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Feral Cats Disease Transmission

Feral cats are deemed a nuisance by many people, and it is convenient for those people to ascribe dramatic and terrible things to these feral cats, to make ignoring their sad plight, chasing them off, and even killing them, easier on the conscience and justifiable.

To these people, feral cats disease transmission poses a huge threat, which is supported by various news items in the press.

Feral Cat

Feral cat showing fear, and lack of socialization to humans. Display of aggression indicates that the cat may be rabid. Photo of feral cat by Yanjing Lu published in http://en.wikipedia.org, reproduced with permission.

Feral Cats Disease Transmission

Feral cat that attacked person confirmed as rabid.

Full Article At: Buffalonews.com

Cat confirmed as rabid in Niagara Co.

Full Article At: Wivb.com

Stray cat in Paradise Twp. tests positive for rabies

Full Article At: Poconorecord.com

“The cat was really aggressive and attacked him,” according to Michelle Donovan, the supervising public health sanitarian. “The gentleman had scratches and bites. He is undergoing treatment.”

Full Article At: Tonawanda-news.com

Learning more about the feral cat population in America would help control unwanted fears about feral cats disease transmission

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