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Cat Clicker Training

Felines are known to always pleas their owners. Cat training, especially cat toilet training, and the use of Cat Clicker Training is always dependent on the owner’s preferences.

An untrained cat will tend to pee and scratch everywhere. This may bring more work and stress to you. In order to live along side with a pet cat, proper training is required. It is possible to train your cat to use toilet,  but it will take some time. All you need is a lot of patience, love and some free time. The following cat training tips can be used at home.

Teaching your cat how to use a litter box will be the first cat training tip to restoring your home’s order:

  • Place a litter box suited for the cat in your bath room.
  • Bring the cats to the litter box after meals, after play time and after nap time.
  • Be ready and quick to giving rewards to your cat.
  • Remember to praise them when they use the litter box.

You’ll probably need to bring your cat to the litter box for a few days or a few weeks. They need time to get used to their surrounding and to understand what the litter box is for. Keep encouraging your cat to visit the litter box.

Avoiding the people or furniture scratching is the next cat training tip on our list. I’m sure you would hate seeing your furniture get ruined by scratches from your cat.

Cats scratching people is even worse. Control this behavior with regular training.

Provide a scratching post for your cat and position it near the favorite object to scratch. Wait until your cat is about to scratch your furniture and then carefully place its claws at the new and real scratching post.

Give your cat its own scratching post as a replacement for your furniture. Physical disciplinary acts are not advisable for cats, since this will only cause nothing but fear.

When you leave the house, you can spray something that has a bad odor for the cats on the furniture. This will also help your cat to be familiar with the right places to scratch and do its business to. You can also provide many toys so the cat won’t get bored easily.

Training cats may bit more difficult but it is also more rewarding once your pet starts following you.

Apart from the Cat Clicker Training method, most reliable cat training material is available at Amazon.com. Click on the image below to browse through current availability.

Cat Clicker Training

The ‘Complete Cat Training Guide‘ from the Kingdom Of Pets is also considered to be among the most reliable cat training material available online to-day.

Cat Clicker Training In Action.

As Karen provides commentary on a cat training video, she reviews many of the basic clicker training ideas.

Watch as clicker trainer Catherine Crawmer goes through these basics of clicker training with a rescued cat.

Clicker Magic has long been a classic video for learning the concepts of clicker training.

Karen Pryor teaches you all the techniques and essentials you need in order to have your pet clicker trained in no time! There are 20 live demonstrations by Karen and other top trainers. See how it works with young and old dogs, cats, a mule, and even a fish!

Long considered the standard, Clicker Magic provides a solid introduction and inspiring, fantastic footage. "Clicker training" is the popular term for the training or teaching method based on what we know about how living organisms learn.

Research has shown that any creature—whether a dog, cat, dolphin, parrot, fish, horse, llama, or person—is more likely to learn and repeat actions that result in consequences it desires and enjoys. So clicker trainers provide consequences desired by their animal in exchange for actions or behaviors desired by their trainers.

We call these consequences "rewards" and the process is called "reinforcement." Clicker training, therefore, is a positive-reinforcement-based system of training. First widely used by dolphin trainers who needed a way to teach behavior without using physical force, operant conditioning (the scientific term for clicker training) can be and has been successfully

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Train Your Cat To Use Toilet

You love your cat, the way she sits in your lap and purrs, her silly little tricks, and the unconditional love that she has for you. Cleaning her litter, well, that’s something else again. No one likes cleaning a dirty smelly litter box. The litter box can present a health risk, especially to pregnant women, and it stinks. Litter is expensive and presents an environmental hazard. You don’t have to be a professional animal trainer to train your cat to use toilet.

With the right techniques, anyone can do it. Potty training your cat eliminates a dirty job, a health hazard, and banishes the smelly litter box forever. Professional trainers suggest the following method for training your cat.

The Litter Box

The first thing to do is to move the litter box to your bathroom one day at a time in two inch increments. You can train a cat to use the toilet, but it is a step by step process. Next, you will want to place the box up so that it is higher. Try using telephone books or cement blocks for this purpose. Do this until the litter box is at the same level as the toilet itself. Each time you increase the height of the litter box, be sure to remove some of the litter. Be sure to secure the box to the base you are building.

After the litter box has been raised even with the height of the toilet, move it closer to the toilet by increments, a little at a time. You are trying to get the cat to understand that the toilet is a litter box. Moving the litter box as close to the toilet as possible will help. Keep using smaller and smaller amounts of litter each day so the cat becomes accustomed to not having much litter. When you reach a point where there is less than an inch of litter in the box, you can stop redu! cing the amount.

Replace the Box

You can train a cat to use the toilet if you can teach the cat that the toilet is where he or she should be when it comes time to use the bathroom. Thus, you now need to replace the litter box with a training box. To do this, lift the toilet’s seat and secure an aluminium pan to the edges. Next, put the seat back down so that the pan is secure. Add flushable litter to the mix. You may need to use industrial strength tape to keep the pan from moving when the cat sits in the device.

For the final step in toilet training your cat, cut a small hole in the bottom of the pan. If you have a kitty training aid, it may have pieces that can be removed so you won’t have to cut a hole. Gradually enlarge the size of the hole a little at a time.. As you enlarge the hole, the cat will get used to not having litter in the pan. When the hole is nearly as large as the opening of the toilet, you can remove the pan.

