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Cat House – Give Your Cat a Home of Their Own

Before you give them yours, give your cat a house of their own. Cat houses come in all shapes and sizes. Available in both indoor and outdoor styles your favourite feline can stay warm and dry in any weather or cool and comfortable indoors. Cats love to climb and explore so a cat house maybe the perfect addition to your home and may just save your furniture and window treatments.

Cat houses are usually made of wood and come equipped with holes for your little kitties to crawl in and out of and sleep in. Some cat houses come attached to climbing posts providing even more fun for your cat. Yes, they aren’t just for dogs anymore. Cat houses provide a place your cat can call their own. After all they are naturally territorial beasts. Now they can have their own place without taking over yours.

Large Double Decker Outdoor Cat HouseOutdoor cat houses are constructed of wood, usually cedar, which will withstand the elements. They feature removable roofs and bottoms for easy cleaning making them a simple and fun way for your outdoor cat to get some shelter from the cold and protection from the sun. They are available in varying sizes to provide ample space for one or more cats. Available in many designs including log cabin, cottage and townhouse your cat will be living the high life in whatever house you choose. Some even have porches and balconies.

If your cat indoors all or part of the time you can get a house for them as well. These are also made of wood, but then often covered in carpet or other material that is perfect for your cat to crawl or climb on. They also come in many shapes and sizes. Give your cat a beach house with one that looks like a sandcastle or match your ultra modern motif with a smooth angled thoroughly modern cat house. Some even look like a real house and come complete with a scratching post and pillow.

No matter what type of house you choose you’ll enjoy watching your feline frolic in their new home every day. Some even combine the popular cat tree with a cat house for play and rest. Your cat can climb up the tree and lounge on one of several platforms. When they are done they have the choice to crawl into the house on the bottom and take a needed cat nap or just simply catch some shut eye on one of the platforms as well.

Shopping online is the best way to really see the variety of cat houses on the market. Rather than trudging to pet stores all over town you only have to click the mouse to see what is available for your cat. Compare sizes, styles and prices with ease. You’ll be amazed at the charming cat furniture available on the market today. So why not indulge in a house for your furry friend? You’ll give your cat perfect contentment inside or out while protecting your furniture from tears and scratches.

Jennifer Akre, animal lover and owner of dog and cat supply sites gives comments and information on products. This gives the online consumer a chance to gain insight before they purchase cat furniture and cat houses. Give your kitty the comfort she wants. Shop today – Click: cat trees.

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Things You Must Know About A Cat House

Pets not only serve as excellent as companions; but it has also been proven over the times that people with pets lead a healthier life. Extensive research has shown that having a pet serves as a good stress relieving process. Cats have a special position among the few favorite pets of human beings.

Cats are highly independent creatures that require their own place and comfort zone. In fact, there is nothing a cat likes more than snuggle up in a cozy corner and sleep or simply drool. Just as it is important to brush your cat’s coat in a day to day manner, it is important to ensure their comfort zone. Cat houses are of utmost importance if you have a cat as your pet. It is up to you as the pet owner, therefore, to acknowledge this need of your lovely cat and provide it its own house.

Giving your pet cat a house also ensures that it does not sleep all over the house and litter your home. Cats are very playful creatures and do a lot of running around. Having their very own cat house ensures they can rest whenever they want to relax.

Pet houses have come a long way. A is available in all kinds of shapes, size and materials. Normally a cat prefers to mark and guard its territory. This is the reason that cats have the innate habit of climbing trees and sit quietly, observing everything from above. The shade makes it very comfortable and pleasing for the cat and the height provides safety. Many people opt for tree houses for cats. It’s an artificial tree house on which cats can climb and sit on lookout from a vantage point. They can be 3 feet to 7 feet high.

Apart from a cat tree house there are other options of houses for cats as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cat is comfortable in its house. It should be well ventilated and insulated to protect the cat in extreme weather conditions. Cat houses can be shaped like a stool or even hollow cave like, egg shaped or tube like structures. It should ideally be of some soft material and not have any sharp edges so that your cat does not hurt itself. You can stuff your cat house with its favorite playthings like soft toys. Keeping a scratch post nearby is also a good idea as cats love scratching at things from time to time.

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Buy Modern Cat Furniture for your Beloved Pets

Every one who owns a cat knows, that they can be rather compulsive, when it comes to scratching the household furniture and other items in the house, for sharpening their claws, among other things.

The domesticated feline animal has a tendency to scratch their ‘favorite’ items repeatedly, and similar to pet dogs, need their own space, bed, and most of all toys to play with.

All cat owners must remember that their cats do not scratch furniture just to be destructive or difficult, but realise that it is their cat’s way of communicating and ‘marking’ their territory.

Cats are territorial animals, and like dogs, and most pet felines, happen to graze their claws against furniture while they are stretching, playing, greeting their owners, or even when they
are angry.

Now as we definitely know that we cannot alter the natural behaviour of a cat (and we should not attempt to do so either), it would be in everyone’s interest to buy some modern cat furniture mostly for the well-being of the furniture and the cat alike.

Modern and practical cat furniture can be found in brick and mortar pet stores, and on online pet stores that offer both contemporary and traditional designs and ideas.

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pEi Kitty Pod™

pEi Pod™

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Cat Houses For Outdoor and Indoor Pets

Forget about do only canine owners find the joy of choosing the beautiful outdoor home with regard to their pets. Cat owners will have several choices from which to choose too. Whether your cat spends all it’s the time outdoors or simply just is out to achieve, it’ll need some way of shelter for rest. If you are searching for virtually every cat house, it is possible to choose from single story houses to multi-level condo systems.
Deciding on an essential model firstly cat, seek out th kitten house providing you with security in addition to low maintenance solutions. One new option on the market features cedar construction, that may be easily washable, but assists in maintaining the fleas away having its oils. Some of these designs even include sunning balconies or two story units to offer multiple ones for your pets. Should your cat is going to be outside generally in most varieties of weather, you may pick a platform style selection. These ones are elevated in the ground several feet to keep up your canine through the cold ground plus dryer conditions.
If you’re looking for any outdoor cat house that provides fun and relaxation, you should look at new Kitty Castles or Palace trees. These new styles offer over 6 feet in height in your case kitty to climb and play through. These structures are generally made out of wood, carpet, or even a basket weave solution. Them in many cases are 2 feet by 2 feet in space, to assist you to fit them in about any space. With this particular design, your dog won’t employ a crib, but a satisfying climbing option too. These items are apt to have One to three enclosures, with lots of perching shelves and poles to climb.
The most important thing to consider is what conditions your brand-new cat house will likely be employed in, and what types are preferred. Additionally you need to consider durability in outside elements. Be sure your brand-new cat house can remain standing through rain, snow in addition to lead to further problems. Most are insulated for winter but offer venting solutions for all those hot summer days. Purchasing one could be considered a big part of pet ownership. Associated

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