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How To Litter Train A Kitten – Show Them Where To Go

How to Litter Train a Kitten – Show Them Where to Go

I felt pretty good about going to the shelter to rescue a kitten that I had promised my three year old for her birthday.Imagine my surprise when my daughter led me to her room to show what kitty had done, while demanding that I “toilet train cat!” Now I had no idea how to litter train a kitten, so I had to get some advice from the veterinarian. What I found out was cat toilet training measures that new cat owners can take that solves the problem quickly. Can you use some methods that work on getting kitty to use the litter box? Then the tips below should have your problem solved as fast as mine were.

Unscented litter

The advice I was given was to purchase a litter box that was deep, and that I should be using fine grade litter. Most cats and kittens will prefer the fine grade litter over the coarse clay litter. Cats and kittens also do not like artificial scents in their litter box, so purchase the unscented litter. You will want to find a location that is secluded for the kitty litter box and remember not to place the box near their food and water source.The secluded area will appeal more to the kitten, and the food and water will not be fouled by the kick back from the litter box. If you want to avoid the mess that is created from the kick back of litter out of the box, consider buying a tray for underneath the litter box that extends 6 inches around the box. Additionally, if you place a scratch mat at the front of the kitty litter box the cats will clean their paws before leaving.

Potty training

Most cats and kittens will happily want to use the kitty litter box.When you have found a spot for the kitty litter box, introduce the kitten to its location. This step may be the only thing you have to do if the cat accepts the litter box. Although you will probably have to work with kitty until they accept the litter box. Regular trips to the litter box, especially after meals and when they begin to show signs that they need to use the potty, will get the kitten used to the litter box. When the kitten does use the litter box; you will want to praise the kitten to encourage a pattern of use.

Cleaning up “presents”

A very clear sign the cat is ready to do their “business,” is when they scratch at the floor like a litter box. If this happens take the kitten to the litter box immediately and hopefully on in time. Kittens will sometimes do this if the litter box becomes full, so it is very important the litter box is cleaned regularly, and fresh litter is added. Occasionally an accident will happen and when it does a complete and thorough clean up will be necessary and the area in question will have to be deodorized.

Learning how to litter train a kitten is not as hard as you think.And all cat toilet training will work if you are consistent. Most of all I’m not going to miss my three year old declaring that I “toilet train cat” anymore.

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