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Cat Climbing Towers The Only Cat Furniture For Your Kittys Best Lounging Experience

Cat climbing towers give your fussy feline friend the most comfortable lounging areas.

All cat owners will agree that the thing, that their pet cat does best is to lounge around. The domesticated feline has become famous for doing just that. Being absolute connoisseurs of comfort, the house pet cat will compete with the humans for the best seat in the house, only if they do not have their own rest or snoozing space.

Cat owners who are not okay with their pets lounging on the household furniture, will be the first to agree that, we can provide acceptable alternatives for our fussy feline friends with suitable items of cat furniture such as cat climbing towers .

No matter where the cat climbing towers are manufactured, they are always designed with the likes and dislikes of the domesticated cat in mind.

Having researched the habits of the domesticated cat in its natural wild habitat, all exclusive cat furniture designers know that the cat will gravitate to the highest possible level, through instinct. While in their natural habitat, cats climb up trees and perch themselves on high branches to stalk their prey.

The lounging platforms at different levels in the cat climbing towers offer the domesticated kitty a choice of vantage points, so that it can decide from which perch it can best view its surroundings.

Cat climbing towers are designed with sisal material covered surfaces and sisal rope cover cat scratching posts. Sisal is the most preferred surface by all felines, helping your cat satisfy all its natural scratching urges.

Do not be disappointed if your house, living room, or apartment, is not big enough to house the floor to ceiling, seven foot variety of cat climbing towers, you can always find a smaller model with not so many levels, but definitely with more than one comfortable lounging platform.

Those living in apartments will discover that the smaller variety of cat climbing towers have been created for the cat owner who lives in less roomier accommodation. Covered in plush fabric for maximum comfort, these smaller types have at least a cat bed in the form of a cat condo, and one dangling toy, which apart from the snoozing space, will keep your cat occupied endlessly.

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Why Your Kitty Should Have A Luxury Cat Bed

Luxury cat beds are a necessity for your kitty for several reasons. Since the average animal spends up to eighteen hours each day sleeping, where this activity takes place can be a major concern. Learn why you need to provide a special spot for sleeping.

First, you may not want to share your sleeping spot with your kitty. Cats tend to seek warm, cozy spots and sleeping with you is often their first choice. If you have allergy issues, this may prove to be uncomfortable for you. Since felines are nocturnal, you may not appreciate one pouncing on your head or belly and waking you up. You will probably sport a few scratches in the morning when kitty uses you as a launch pad.

You probably like to have clean sheets, too. Although cats are typically clean animals, they shed and may even lose a few fleas. Frantically trying to get kitty out of the bed when you hear the gagging preceding a hairball that you don’t want in your bed is also not a peaceful way to wake up in the middle of the night.

So if kitty can’t be in your bed, the next choice may well be your couch. Nothing is worse than having an honored guest get up from your couch covered in hair, especially if that particular person doesn’t share your love for kitties. You probably also don’t want your friend to be faced with an unhappy kitty because her bed is occupied by a stranger.

Cats want to feel safe and secure. Luxury cat beds give felines a special place for sleeping or to relax when the world is stressful. If possible, place the bed where your cat can see outdoors for entertainment.

Some beds have features like heated pads, egg-crate mattresses or gel padding that can help improve movement for elderly or disabled animals.  Others are integrated into furniture that can offer cat houses
perches, scratching posts, and attached toys in addition to the sleeping quarters.

You can enhance your decor with some of these beds.  For example, you might get one that mimics your bed.  Or, you might find a whimsical bed for your little princess.

A cat bed is a necessity for both you and your kitty.

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