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These Are What Yoiu Want To Take Note Of Before You Buy A Puppy Bed

So you just got yourself a puppy dog so you are contemplating offering him a bed. Excellent idea, in spite of how much you love your puppy it is never advised to always sleep with your dog on the same bed. Your furry friend will need his very own place too, where he will sleep tranquilly. There are several puppy beds available for sale and they can be found in various price ranges and sizes. Listed here are the characteristics you should look for before buying one:

The dog bed needs to be chew proof.

In general, pups like chewing just about anything chewable in their surroundings. That is merely a way to amuse themselves. You never want to waste your money in something that will probably be chewed and completely damaged in barely two or three days. The other truth is “chew proof” puppy beds might not be that desirable and you might decide on something such as a basket shaped puppy bed. If so be sure you offer your pet dog with some toys to enjoy in order to direct his attention to something else as opposed to his very own bed.

In case of a basket bed of crate

Small puppies like to snuggle into their own beds. That is certainly where basket dog beds come into play. In light of that you need to always remember that a puppy is not supposed to sleep on a basket bed or even inside a crate until he is taught to not defecate on it. It is known that by the seventh week, dogs are generally qualified to distinguish between where they sleep and eat from where they pass the urine. At this point they do not urinate where they sleep or eat. You can then provide them a basket bed, not before.

How soft is it?

Dogs, the same as humans give preference to soft beds to sleep on. You might want to take a look at how soft the puppy bed is before buying it and also understand that it has to be chew proof. If is tough to pick a dog bed that is soft enough and at the same time chew proof. So the other alternative will be to offer your pet with enough toys to rely on for him to forget about chewing his own bed.

Exactly what local climate do you live in

A very important factor your should consider prior to buying a dog bed is the climate you dwell in. The fact is the temperature of the bed could also contribute as to why your dog may or may not want to use his bed. Usually, if you dwell in a warm climate, use a thinner bed. It is the reverse in a cold weather, you may use a thicker bed. During the winter you can also insert a heater pad within the bed to maintain it warm.

What kind of dog do you possess?

Whatever choice of puppy bed you make, you have to consider the kind of dog who is actually gonna use it. The dog being a puppy, he will grow over time and depending on the race of dog you have, you really should anticipate in advance the rate at which he is going to grow and choose a puppy bed fairly larger than his current size so that he may use it for a while as he gets bigger.

These are essential tips you need to know prior to acquiring a puppy bed, I am hoping it was helpful.

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Indigo Dog Houses: Are They A Good Recommendation?

Dog houses are popularly known to be made with wood. Recently plastic dog houses are also getting very popular, probably because of their prices that are very affordable. Among the numerous plastic dog houses out there, you have probably heard of the igloo shaped dog house. This is a plastic dog house in the shape of an igloo. It is made by a company called doskocil. They named it the Indigo dog house. Let’s take a look at it.

The indigo dog house is made of a special type of plastic called structural foam. This is known to provide some insulation to the dog house. The base of the dogloo (another name for it) is elevated. That prevents rain water to easily seep in. Aside that, it also prevents the heat from the ground to easily affect the inner temperature of the dog house.

The indigo dog house has an extended doorway that also prevents the rainwater to be blown directly inside. This also prevents the sun rays to directly enter the house, giving shade to your dog when he needs it.

There is an air flow control system on top of the dog house, that is an adjustable air vent. You can control that opening and influence the way the air flows inside the indigo dog house.

The dog house is relatively lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes in three different sizes, small medium and large. Even though referred to as a dog house, it can be used for cats too. Some pet owners have even gone ahead to call it a catgloo instead of dogloo.

The dogloo comes only with the upper and lower parts but you can also choose to order a separate door to close the dog house whenever needed. That will offer more protection against the rain and the cold wind during the winter.

Talking about cold, you can also add an electric mat to the whole package. It can also be bought separately. Mats specially designed to fit inside dogloos are readily available in the market, so it is up to you, in case you want one.

