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Nancy asks…

I have been looking after a stray cat and want to know if he will survive the winter?

We have been looking after a lovely abandoned cat for a few months. We feed him well but we cannot take him into the home for many reasons. We do not want to turn him to a shelter where he will be destroyed so we continue to search for a home for him. We would keep him but the winters in Canada are harsh and I do not know if a cat can survive outside all winter. I made him a home that is safe from snow and is full of blankets and insulation, but it is not warm enough for the cat I am sure. We are hoping to find a home soon but really need to base our decision on what is best for Sully. Can a cat be left out all winter or do outdoor cats winter inside?

admin answers:

It sounds like you are doing the most you can. Certainly at the very least you are giving the cat a fighting chance. In the meantime if you can, get the cat to a vet to be spayed/neutered and get a round of shots. If money is an issue, talk to your local shelter about low cost clinics in your area.

Beyond that, yes, cats can survive through the winter, but a lot depends on the individual cat. Some will make it and some will not. You have increased the odds that this cat will survive. Good luck in finding him a home.

Daniel asks…

When a cat leaves something dead at your door, is that really considered a “present”?

She is an outdoor cat, that is inside in the winter. I feed her all the time, she always has fresh water and shelter. Sometimes when i come home she has something that she hunted and killed right there, waiting for me (sometimes she’ll have it in her mouth and sit patiently until i get home to drop it right at my feet!!!)

A friend said this is her way of showing “appreciation” or “love” to me. Any thoughts????
Also, since every cat has a funny name, I thought I’d let you know what her’s is. She goes by Morpheus Belle Kelley (Morph for short). I also call her monkey face and squish face. 🙂

admin answers:

Yes, she is bringing you gifts. 🙂 Don’t you feel loved? 🙂

Jenny asks…

When will my cat come back?

OK, so I know no one can really answer this, but I just want to talk about it as I am worried. We’ve had our cat for about 8 months, he was a stray who we adopted via our vet. He’s been fixed. All winter he was happy to stay indoors but recently has been venturing out onto the deck, and normally comes back in when I call him. Last night he shot out the door and didn’t come back in, although I called him until after 11pm. There was no sign of him outside this morning despite me and the kids calling him for an hour, and he still hasn’t shown up (it’s just gone noon). I am really worried about him – although he may well have been an outdoor cat before coming to live withus (we have no knowledge of that time) he is certainly not used to it in recent months and I don’t know what I can do. Is it too early to contact shelters and post a “missing” ad on kijiji? I just want him to come strolling through the door :O(

admin answers:

Cats will sometimes wander. But some food and water on the deck to entice him to stay around. To be safe I would call the shelter, if he is there it would spare you some worry.

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