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Salient Points About Adopting Exotic Pets At Home

Individuals have various motives why they desire having an exotic pet. Some people have them purely to stand out from their peers and a few get these exotics just because they want one, putting little thought to the implications of keeping such animals. However, these reasons are not very good ones. Exotics have unique requirements and should be kept only by those individuals who understand, and have the time and financial resources to meet all of those needs. Exotics also live for a very long time, and in some cases even outlive you. Only keep an exotic animal if you can commit to caring for them over the long haul.

Snakes are an example of an exotic pet, and it is among the most sought afterexotic pets. These animals don’t have very high upkeep requirements. Feeding is infrequent, typically just 2 to 4 times monthly, with at least a week in between feedings. Their space requirements are minimal as well. Keep in mind though that they are adept escape artists, thus, having an escape-proof vivarium is necessary. Settle for snakes that are smaller and easy to care for like corn snakes, and never get large constrictors and venomous ones.

Tarantulas are also quite in demand among exotic animal fanciers. There are a number of tarantula varieties, but those of Brachypelma genus are the ones recommended to those who are caring for spiders for the first time, since this kind is relatively less aggressive. Tarantulas are not very sociable critters, which is why you need to place each one into its own tank. To decrease the amount of transitional stress these spiders will have once they are in your care, you have to provide them with a home that simulates their living conditions in the wild. For instance, if you have a burrowing tarantula, you need to fill its terrarium with enough dirt it can burrow itself into, and structures that allow them to hide when they want to such as halved clay pots, cut side down. If it is tree dwelling variety, then you should put in branches it can scale from time to time. For your tarantulas to thrive, you need to keep the temp inside their terrarium within 75 to 85 Fahrenheit and misting it once a week to keep its tank from drying out. As for diet, they need to be fed with crickets and other insects once weekly and should be provided with a shallow dish of water to remain adequately hydrated.

Lizards, such as iguanas and geckos, make for interesting pets too. The price for the lizard itself is typically not very high, however, the cost of keeping these exotic pets can easily become prohibitive though since you would have to provide adequate ultraviolet light and keep the temperature in the tank warm. The implements that allow you do achieve both UV lighting and control temperature gradient are costly, and need regular replacement. Exo Terra terrarium review are extremely favorable. Exo Terra terrariums were manufactured in such a way that its inhabitant can receive adequate ventilation and giving its owner an easy time in terms of maintenance or routine cleaning. They also have escape-proof dual lock doors, another advantage mentioned in majority of the Exo Terra terrarium reviews.

Safety should always be a top priority when you have these exotic pets at home, especially if you have young children. These animals can endanger your life as well as those of your loved ones, and can damage your property even. Keep in mind as well that these animals can spread germs. Reptiles for instance carry Salmonella. In this regard, if you intend to get exotic animals, you need to have the know-how and practical experience in handling them. Experts suggest getting captive bred ones as opposed to those caught in the wild because the former tend be less stressed during the transition phase and generally easier to tame.The great thing is there are a number of pre-made vivariums you can buy nowadays, Exo Terra terrariums for instance.

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