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Behavior Issues For Older Cats

With reference to to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest cat survived to be in its 30’s, but most cats, even ones with protective owners, don’t even make it past 20 years. It may be a shock to realize that the cat who was a kitten when the owner’s human child was a baby is now an old cat as the human baby has not even reached maturity. But understanding older cat behavior, as well as appreciation and nurturing, can ease your old dear’s transition into their golden years and their final cat run.

Cats retain their feline behavior and attitudes into old age, though they do have lower activity levels. Their movements become less graceful and their coat may not appear as healthy. They might slumber more and more in their favorite chair or in their bed. Other than this, older cat behavior is not that different from younger cat behavior.

More mature cats still purr with contentment, knead the laps of their guardians and behave like kitties when they’re pampered. They will still play with their toys, but without as much spunk as they did when they were youthful. They might even catch a bug or a moth occasionally. It’s important for more mature cats to get their work out to keep their joints from becoming too stiff and their muscles from becoming weak. The older cat may keep its hunting instincts, but will have diminished faculties and speed. So older cats who are allowed to roam are more susceptible to attacks by hawks, coyotes or even dogs.

The guardian needs to pay close attention to an elderly cat’s teeth and gums, and if the cat permits it the guardian might brush their teeth as needed. If the cat doesn’t want this, the guardian might give it a portion of meat occasionally, to help take the place of brushing. If the teeth have to be taken out, the cat can still get down soft food. Adding fiber to the meal also helps to keep cats’ bowels functioning normally. By the way, sometimes an old cat might miss the litter box. It’s important that the litter box be cleaned and the litter exchanged fairly regularly. More mature cats can object to a box that’s dirty.

Other signs to watch out for in a senior cat are:

Loss of appetite
This may be because their mouths are hurting because of periodontal disease, or loose teeth.

Increased thirst
This could be a sign of kidney or liver difficulties, or even diabetes.

Stool that’s too hard or too soft
This might be a sign of a difficulty with the GI track.

This can be because the bladder is paralyzed, or that the more senior cat has a case of cystitis. Cystitis can be treated fairly easily, however.

Lumps and Bumps
These may be harmless, but the owner ought to observe them. If they change in shape or increase in size they could be tumors.

Many elderly cats also begin to lose kidney function, a result of their high protein diet. The weaker kidneys cause the cat lose weight. Sometimes the diet can be improved, but there will come the day when the guardian will have to discuss with the veterinarian what to do about a cat who’s clearly fading.

When the time arrives to say goodbye, the cat owner who has been good, loving and responsible will be sad, but will know they’ve done all they could to give their old cat a good, long and satisfying life.

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Cat Training: Scratching

Cats have a weird way of saying that they love you, they leave marks in a lot of places of your house. You will usually know if the house you’re in has a cat for a pet even without seeing the cat. You will be able to see scratch marks in almost every corner of the house. Scratching is very normal behavior for cats and there are many reasons as to why they do this. Some cats scratch furniture and floors in order to release pent up energy inside of them, they scratch so they become tired instead of restless. Another reason the scratch is because they want to remove some parts of their claws or they want t sharpen their claws. Cats also mark their territory by scratching surfaces and leaving their scent on it. Cats also scratch surfaces because they want to flex their bodies and move their muscles.

Most owners take time to train their cat to change this type of destructive behavior. Cats can be trained to follow commands so they can also be trained to change their behavior towards objects and people. When cat training scratching should be one of the areas you should focus on. Since this is a normal trait for them, you cannot really stop them from scratching but you can change where they do it. You can provide your cat with objects that it can scratch freely. You have to observe what types of objects the cat likes scratching, look at where it is located and try to figure out what its texture is.

You will have to make the cats favorite scratching object seem unappealing by covering it or by spraying it with an odor that cats do not like. Look for a scratching post that will match the texture of the object your cat likes scratching and place it near the area where this favorite object is located. Make sure that the new scratching post has the exact same texture as the favorite object and remember to make it stable. When the cat uses the scratching post give it treats and pet it fondly. If that cat really comes to like the scratching post, you can slowly move it to a better location. These movements should not be big jumps, remember that you need to take it slow with cats. The favorite scratching object of the cat has to remain unappealing until you are sure that the cat will not go back to using it and has really taken to the scratching post.

You will usually progress with changing this behavior slowly but surely. Just stick to it and you will see results in no time. The tips above were given by an owner of some pet shops who also provided customers with supplements. He once also tried his hand at mac cosmetics.

