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Silica Cat Litter Safety

Silica cat litter is likely one of the newest sorts of cat litter on the market. What makes it totally different is that it can take in and “dry” many occasions its weight in liquid, and thus drastically cut back and even get rid of cat box odor. You merely put litter within the cat field to the depth of about one inch. Because the cat uses the box, the liquid waste is absorbed and then “dried” so that no odor stays and the letter itself remains dry. Stable waste is mainly “petrified” and is removed regularly by scooping it out and flushing or disposing of it.

The largest benefit is [that a] single inch value of litter can last up to [two] weeks or even a month for a single cat. In consequence, many homeowners swear by this type of litter because it makes litter field upkeep so much easier. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks and considerations, especially in regard to the well being of your cat.

First of all, silica litter may be sharp and tough in your cat’s toes when she or he makes use of the litter box. Though producers have tried to handle this concern by purportedly giving subsequent litters a “softer feel,” the concern still remains. As well as, some concern that cats may ingest small particles of this silica (which is very like glass by way of the way it functions internally) after they clear themselves, and ingestion of silica will be very unhealthy. Finally, a 3rd concern is that it isn’t wholesome for litter to remain unchanged for as much as a month’s time. In contrast to clumping litter the place all waste is removed in stable kind, with silica, stable “petrified” waste is removed, however liquid waste together with urine and the liquid from feces stays in the litter itself and is merely “dried.”. This means that there could also be bacterial or other well being issues present when your cat continues utilizing litter that has been unchanged for so long.

An benefit to utilizing silica litter is that it is, certainly, price-effective for house owners, since one roughly $10 box of litter can last up to [two] weeks to a month’s time per cat. It’s also typically less bother to deal with, since stable waste will be removed only daily. Finally, the litter field itself only needs to be changed one to 2 occasions a month per cat. However, despite this, it’s no inexpensive to use than a very good clumping litter for the same time interval per cat. In addition, with clumping litter, you possibly can usually scoop just once or twice per day. Though you won’t be able to flush strong waste with clumping litter as you do with silica litter, you possibly can remove all waste (together with liquid) from the field day by day with clumping litter, the place you can’t with silica litter.

Finally, the sharpness of litter on cats’ feet is a concern for many owners. That is one cause many choose to avoid it. You should purchase scooping letters combined with silica to help with odor control, to be able to have the benefits of silica with out all of the disadvantages. This sort of litter can also be rather more comfortable in your pet.

Therefore, though it is up to you to resolve whether you want to attempt it, silica cat litter might be not a very good choice for many cats. The well being concerns inherent in leaving litter unchanged for as much as a month’s time are great, as is the effect on cats’ feet. It could be best to use a mixture litter that makes use of a small quantity of silica along with a very good clumping litter to get the identical odor-controlling outcomes, but with much less potential danger to your cat’s health.

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