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For some cat owners, scooping up and cleansing up their cat’s litter box is an terrible chore. Particularly for males, the thought of utilizing automated cat litter packing containers is particularly attractive. Nevertheless, automated cat litter bins are a lot more expensive than the normal guide litter box, normally costing no less than $50 each. There’s also a upkeep price – some folks report spending an additional $10 to $20 each month shopping for alternative trays. These self cleansing litter packing containers aren’t at all times appropriate for cat litter training. Under are some questions usually requested about these high-tech automated kitty litter:

1. I have already litter skilled my cat, however I am getting tired of cleaning up the litter everyday. Will self cleaning cat litter packing containers help me?

Possibly. Automatic litter bins will scoop the cat poop right into a separate compartment and rake the remaining litter to forestall cat pee from puddling up. You still need to eliminate the soiled litter each one or [two] weeks, and substitute the used litter.

Cats are typically quite finicky creatures. There’s a sturdy risk that in the event you change their litter field, chances are you’ll must go through the entire cat litter coaching course of again.

Some of these self cleansing litter packing containers additionally require particular varieties of litter to work correctly, for example a selected model of crystal cat litter or clumping cat litter. Will your cat use this kind of litter?

Also, bear in mind that some cats completely refuse to use these automatic litter boxes. Within the worst case, you will have to retrain your cat twice – once to make use of the automated machine, and as soon as more to revert to the previous handbook litter box.

You might want to purchase your litter box from a store with a lenient return policy, particularly should you buy one of many costly models. If your cat doesn’t like the new litter box, at the very least you may return it.

2. I heard that computerized kitty litters are noisy and can scare my cats away. Is that this true?

It is true that they tend to be noisy. Some people are sensitive to noise, particularly at night. If your cat goes potty in the midst of the night time, the machine will activate. Depending on your noise tolerance and where you positioned the box, this will likely disturb you.

Will kitty be scared off? Frankly, that will depend on your cat. Some cats are simply fascinated by these items, and will never wish to use an strange litter field ever again.

Other cats take some time to get used to their automatic cat litter containers, and may need to undergo litter training again before they are going to use these new self cleansing litter boxes.

I have heard of accidents involving long haired cats, where they get caught in the system and become permanently terrified of using any sort of enclosed litter field ever again.

There are also stories of some brands of computerized cat litter, the place the design attracts cats to pee or spray on their sensors. Clearly, this quickly damages the litter box.

3. How long do self cleaning cat litter bins last? Do they get spoiled shortly?

This depends upon your luck. There is no such thing as a basic consensus on any particular brand which is extra reliable or less dependable than the rest. Some people have used theirs for practically a decade, whereas others had to return or throw away theirs in just some weeks.

Someone did observe that the oblong-shaped automated cat litter are inclined to have fewer issues compared to the spherical or different odd-shaped boxes.

Unfortunately, worth appears to haven’t any relation to reliability.

4. What’s the best cat litter to use with these computerized litter bins?

It is best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Nonetheless, most require both crystal cat litter or clumping cat litter.

NB: Some house owners find that the producer’s suggestions are wrong. In case your litter box does not work effectively with the really helpful litter, chances are you’ll need to experiment with a distinct kind before giving up.

5. The upkeep cost is pricey – how can I minimize costs? Does it use a variety of electrical energy?

Some older fashions could have wanted more energy, but the newer models are extra efficient. You should not notice any vital increase in your annual electrical bill.

The main value is in changing the tray and the litter. Most automatic cat litter bins require you to purchase a new tray with some specific model of kitty litter.

Some owners have successfully saved a great deal of money by re-utilizing the tray. They also use a cheaper brand of cat litter, though sticking to the identical kind, e.g. if the really useful brand is a crystal litter, then they use a cheaper crystal litter brand.

Someone reported that she used small trash luggage to line the tray – this allowed her to re-use the tray even more often.

As you’ll be able to see, automated cat litter containers aren’t for everyone. For now, there isn’t a clear chief to recommend. In case your cat has already been litter trained, you should not make any changes.

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