For the fact that it is easy to assemble, it goes without saying that it is also easy to clean. By just removing the upper part, you can easily clean the inside of the dog house and later on put everything together again without any hassle.

There are many types of dog houses out there and the indigo dog house stands out when it comes to plastic dog houses. The price is affordable and many customers who bought it seem to love it. If you want a full review of the indigo dog house, you can read it on my blog: indigo dog houses.

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The Different Types Of Dog House Designs Out There

There are different types of dog designs in the market. They come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your taste, you may decide to go for one of them. I have here the list of different dog house designs out there in the market.

• The typical wood made dog house

Most dog house professionals agree that a wood dog house is a good choice. There are a lot of wood made dog houses out there in the market. The most important feature in a wood doghouse is the insulation power. Since most wood dog house are made to be kept outdoor, it is always important that they are made of good quality wood that has insulation. Red cedar wood is very much recommended for that matter.

The good thing about wood doghouses is that, if made with good quality wood, they can last long and protect your pet against the elements.

The downside of wood dog houses is that they don’t have many possible shape options like plastic dog houses. They have a typical popular shape and most wood dog houses are made according to that shape, with some little variations here and there but they usually look the same.

The duplex dog house is another popular type of wood dog house. If you have 2 dogs, this is probably the right one for you. It is just a wood dog house with 2 rooms put together. That way each dog his own space even though staying inside the same dog house.

Some other wood dog houses are made for indoor. They are table shaped and fit inside your living room perfectly. They can be used as furniture, like table top, coffee table or night stant pet houses.

Then you also have wood crate dog houses. These are crates made of wood but they can as well be used as dog houses. They also can blend well with your furniture.

• The plastic dog house

Some dog houses are made of plastic. The good thing about plastic is that it can take different shapes. So when you think of plastic dog houses, you can imagine it igloo shaped, barn shaped or even shaped like a typical wood dog house.

Plastic dog houses are relatively cheaper and will never rot. The downside side is their insulation power is not as strong as that of wood dog houses. They may not be the best type of outdoor dog house especially if you live in temperate areas.

• Above all you can also get luxury dog houses

These ones are made of all kinds of expensive materials to beautify it. They may be big enough to allow a human to enter. They may have multiple doors and multiple windows. Overall they are very beautiful. That said they are not for everybody; only for those who can afford it.

If you want more information about dog house designs you can get it on my blog: dog house designs

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Dog Houses For Two: Features You Should Be Looking For Before You Buy One.

I guess you are looking for a duplex dog house to offer your dogs a private space where they can sleep. That is a good idea but you need to take note of some equally important features before you make a final decision. Here they are:

I suppose you have two dogs or more and you think a duplex dog house will do the trick. A duplex dog house is basically a dog house with two rooms put together. It is quite heavy and usually made of wood. Getting a duplex dog house is good but that is not the most important feature. What is important here is strength and durability. How strong is the dog house going to be? What material is it made of? Is it insulated? This is what you should have in mind when choosing a dog house.

It is still preferable to go for 2 different durable and insulated dog houses for your pet rather than going for a duplex dog house that will not last for long. A duplex dog house may also be cumbersome. Carrying it around will definitely not be that easy compared to having two separate dog houses.

Mind you, I am not trying to say you shouldn’t buy a duplex dog house. I am just saying that there are many dog house manufacturers out there and not all duplex dog houses are good. If you read on popular online shopping sites you will see some complaints about people who bought a duplex dog house and later on got disappointed.

That said there are other dog houses out there that may not be duplex but still, the single room they offer, is big enough for two medium size dogs to fit in. Some of those dog houses have good customer ratings on online shopping sites. You may want to take a look at those one.

Those dog houses are insulated, their base is elevated and they are made of solid strong wood. Also they are relatively cheaper than a duplex dog house.

