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Why Buy Cat Furniture

The term “Cat Furniture” refers to many different things that you might buy for a cat such as scratching posts and litter tray enclosures, up large cat trees and cat condos.

Here I consider the benefits of the larger items that you might purchase and the things you need to bear in mind if you decide to go ahead.

The first thing to consider is the terminology. The larger items of furniture are usually referred to as Cat Tree, Cat Condo and Cat Tower and you might wonder what is the difference. This is in fact an ill defined area. In theory cat trees and cat towers are more open. They incorporate 1 or more upright posts that support a series of platforms or small boxes effectively looking like a tree with limbs. There may be various toys and items like a swing or hammock included. The lower part usually features a scratching post. A condo, on the other hand, is more enclosed with various levels offering places to hide and sleep as well as play.

In practice most items are a mixture of these types and the terms are more or less interchangeable.

So what are the benefits of this sort of cat furniture:

  • Height – Cats love high places so a cat tree/condo gives them the opportunity to climb without causing damage elsewhere.
  • Hierarchy – If you have multiple cats there is always a hierarchy. The vertical space of a cat tree/condo provides the opportunity to display this and can mean that cats that were previously squabbling can live together happily.
  • Private Place – Cats will appreciate a place where they can hid away and sleep without being disturbed, especially if there are young children about.
  • Scratching Post – Many standalone scratching posts are too short. A cat really needs to stretch out its full length when scratching and many cat trees allow this.
  • Alternative to your furniture – Giving your cats somewhere to climb, play and generally exercise will help avoid them doing this elsewhere in the house. 

It is not a good plan to cut costs when purchasing a cat tree/condo, you should get the highest quality you can. Your cats will not be gentle with it and you want it to last many years. Bear in mind that cheaper models will usually require assembling and some are reported to be rather time consuming. Ready assembled models tend to cost more but should be more sturdy. However deliver of such a large item might be a factor. 

In any case the one thing you must ensure is that your cat tree/condo is safe, both for your cat and everybody else. It must not be possible for a cat (or even several cats) to knock it over. If this were to happen, or even if it is just a bit unstable, your cat will likely become wary of it and avoid it in future.

It should be easy to get your cat to adopt a cat tree/condo and the result should be an easier life for both of you.

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Cat Climbing Towers The Only Cat Furniture For Your Kittys Best Lounging Experience

Cat climbing towers give your fussy feline friend the most comfortable lounging areas.

All cat owners will agree that the thing, that their pet cat does best is to lounge around. The domesticated feline has become famous for doing just that. Being absolute connoisseurs of comfort, the house pet cat will compete with the humans for the best seat in the house, only if they do not have their own rest or snoozing space.

Cat owners who are not okay with their pets lounging on the household furniture, will be the first to agree that, we can provide acceptable alternatives for our fussy feline friends with suitable items of cat furniture such as cat climbing towers .

No matter where the cat climbing towers are manufactured, they are always designed with the likes and dislikes of the domesticated cat in mind.

Having researched the habits of the domesticated cat in its natural wild habitat, all exclusive cat furniture designers know that the cat will gravitate to the highest possible level, through instinct. While in their natural habitat, cats climb up trees and perch themselves on high branches to stalk their prey.

The lounging platforms at different levels in the cat climbing towers offer the domesticated kitty a choice of vantage points, so that it can decide from which perch it can best view its surroundings.

Cat climbing towers are designed with sisal material covered surfaces and sisal rope cover cat scratching posts. Sisal is the most preferred surface by all felines, helping your cat satisfy all its natural scratching urges.

Do not be disappointed if your house, living room, or apartment, is not big enough to house the floor to ceiling, seven foot variety of cat climbing towers, you can always find a smaller model with not so many levels, but definitely with more than one comfortable lounging platform.

Those living in apartments will discover that the smaller variety of cat climbing towers have been created for the cat owner who lives in less roomier accommodation. Covered in plush fabric for maximum comfort, these smaller types have at least a cat bed in the form of a cat condo, and one dangling toy, which apart from the snoozing space, will keep your cat occupied endlessly.

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How To Prevent Cat Training Difficulties

Training kitties is a bit more demanding as compared to training puppies. There are a handful of cat training problems that you will bump into while trying to teach your cat.

Cats become distracted more easily and could require a long time to teach. These facts make cat training more rewarding and fulfilling when you see development in the cats actions and once you defeat various cat teaching problems.

Cats are fun caring by nature and will all the time try to play with the people and the thinkgs around them. This is mostly one of the prime cat teaching difficulties around.

Cats are very easily less concentrated and will change from one task to another in an instant. When trying to train a animal, be sure that you are in an location away from disruption.

You can pick an area in your home to teach the cat and clear it from likely distractions. The location should also be different from where the pet eats and where the litter box is situated. Put out of sight the toys in the location and ask people to wait away from the location as much as possible.This will with a bit of luck diminish the cat teaching difficulties that you will be facing.

Cats and children might not all the time get along. This is a new cat teaching problem that you will have to deal with if you have kids in the house. As you plan to train your cat a new command or a new technique you have to attempt and make your kids stay away from the cat’s view. Cats will usually scratch kids without the intention of doing so.

You also have to slowly introduce the cats and the children to each other. For the first couple of days or week, supervise their interaction until you are confident enough that the cats and the children will not hurt one another. Prompt the children that pulling the tails of the cats or squeezing them will make the cats infuriated.

When the children and the cats already get along then you can proceed with teaching the cat because you have overcome another cat training problem.

Another cat teaching difficulty you may meet is naughtiness when other cats are about. If you have more than one cat at home, make certain to teach them all separately.

As cats are with each other, they have a tendency to not listen to commands. You can let them interact after the 10 to 15 minutes of teaching a day is over.
These are just a few of the cat teaching difficulties that you may experience but once you overcome them you will be able to deal with your cat or cats with more ease and preparation.

Here you’ve got an inroduction to cat training problems, though there are many other aspects to explore.

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