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The cat has been perceived as a creature of mystery, of magic and sometimes, wittiness. It’s no wonder that the cat has a place in the hearts of men even though dogs are considered as man’s best friend. The ancient Egyptians are very much interested of these wonderful animals and cats are even considered as the most adorable for a royal family. Even today, even though the dog is still man’s best friend, cats have places in the houses and in somebody’s hearts. Why, even your dogs nowadays love adorable cats. That phrase that say something like “dogs hate cats” or “cats hate dogs who hate them” are just some sort of urban legend. Dogs do chase cats but they don’t fight it out to the end. Maybe cats have found a sort of cat communication to talk it out with dogs and maybe to humans. If you love cats, you sure want to talk to your cat in their own language, right?

For an ordinary person, choosing a cat for a pet is no big deal. He just have to go to a pet store or go to a breeder and then, buy the cat that he wants and that’s it but for those who are really “cat aficionados”, it’s different. Buying a cat takes more than just the simple and usual simple choosing and buying. He needs to find out what kind of breed would he want to be as a pet. You see, not all cats are the same, obviously and they can differ in attitude, in upbringing, the way they interact with other animals and other people. A kind person would want a cat breed that is also gentle and a wild person might want to have a cheetah for a pet. No, seriously, that’s just one way of choosing a pet cat even in buying a kitten. Cats are just like dogs and they need to communicate with the master. It is amazing for a person to differentiate a mew that says “I’m hungry” and the mew that says “Help! I’m in pain!”. Therefore, if a cat owner really need to care for a cat in the most tender and loving way, he should try to learn some cat communication skills. To learn these things, it is also recommended to buy a sort of book guide that can teach all the things about how to choose a cat, how to train it and how to feed it to make it feel happy and truly adorable.

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