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Outside Cat House Designs

Should getting outside cat house designs be included in one’s preparation for bringing home a new cat? Not according to Celeste Yarnall in Care2.com

Outside Cat House Designs

Before we look at any outside cat house designs, lets us take a look at what Celeste Yarnall says

If you’ve made the wonderful decision to expand your cat family, the following seven tips will help make the transition smoother for your new kitten or cat to his new home, especially if you already have a dog or another cat (or cats) living with you.

Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Yarnall, PhD shares musings on a myriad of topics at her Celestial Musings Blog. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care with Jean Hofve, DVM and Natural Dog Care.

1. Prepare a room in your house for the new arrival

Your new kitten or cat is going to need some time to adjust to his new environment—the new sights, sounds, and smells; the new ecosystem of germs; and the new people—so set the room up for an extended stay. You’ll need to provide all the basic kitty comforts—water bowl, comfortable bed, and litter box. If you are using a spare bedroom or office for your kitty’s temporary quarters, make sure you “kitty-proof” it. Just like with small children, put away anything valuable or breakable. Get down on the floor and look around from a “cat’s eye view.” Cover any bed, sofa, or upholstered chair with a waterproof pad or sheet. Remember, cats are territorial and may, when feeling insecure, mark their territory with urine or feces. If another animal has been in the room and had a little “accident” that you never even noticed, the new kitten or cat will find it and “refresh” it!

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Whether your new cat is coming from a shelter, a home, an urban street or a country barn, it is definitely going to need an outside cat house. You can either buy one, at some very low prices at one of these outside cat houses sale, or you can get some outside cat house designs and build one yourself.

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