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Does Your Cat Climbs Your Curtains ? What Can You Do About It ?

Anyone who keeps cats will find out sooner or later that cats just love to climb. But why do cats love to climb and more importantly what should you do if you have an indoors cat who climbs?

Of course it’s very difficult to know unless you can get into the mind of a cat however it’s most likely that climbing is purely instinctual. There is no doubt that climbing a tree is a wonderful way for a cat to get away from a predator, and I have seen many instances of cats smirking at dogs below from the safety of a branch.

And sleeping in a tree is much safer than sleeping on the ground.

And just like dogs a cat can also be a predator, and are very good hunters at night, catching many small native nocturnal animals which populate our trees. And even during the day a cat will go up a tree very fast to try and catch a bird, though is rarely successful.

For this reason experts recommend that cats be kept indoors at night, and preferably 24 hours a day.

So if you do the right thing and keep your cat indoors 24 hours a day can you expect him to forget about his instinct to climb? No you can’t. If he has nothing to climb then he will find something. Most commonly the back of your couch or your favourite curtains. It wouldn’t be the first time that a homeowner has come home from work to find their favourite curtains together with the curtain rail in a heap on the floor after the cat has tried to climb the curtains.

So if you have an indoors cat you have a little dilemma to solve. If you can’t dissuade him from climbing what do you do? Luckily the answer is very simple. You buy him a piece of dedicated cat climbing furniture which gives him a place to climb away to his heart’s content, where he can find all sorts of nooks and crannies to investigate, where he can sleep in the branches and all of it is done without any damage to your furniture.

Cat furniture such as this is called a cat tree, though sometimes they can be also called a cat tower or gym. It’s simply a piece of dedicated furniture which is designed for cats, somewhere where they love to climb, scratch and play and where it makes no difference how much damage he does.

So if you’re the proud owner of an indoors cat then forget about your cat learning to live without climbing. Just cater to his instinct to climb by buying him a fine cat tree and he can have all the fun he wants and you can relax knowing that he won’t be ripping up your curtains.

You can find out more about cat trees on my website.

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