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Cat Collars

In terms of cat supplies, one of the most popular necessities that you can give your pet is among the cat collars.

Like with dogs, this neck piece is used to train the animal until it is fully domesticated, or when it is able to exude a socially acceptable attitude. It is also used to identify your pet in case of health emergencies or if it loses its way home.

These cat collars are readily available in retail stores and online shops worldwide. Nowadays, manufacturers have sought out ways to make the accessory more useful and multi-functional. Aside from the unique variety in style and design, you also have several options in terms of purpose.

The best example would be the breakaway cat collar. This type is mainly used for felines that are lighthearted and mischievous.

Cat Collars Amazon.

The best collar any cat owner can get would be at Amazon.com. They have the widest range that is available anywhere in the world. You will find cat collars designer, cat collars and tags, a number of cat collars with bow ties, and even cat collars personalized. Click on the image below to browse throgh their current offerings.

Cat Collars Amazon

Cat Collars, Leashes and Harnesses.

Cat collars are used primarily for animal identification.

Outfit your cat collar with an ID tag that has your contact info printed on it in the event your pet gets lost. Breakaway cat collars are generally preferred because they significantly reduce the likelihood your cat will get caught on something, like a tree branch or fence.

Cats like to prowl, explore and sometimes slink into tight spots. A breakaway collar will prevent your kitty from getting hung up or worse, strangled. Reflective cat collars are ideal for outdoor cats, especially if your cat patrols your home or street in the evening. Cat collars also double as fashion accessories, with many colors, patterns and materials available. Leather cat collars are particularly popular because they are durable and stylish.

Cat owners also use leashes to distinguish the gender of their pet.

Read More…Cat Collars, Leashes and Harnesses.

Safety Purposes

These breakaway cat collars keep your pet safe when it is out playing or prowling the neighborhood. These accessories are equipped with a special type of mechanism, which as the name implies, “breaks away” to take off the neck piece without difficulty. This attachment is very handy when your feline enjoys playing in areas where the accessory could be easily snagged on a branch or a very sharp object. This usually happens in woody areas or rough street spots. It is a way to prevent strangulation, because the clasp dismantles itself when your cat stretches the collar.

Protection Purposes

The collar can also pass for an identification attachment to inform the people, especially the pound, that it is domesticated, and it has an owner. With this, you can allow your pet to go outside and play whenever and wherever. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your feline, and you are sure that it can return home because of the details that can be written on the back side of the collar.

Breakaway cat collars, aside from training purposes, are used to keep your pets safe. These work in a similar way as that of muzzles, wherein the animal is bound to discipline it, rather than punish it. When it comes to your pets, you realize that safety and protection are priorities to maintain your feline’s well-being, and the use of these collars assures you of its total security.

How to Collar a Cat!

This has nothing to do with trucking. I'm putting this up because I think it's cute and amusing…and if it gives you a laugh, then I'll be happy! I fostered a kitten for a week, while trying to find the purrfect home for him. The day before he was to go into his new home, I wanted to "dress him up" by putting a pretty little collar on him. As you will see, little "Buddy" was having none of it! Cat=1 Collar=0! Adopt a furry friend from the shelter! And an older cat could be the very best companion you will ever find! www.purrfectfelinefriends.petfinder.com www.petfinder.com

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Kitten Care – A Handful Of Strategies

A new kitten turning up at your house is both enjoyable for the family and, should you have other pets, probably a little troubling. How are your established4 legged occupants likely tochoose to adopt the brand new inclusion? Just before we have a look at that issue, let’s rewind and establish what we want to do just before getting the kitten home.
Most often, kittens are let go of by breeders after 12 weeks and it is highly recommended to only take a kitten when it reaches this age or older. Even so, a stray or some other circumstance may mean the kitten is younger than 12 weeks and if this is the case, you may need to make specific concessions and solutions.

Initial thing, go ahead and take kitten to the clinic and have it checked . The vet may also direct you on techniques to nurture the feline in the early weeks – detailing the bottle feeding process until it is the right age to eat solids.

Apart from obtaining good advice from your vet, the particular reason why you’d will want to take the kitten for the check-up is basically that you will not want it interacting with your other animals until it has a clean bill of health. It can be a common circumstance that the new arrival could transmit disease or some other health problems on your other pets. Worms are the most typical affliction but more severe issues can be found. Your vet will test for other possible medical problems.

Feeding the Kitten

Specialised kitten food is ideal because it is formulated to produce all the ideal nutrients for a feline in order to develop into a healthy cat. Dry foods are usually advised by veterinarians.
Ok, let’s get onto the fun part.

Bringing Your Brand-new Kitten Home.

Once the vet gives your kitten the ‘green light’ it’s the time to take it home. If you’ve got other pets – be it dogs or cats, it’s advocated that you keep the kitten away for a short while and then simply introduce it to the fur family incrementally.
This is the duration of slow introduction that is important to your kitten being received. Jealousy will raise its ugly head to start with and it is essential to supervise all contact with your other pets and the kitten in the beginning. After a while, as soon as the kitten is thought as in no way a threat and knows the pecking order, things should get easier.

As with any youngster, be it human or animal, be wary of teaching bad habits. What is adorable for a kitten is not so cute when it’s a cat. Biting, rough having fun with clawing is fun with the kitten but really high risk in a cat. Make sure to warn the kids to not ever support this behavior in the kitten. Also, bear in mind those good habits should also be installed – things such as wearing a collar – apply it early and then there will be less anxiety later. Kitten Collars are advised once the kitten is on solids and playing about.

Kitten-proofing a home is also really important. Electrical cords, plastic bags etc. really should be kept from kitten access. Too many kittens have been hurt by biting at live wires or suffocating in plastic bags. It’s all elementary stuff but it’s sometimes helpful when looking out for a kitten if you have not done so before or in a lengthy while.

Lots of details about raising cats is obtainable on the net. One of our recommended sources is Cat Care.

All the best with the kitten and may you take pleasure from all nine lives!

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