Learning of to train your cat to use toilet is mostly an investment of your time and patience. The investment is worth it and you don’t have to deal with litter boxes again. Now, if you could only potty train the dog.

The best material on ‘how to potty train your cat on the toilet’ and other ‘cat toilet training review’ can be had from Amazon.com. Click on the image below to browse through all that is available. You should also watch the ‘how to train your cat to use the toilet video’ below

Train Your Cat To Use Toilet

Train Your Cat To Use Toilet

coolkarma.com FREE and EASY. Everything you need to know to toilet train your own cat at home. No fancy gadgets or programs to purchase. It was so easy to do on our own that we wanted to share our success story. Provided by coolkarma.com From CoolKarma website: This video is provided for information purposes only, with no claims that the training recommendations are appropriate for your particular circumstances. We assume no responsibility for consequences resulting from the use of, or in any respect, for the content of our information.

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Cat Training Material

Training cats is a bit more difficult as compared to training dogs. There are a handful of cat training problems that you will encounter while trying to teach your cat, but with the right Cat Training Material and a little bit of determination, any caring person can train a cat to do almost anything.

Cats get distracted more easily and may take a longer time to teach. These facts make cat training more rewarding and fulfilling once you see improvement in the cats behavior and once you overcome some cat training problems. Cats are fun loving by nature and will always try to play with the people and the objects around it. This is usually one of the biggest cat training problems around. Cats are very easily distracted and will change from one task to another in an instant.

When trying to train a cat, be sure that you are in an area free from distraction. You can select an area in your house to train the cat and clear it from possible distractions. The area should also be different from where the cat eats or where the litter box is located. Hide the toys in the area and ask people to stay away from the area as much as possible. This will hopefully lessen the cat training problems that you will be experiencing.

Cats and children may not always get along. This is another cat training problem that you will have to deal with if you have kids in the house. When you plan to teach your cat a new command or a new trick you have to try and make your children stay away from the cat’s sight. Cats will usually scratch children without the intention of doing so. You also have to slowly introduce the cats and the children to each other.

Most reliable cat training material will tell you that for the first couple of days or week, supervise their interaction until you are confident enough that the cats and the children will not hurt each other. Remind the kids that pulling the tails of the cats and squeezing them will make the cats angry. When the children and the cats already get along then you can proceed with training the cat because you have overcome another cat training problem.

Another cat training problem you might face is disobedience when other cats are around. If you have more than one cat at home, make sure to train them all separately. When cats are with each other, they tend to not listen to commands. You can let them interact after the 10 to 15 minutes of training a day is over.

These are just some of the cat training problems that you may experience but once you overcome them you will be able to deal with your cat or cats with more ease and confidence. Click on the image below for reliable cat training material all available at Amazon.com

Cat Training Material

The ‘Complete Cat Training Guide‘ from the Kingdom Of Pets is also considered to be among the most reliable cat training material available online to-day.

How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat.

bit.ly – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy cat! How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat Contrary to popular belief, a kitten's mother won't teach it how to use the litter box, which means you'll have to! Caitlin Lewis from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton discusses exactly how to train or re-train your cat to use a litter box in order to prevent house soiling.

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How To Litter Train A Kitten – Show Them Where To Go

How to Litter Train a Kitten – Show Them Where to Go

I felt pretty good about going to the shelter to rescue a kitten that I had promised my three year old for her birthday.Imagine my surprise when my daughter led me to her room to show what kitty had done, while demanding that I “toilet train cat!” Now I had no idea how to litter train a kitten, so I had to get some advice from the veterinarian. What I found out was cat toilet training measures that new cat owners can take that solves the problem quickly. Can you use some methods that work on getting kitty to use the litter box? Then the tips below should have your problem solved as fast as mine were.

Unscented litter

The advice I was given was to purchase a litter box that was deep, and that I should be using fine grade litter. Most cats and kittens will prefer the fine grade litter over the coarse clay litter. Cats and kittens also do not like artificial scents in their litter box, so purchase the unscented litter. You will want to find a location that is secluded for the kitty litter box and remember not to place the box near their food and water source.The secluded area will appeal more to the kitten, and the food and water will not be fouled by the kick back from the litter box. If you want to avoid the mess that is created from the kick back of litter out of the box, consider buying a tray for underneath the litter box that extends 6 inches around the box. Additionally, if you place a scratch mat at the front of the kitty litter box the cats will clean their paws before leaving.

Potty training

Most cats and kittens will happily want to use the kitty litter box.When you have found a spot for the kitty litter box, introduce the kitten to its location. This step may be the only thing you have to do if the cat accepts the litter box. Although you will probably have to work with kitty until they accept the litter box. Regular trips to the litter box, especially after meals and when they begin to show signs that they need to use the potty, will get the kitten used to the litter box. When the kitten does use the litter box; you will want to praise the kitten to encourage a pattern of use.

Cleaning up “presents”

A very clear sign the cat is ready to do their “business,” is when they scratch at the floor like a litter box. If this happens take the kitten to the litter box immediately and hopefully on in time. Kittens will sometimes do this if the litter box becomes full, so it is very important the litter box is cleaned regularly, and fresh litter is added. Occasionally an accident will happen and when it does a complete and thorough clean up will be necessary and the area in question will have to be deodorized.

Learning how to litter train a kitten is not as hard as you think.And all cat toilet training will work if you are consistent. Most of all I’m not going to miss my three year old declaring that I “toilet train cat” anymore.

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