How to Build an Outdoor Cat House, Insulated

Ian who has a channel on YouTube called “Jokestrap” Has taken the pains to create a step by step detailed video of himself building an insulated outdoor cat house, which is embedded below.

Ian from Jokestrap, teaches how to build an outdoor cat shelter to keep cats warm and safe in the winter or cold weather. The materials include a large plastic bin with cover, insulation foam, and spray foam crack filler. I used a power reciprocating saw but you can use a knife to cut the foam. This method is a great cheap way to keep your cats or feral cats warm in the cold weather.

To learn how to build an Insulated Outdoor Cat House you can also watch this video and other similar videos on YouTube

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DIY Outside Cat Enclosures

DIY Outside Cat Enclosures give your pet the liberty and freedom of nature and crisp air. If you’re planning to get an out of doors cat enclosure, it could put you out of pocket anywhere between $200 and $800. The price tag may change based on the size and type of enclosure. If you’re working on a small budget, you need to gauge the costs of a DIY cat enclosure, or a pre-fabricated one.

If you’re thinking of going in the direction of DIY, I recommend that you should firstly look at other cat cages to get a concept about the materials used. Looking at other enclosures may also give you ideas about structure and design. Working out the structure can be tricky, so you might need to consult other websites sites for some inspiration on cat cage plans.

Amazon allows you to skim over images of many samples and designs. Visiting Ebay may be useful. You simply need to type the keyword “outdoor cat enclosures,” and the list of cages that are currently under auction will appear. The images are also a great source of ideas for materials, design, and even sizes.

This research phase is obligatory so that you can get a background on the tools and hardware needed to build the cage. Cat enclosure building and installation is more difficult. You may want to get someone with building and construction abilities to help you. Most internet business directories will list odd job men who have got these general skills.

It may turn out that you don’t have the right talents to design or build your own outdoor cat enclosure. In this scenario, it may be less costly, less complicated and safer to simply purchase a readymade cat enclosures for outdoors. When buying a cat enclosures for outside, installation costs are typically free, and you will be assured that the cat enclosure installation is being done by an experienced professional.

DIY Outside Cat Enclosures.

DIY Outside Cat Enclosures

Thank you Randy and Shannon for sharing your photos with us of the DIY Cat Enclosures you built. You can listen to their story about building their cat enclosures for outdoors by visiting and leaving your email address. Once you register we will send you a link to download and listen to the Mp3.

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