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Your cat or your favorite expensive furniture? If you are caught within this paradox, keep reading to access the basis of your problem and learn precisely why your cat wont stop scratch every piece of furniture you obtain home. If your cat has been using your furniture to sharpen the claws, leaving ugly scratches to spoil the complete ambience of your expensive fresh furniture, you need to simply take some countermeasures, such as going in for a few very affordable Sisal Material Covered Cat Scratching Posts.

Sisal Material Covered Cat Scratching Posts

While it is organic for cats to scratch, it often destroys perfectly presented dining tables as well as other furniture pieces that will come in how. A lot of people leave the idea at that they cannot curb all-natural instincts of the animal, they say. Though sad, these people just watch a common living area set likely to pieces due to the cats activities.

To know how to deal with this issue, you need to understand the situation in detail first.

The cat family are organic hunters by the laws involving nature. Claws and teeth are the basic requirements for the cat to hunt, thus the necessity to keep them in good shape.

Scratching their paws on tree trunks (read your eating out tables lower limbs) assists them keep them sharp and removing old tissue. Another reason may be the secretion involving certain scent from their paws tagging their place (your property, just what else?) to ward off strangers. Moreover, it gives them some essential exercise and straightens out and about the kinks in their human body.

They can be de-clawed to rid you of your problem, but you will find more humane solutions to help you your cat while avoiding harm to your furnishings.

One way, is as suggested earlier, and get a few Sisal Material Covered Cat Scratching Posts. A wide variety of them can be obtained as part of a people condo. Unless you wish to spend the cash, it is simple to make one of your own. All you need is really a two foot high part of heavy plywood, cut into a size associated with four by simply four or perhaps two simply by two, and tie a piece of old carpet to it. Place it close to the furniture your kitten is partial to scratching, slowly moving that away since your kitty gets used to it. Permit your kitty scratch away to its minds content all you need to do is to replace the old carpet for this to make contact with its initial shape once it is destroyed.

To supplement your efforts, use a pet repellant spray on the furniture to create your kitty turn to the scratching posting. If you’re hesitant to make use of the spray on your own costly furniture, protect the substance with tape with the sticky area up, or use aluminum foil instead.

Nevertheless facing problems your people still doesnt end? Well, it might be time and energy to adopt some more drastic measures. De-claw it if it keeps indoors. Bear in mind, nonetheless, that it will have an effect on the kitties natural gait and its immunity from minor ailments as well. The procedure can be painful and may involve selected risks as well. Those attempting to avoid this could use nail caps as a viable alternative. They’re applied as false nails to the cats nails.

Now, with luck, your cat wont trouble you that much. At least you wont have to make the hard judgement of choosing between your furniture or your cat if you invest in Sisal Material Covered Cat Scratching Posts!

Ragdoll Cats Use The TopCat Sisal Scratching Post – ねこ – ラグドール – Floppycats.

This is Charlie and Trigg, Ragdoll cats, that are using the TopCat Sisal Scratching Post.

It is their favorite scratching post. Because they aren't made of carpet – your cats aren't attracted to carpet as a result.

You can buy them here: And you can read our review of the TopCat Sisal Scratching Post when it is up on May 25, 2010 at

You can learn more about Charlie and Trigg – and Charlie and Trigg are from Soulmate Ragdolls Cattery in Salisbury, NC: Do you have a Ragdoll Cat? Submit your Ragdoll cat for Ragdoll of the Week on, here are the guidelines

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