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In What Areas Can Your Cat Sleep?

Upon bringing your new kitten home please ensure that he has a suitable place to sleep this is a basic requirement.It requires a great deal of thought before going to collect your kitten!

Several people have very strong opinions regarding this matter.  They don’t want the kitten to sleep anywhere but in its own bed – perhaps a basket that’s been bought especially for it.  They certainly don’t want kitty finding its way into bedrooms or sleeping on sofas/armchairs.There are several cat owners who allow the cat to choose where it wants to sleep.There are no correct or incorrect decisions on this matter, the only thing that matters is what works for you and your family.It is essential that you make the decisions and preparations needed prior to introducing the kitten into its new environment.

Upon deciding that you want the kitten to sleep in its own basket you now need to give adequate thought to whether it will sleep in the kitchen, in your bedroom or rather another part of the house.This kitten has entered into your home after being taken from its mother earlier on that day.Your ne wkitten will be happy to play and be fussed over, however, when everyone leaves to go to bed your cat is going to feel alone and frightened.If possible use the blanket that his mother had been using to sleep on as it will still hold her scent and will provide a great deal of comfort and security. 

Unless you want to give the kitten the idea that it’s ok for it to sleep on your bed, you shouldn’t bring it to bed even on the first few nights when it’s mewing for its momma.  That would be setting a precedent that you will find hard to break once he gets into a habit of sleeping beside you.You might need to think about sleeping next to his bed for a couple of nights until he is more settled in this new environment.

If you permit your kitten to sleep in any bed in the house, then you must take a few precautions to ensure that he is hurt throughout the night.  Arrange pillows or rolled towels around him to act as a buffer between and him – or if he has a small basket, see if there’s a place this can sit on the bed without being in danger of being kicked off! 

Despite thinking you know where your cat is likely to sleep be prepared to find him elsewhere!Cats are very independent creatures and will rarely fall in with our plans do not be disheartened if your cat fails to respond how you want or sleep in an area you would like, rather find a compromise you can both agree on!

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