hidden under blankets or in small hidden away spaces, a cave-style bed might be more suited; allowing them to peek out and see what is happening, but also allowing them to feel hidden away and in a dark, comfortable place for sleeping. In very warm climates pads for your cat to sleep on may be more suitable than insulated cat beds as it allows them to keep cool much more easily.

Choosing the Cat Bed.

There are some important things to remember when choosing a cat bed to ensure it will be ideal for your cat, and also practical for your home situation; allowing it to be easily portable, and easy to keep clean and tidy. Also keep in mind the size of the bed and the amount of space you have available for it within the varying suitable areas in your home. 

Ensure the cat bed is washable and that the colour or colours of the bed will not bleed into each other. If the cat bed itself is not washable, make sure it has a removable cover which is washable, and possibly even pick up a spare cover to use when washing the original to save yourself from leaving your cat without a useable cat bed. Another important point to remember here is the material that the cat bed or covers are made of; try to make sure the bed is made of fast-drying material to allow it to dry out quickly – even with the use of multiple covers a fast-drying material is ideal as this lessens the risk of mould growing on the cover should your cat somehow get it wet, such as sleeping in it after coming in from a rainy day outside. Also, an easy to clean bed allows less chance for a housing place for fleas should your cat become infected, as the bed or covers are easily cleanable.

Check the bed for any areas that contain excess or loose fabric as these could pose a serious health risk for your cat. Try to choose a bed that is made safely and seems firm and unlikely to begin coming apart. If the bed contains loose fabrics or strings your cat could possibly eat these, causing a high risk of internal problems for your cat.

Protection for Your Cat.

Buying your cat the perfect bed to sleep in and pre-planning all aspects of the safety of your cat in the bed could mean nothing if you do not insure your animal. Many pet owners attempt to avoid the cost of paying for insurance for their animals as it seems like a gamble, or their pet already has medical issues so they think coverage will be expensive; however this does not need to be the case. All the planning and safety aspects you have taken into consideration could easily by overthrown by an unknown outside factor, so researching and purchasing pet insurance for your cat is essential. There are even plans for cats with existing medical conditions policies that are no more expensive than standard cover; however make sure to read all of the terms and conditions prior to purchasing any insurance to be sure you know exactly what you are purchasing.

Sleeping Tortise Shell Cat

Finding the perfect hidey-hole for your cat can be a very rewarding experience, especially when you see your little friend enjoying his or her new sleeping area, even if he or she does still curl up on your bed sometimes! Taking ample precautions to keep your pet safe and happy are essential, allowing you to enjoy your time with your furry little friend without any stress or worry.

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