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Tips On Training Different Cats

Felines are known to always pleas their owners. Training is always dependent on the owner’s preferences. It being a part of their hygiene, cats may end up scratching and marking your furnitures or 家具as they address in Chinese. This may bring more work and stress to you. In order to live along side with a pet cat, proper training is required. Training cats is not a walk in the park but it can be done. Patience, time and care are the ingredients to a properly trained cat. Here are a few Cat training tips that you can use at home.
The first cat training tip to restore the peace and order of your home is to teach the cat to use a litter box. Start training your cats early on as kittens. Your bathroom is the best location for your cat’s litter box. Bring the cats to the litter box after meals, after play time and after nap time. Watch over them until they finish doing their business. Be ready and quick to giving rewards to your cat. Remember to praise them when they use the litter box. Give time for them to be familiar with the use of the box. Keep encouraging your cat to visit the litter box. Positive reinforce usually works well for cats.

If your cat scratches furniture, people or anything that gets in the way then the next cat training tip if for you. I’m sure you would hate seeing your furniture get ruined by scratches from your cat. Cat scratches on people are sure signs of cat misbehaviors. To avoid cat misbehaviors, observe and act on it fast.. Provide a scratching post for your cat and position it near the favorite object to scratch. Wait until your cat is about to scratch your furniture and then carefully place its claws at the new and real scratching post. Reward the cat if it starts using the scratching post. Never punish your cat by spanking since this will only keep them away from you. When you leave the house, you can spray something that has a bad odor for the cats on the furniture. This will also help your cat to be familiar with the right places to scratch and do its business to. Introduce new toys that can get your cat’s attention for a long period of time.

Training cats may bit more difficult but it is also more rewarding once your pet starts following you, said an owner of some pet shops who sells supplements alike as well.

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A Few Pointers For Training Cats

Individuals who wish to handle canine instead of cats say that cats don’t seem to be smart sufficient for them because they can’t be trained. Whilst canines may be so much more straightforward to train than cats it is not precise that cats cannot be trained.

You simply have to be very patient with them and in a position to face challenges. Like canine, coaching cats may also be tougher that training kittens but it can nonetheless be done. Coaching cats will simply take extra time to do than training kittens however you will also see some results.

Coaching older cats to use a litter box for the primary time would possibly prove to be a problem if all alongside it’s been allowed to pee and poop any place it pleases. What you’ll do is place the clutter box in your bathroom and do away with any cushy surfaces just like the rugs on the floor. Be sure that not anything in the bathroom will select the smell of the cat.

Introduce the muddle field and place the cat inside of it, this will likely introduce the cat to the soft and sandy floor of the litter. The cat might more than likely jump out of the clutter box in an instant however allow it be. Stay the bathroom door shut for 10 to 15 minutes. When you come again and the cat has nonetheless not used the muddle field you’ll be able to introduce the poop of every other cat by way of putting some of this within the litter box.

Due to the fact cats have an excessively sturdy sense of odor, they may be able to relate the smell of the poop to going to the bathroom. The older the cat is, the longer the time you have to spend training it to make use of the litter box. When the cat in any case makes use of the clutter box, take into account that to present treats or some kind of reward in order for them to associate what they did with excellent behavior.
Introducing new cats and kitten to older cats could also be a troublesome task. Training older cats to engage with other cats would possibly check your patience and your training skill, I found that it was much easy with the support of a simple course.

Older cats on a regular basis don’t love to be within the company of very naughty and curious kittens. You will have to supervise their interaction for the primary few weeks. You will additionally have to assure the older cat that inspite of a new kitten around the attention you provide will nonetheless be the same. You’ll be able to provide them toys to play with and just supervise them when together. Be sure that they have got separate litter containers and separate meals bowls so no jealousy will happen. Coaching older cats to getting together with different cats or kittens might not be as arduous as you suppose it is. You just wish to devote sufficient time and energy to perform the task.

Training cats just may well be extra worthwhile than training kittens as a result of the amount of time you’ll use up. While you see the consequences you have been hoping for than you know that all your hard work has paid off.

Training animals, especially felines can be very rewarding and satisfying, but at the same time it can be time consuming and requires patients, never the less once you get the results you will be very happy and you will fell a pure sense of joy with you accomplishment. Never the less to achieve those results it is important to be guided by an expert as it is almost impossible to be able to tain animals without any real experience and without any porper training.

This is an insight on how to start to coach cats, but realize that there there is allot more to it and some really amazing results can be achieved with the right cat training.

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