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Sprucing Up Your Own Cat Enclosures

Cat enclosures let your precious feline pal to go about her activity outside your home safely.  Sadly, many outdoor cat house enclosures are usually little more than just oversized cages.  You could take further steps to make certain that your cat cage can be a fun place for her to stay and also play in.  Here are a few ideas that will help you beautify your outdoor cat house.

Designing your cat enclosures in a color which suits the exterior of your home will bring favorably to your property value.   If you reside in a warm weather, ensure that you place your cat enclosures where there is enough shade as well as warm breezes.  Be certain to place your enclosure which has at the very least a partial exposure to the sun if you are in a cold climate region.Provide your cat house with a supply of water.

Several cats suffer from heat stroke particularly in the summer months if they don’t get adequate fluids in their body.  Running water like that found in a small fountain is more unlikely to attract insects like mosquitoes.  

Likewise, cats love the sound of flowing water and definately will most likely be drawn to it. Be sure that it has quick access to clean drinking water all the time.

Another thing you could try is to offer lookout places for the cat in different elevations. This can be done by utilizing tree branches for a natural climbing surface or you might prefer to make use of various supplies to build ranging floors for the cat to play and explore in.

Cats adore nature and what better means to provide nature to your cat than to include some plants to your cat enclosures.  Cats like to nibble on tiny bits of grass so provide small dishes of grass that is safe for the cat to munch on. Make sure to offer your cat with her very own retreat area.  Cats require some place in order to avoid the rain so put a small ventilated box or some other sheltered nook that your cat can curl up to.

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Economical Outdoor Cat House Options

Outdoor cat enclosures allow fresh air along with healthy sunshine for your beloved pets. Felines which are just left outside without having cat enclosures have an typical life span of 5 years as compared to 15 years for indoor dwelling cats.  The former is due to cats being hit by cars, injured or killed by dogs along with other animals, illnesses and also unintentional ingestion of harmful toxins and often duels for territory with other cats. With cat enclosures, your canine can safely be allowed outside without having the worry they could hurt your cat.

Giving our cats with an outdoor cat run allows them have a safe environment to discover and get some physical exercise in order for them to stay healthy as well as happy domestic pets. Cat enclosures ought not be expensive.  They can be very modest, inconspicuous additions of your place.  Anybody from apartment dwellers that has a veranda or window to people seeking to find a way more resilient structure can offer their kitty with a nice outdoor cat house.

For the typical apartment occupant, you can easily make use of your window or terrace for this. The simplest is use a protection screen grill frequently available at any hardware store on your window. This may protect the cat from leaning over, falling off or clawing it to pieces.  This will give your preferred feline having a window perch which he can unwind in.  If you have a double hung window, you may use a cat window deck, which can look like a mini-bay window great for your cat.

You can even affix window boxes which can be utilized from a small enclosure, usually a dog crate or even homemade crate will suffice. Connect this tightly to the outside window frame and you will have yourself a nice outdoor cat enclosure.

For those with balconies, you can put in a cat run on the deck or patio by using a transportable net system sold at your local hardware store.

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Heating System For Outdoor Cat Enclosures For Your Feline Pets

Outdoor cat enclosures call for sufficient warming up to prevent hypothermia from setting in throughout the cold season.  Even with their furs, cats need at least 35 degree Fahrenheit and moreover even a little bit more to get adequate heat in the course of winter season.  A great number of cats have met their demise eating on electrical wires or snuggling around heat sources that may burn or electrocute them.  Proper and safe pet heating needs to be of utmost issue to each pet owner.  Warmed up mattresses, heat lamps in addition to under floor heating are alternatives that may be put into an outdoor cat house.

It is possible to allocate an indoor/outdoor warmed up bed raised above the ground to be used in the cat runs.  There are weather resistant electrical pet mattresses that have chew proof cords and regulators that can prevent possible overheating.  The temperature is retained at a steady 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit near the actual cat’s body temperature.  In case there isn’t any electric outlet on the outdoor cat house, you can utilize a microwavable heating pad that may stay heated for a period of 12 hours.

An alternative choice is setting up a light fixture that can provide 75 to 100 watt incandescent bulb heat.  To be able to reduce the glare and also safeguard your pet’s eyes cover the bulb using a metallic shield.  This may also block access for the cat.  You could leave it on for hours throughout the cool spring and autumn seasons.

You may also try setting up a brooder lamp to the outdoor cat enclosures.  These usually can be bought at feed stores and can supply ample warmth in an outdoor cat house with dimensions of eight feet by eight feet.  These brooder lamps are generally safe to leave on all night.

For the winter months, you can use an electric quartz infrared heater.  This nifty device can heat outdoor cat enclosures up to 10×10 feet.  For protection, select a model that features a built in thermostat that controls the heat on and off depending on the room’s temperature and oxygen levels.

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Outdoor Cat Shelters For Stray Cats

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Stray cats are a huge problem that many cities and suburbs are facing to-day. Most often, it is because the cat has wandered away from its home and got lost.. Many a time it is the conscious but cruel act of some heartless cat owner who has abandon his or her pet on the road site, leaving the poor feline to fend for itself..

You may have stray cats in your area, but it is an unfortunate fact that you will not be able to help them all. Stray cats invariably are infested with fleas, or have some other similar problem that makes it very dangerous to permit them into our homes. Even if you felt inclined to adopt every stray cat, it would not be feasible, because it would not be financially viable.

However there is one affordable way by which we can help these poor abandoned, stray and feral cats, and that is by installing an outdoor cat house in our backyard. An outdoor cat house will provide shelter for these unfortunate stray cats on cold winter nights or during stormy wet weather. This is one way, you can help the strays without having to risk allowing them into your home.

Before you dash off to purchase an outdoor cat house to provide strays with a safe and warm place to curl up in, there are several different aspects that needs consideration.

The first thing that needs to be decided upon, is the size of the house. This is a decision depending purely on the number of strays you wish to provide shelter for. If you are not sure, the most practical thing to do is to buy a fairly large sized house, if your finance permits it, in case more that one stray decides to take advantage of your hospitality.

Having said that, you would have to take into consideration the space you have available in your back yard, and how much of it you want to sacrifice for the outdoor cat house. If you have a smaller yard you may not want to purchase the biggest cat house available. The next important thing to consider is the exposure to the elements the cat house would be subject to if placed in that particular spot in your back yard.

With these basics decided upon you are now ready to start shopping for an outdoor cat house.

To get an idea of what is available, the best thing to do is to browse online catalogues where you will find a range of options on the architectural styles, materials used, insulated levels and sizes.

You can settle on a design to match the architecture of your house, and then move on to the type of material, which can be cedar wood or recycled plastic, but all this would depend on two major factors (1) the amount of time you can spend on cleaning and maintaining, and (2) your budget.

No matter what style, material or size you decide upon, and how much you spend, you can be rest assured that by placing an outdoor cat house in your back yard, you will be providing a stray cat with a warm place to sleep.

Small Insulated Cedar Cat House.

Outdoor Cat House Model ICCH_S

Weighing 20 pounds, this small insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate one average sized cat.

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