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Cats Training Scratching

Cats have a bizarre way of saying that they adore you, they leave marks in a lot of places of your home. You will more often than not know if the house you’re in has a cat for a pet even without seeing the cat.

You will be able to see scratch marks in practically all the corners of the house. Scratching is extremely normal behavior for cats and there are countless reasons as to why they do this. Some cats scratch home furniture or floors in order to discharge pent up energy inside of them, they scratch so they become fatigued instead of restless. One more reason they scratch is because they want to get rid of some parts of their claws or they want to sharpen their claws. Cats also mark their territory with scratching surfaces or leaving their odor on it. Cats additionally scratch surfaces for the reason that they want to flex their bodies and move their muscles.

Most owners take time to train their pet to change this sort of damaging behavior. Pets can be trained to follow instructions so they can also be disciplined to change their behavior towards objects and people. When cat training scratching must be one of the areas you must focus on. Since this is a standard trait for them, you can’t really stop them from scratching but you can change where they do it. You can supply your cat with items that it can scratch freely. You have to see what kinds of objects the cat likes scratching, look at where it is situated and try to figure out what its texture is. You will have to make the cats preferred scratching thing appear unappealing by covering it or by spraying it with an smell that cats do not enjoy.

Look for a scratching post that will go with the touch of the object your cat likes scratching and put it close to the area where this much loved thing is placed. Make sure that the new scratching post has the precise same texture as the preferred thing and keep in mind to make it steady. When the cat utilizes the scratching post give it treats and pet it fondly. If that cat really comes to like the scratching post, you can little by little move it to a better location. These movements must not be big jumps, keep in mind that you must to take it slow with kitties. The favorite scratching object of the cat has to remain unattractive until you are in no doubt that the cat will not go back to using it and has really taken to the scratching post.

You will generally progress with shifting this behavior gradually but surely. Just stick to it and you will see results in no time.

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