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A tiny little red on clothing, funny and bright brushed with two ties are desperate walking in the dark forest. Her name is Sally. She never thought that her beloved cat could get sick. The only person in the world who could cure your pet is old. His house is located far in the forest. But the old is still the most powerful: to cook your magic potion you need three ingredients – mushrooms, snails and elements of the forest. Along with Sally will have to search and provide everything necessary to the old standard. You will pass through three levels to overcome obstacles flash online game “Sally & The Magic Potion”. The flash game is for girls especially small and lively as the game is very pretty, lively and colorful. The player must be patient and very helpful front this charming puzzle.
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In the first level you need to find the small objects you – leaves, twigs, berries and bark of the trees near the house of the old. Each object is marked ‘found’ if you ‘click’ on him, he suddenly begins to glow to inform you that you are successful. You have to be very careful because sometimes the place of the elements can disorient you. It is better to look for them by shape and color. But do not forget that sometimes these ingredients are huge and the only part visible is his shadow. ? Occasionally may be inclusa in the natural landscape so that his place will never guess! ? Imagine you’re the explorer searching for ancient treasure!
Remember that your time is limited. You have 10 minutes to complete each level. Do not waste your ‘clicks’ if you’re not sure where the ingredient. Better wait a bit before making the step forward because each ‘click’ unsafe takes ten seconds of your total time. You’re lucky because five apuntos are at your disposal when you begin each level. After clicking on an item they Verras your puzzle on the image. But first we recommend to grab as much as possible of objects … ? Apuntos That come into play when you’re totally desperate! When you get tired – click on ‘pause’. So have some minutes to meditate. When this level is over you will automatically go into the next.
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The second task is to find all mushrooms red around the old house. Be careful because there is a very rapid stream opposite the entrance. There you can find the necessary objects. Examine every dark place of your screen: sometimes as fungi are hung up or cover the bottom of the fallen tree. ? It passes without warn them! What for you trained your skills? ? Right now you are faster and do not slouch aim! You can use 5 magical apuntos if you think necessary …

? But fungi are not your goal! The third level of this exceptional flash online game offers you to hunt some snails working in the hall of the old house. Now when you have permission to enter your home? Victory and feel your footsteps? ? The color of the snails should not deviate from your progress! ? Sometimes its color and shape are a little different: get ready to discover them in the most unexpected places! ? Do not relax at the end of the game, if you can not lose! If you find all the ingredients and bring to the old, will enjoy the friendly face of curing old kitten. The happy Sally returns home and the game ends.
The flash online game “Sally & The Magic Potion” will not get bored. Each time you have to maintain focus and accelerate the speed. To those who want to play more advise waiting a while before continuing with the game. So forget the principal moments of the game and it will be interesting to repeat. Go on!

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