You do have the option to build one yourself. I know that not every person is handy so you can even find someone build a duplex dog house for you. There are ebooks that come with different types of dog house plans, including the duplex dog house. You might want to purchase one of those books and let somebody build one for you with respect to a plan you choose yourself. In fact, you may end up saving money by making somebody build a dog house for you rather than buying an already made dog house online. The other thing is, a homemade dog house can always be easily repaired, since you are the one that constructed it or the carpenter that help with the construction is always around.

That is what I have to say about dog houses for two, if you want to see my recommendations of dog houses for two, you can read them on my blog: dog houses for two.

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Let Me Give You 5 Features You Need To Take Note Of Before You Get Yourself A Plastic Doghouse

Plastic doghouses are lightweight and very affordable. For that reason they are getting more and more popular. A lot of dog owners prefer plastic dog houses of late and it is a good idea to try it if you want. That doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and pick any plastic dog house out there in the market, not all of them are good. You still need to do some market research and also pick one that matches your dog’s size. I have 5 features you should also look for before making any choice.

• Insulation
A good plastic dog house has to imperatively be insulated. The reason is simple. The surrounding environment’s temperature keeps changing. Your dog is supposed to use this doghouse as a refuge to protect himself against these temperature changes. With an insulated plastic doghouse, you can answer that need.
There are different types of plastic doghouse insulation. You have the structural foam insulation, the resin insulation and the double wall insulation. They are all good. You can get any of them.

• Elevation
Still, even if the plastic doghouse is insulated, you will still need to check that the doghouse is elevated above the ground. The truth is that the temperature from the ground can still easily pass through the base of the dog house and significantly affect the inner temperature of the doghouse. Your dog may not feel comfortable dealing with that.

The good news is, there are many plastic dog houses that have their base elevated.

• Door
The inner temperature is a very important subject when it comes to dog houses. To make sure you keep the inner temperature at a certain constant you also have to provide a door to the doghouse. That way the surrounding temperature will not easily move inside the doghouse.

• Cleaning
At a point in time, you will need to clean the dog house. That may require disassembling the whole doghouse. That shouldn’t be the case. A good plastic dog house should be easy to clean without having to disassemble it. Some dog houses require that you only remove the roof or the upper part when you want to clean it. These are the ones you should go for.

• The rating
The final decision should be made after you compare and contrast the different opinions from people who have already tried the dog house. You can ask friends who bought that dog house. If you don’t have any friend that tried the dog house you are interested in, you may do a simple search on online shopping sites. There are a lot of customer reviews about dog houses out there. Make sure you read them first, then make a decision.

If you want more information about plastic doghouses you can read them on my website: plastic doghouse

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A Dog House Pen For Outside Use Is Rather A Great Idea.

Are you thinking of getting a dog house pen for outside use? That is a great idea. Dogs by nature are very curious animals and they may venture into hazardous situations and may end up getting hurt especially when you are not around. For that reason you must find a way to restrict your dog’s movement when you are away for work.

Chaining the dog may be an option but it is not the best as the dog may end up getting frustrated. There are better ways of dealing with such dilemma and that is by using a dog pen. Dog kennel or dog pen or dog run are spacious enclosures where you can put your dog when you are way.

With the many types of dog pens out there, you may not be sure of which one is best to choose for your pet. It is advisable to do a research online before you make any choice. In you research there are certain features you need to take note of. They are:

The Size
There are different sizes of dog kennels. Some may be too small for your pet. Always make sure you measure the size of your dog a search for a dog pen that will fit him properly. Don’t neglect the space too. You want a dog run that has enough room to allow to dog to free move around inside it.

The material used for dog pen may be nylon, iron or wire. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The wire dog pen is very strong and sturdy but it may get rusted with time. Make sure you choose galvanized wire dog kennel if that is the type you want to go for. Welded wire are the preferred ones because your pet is guaranteed not to get injured when inside.

Plastic dog kennel are already rust proof but they are relatively lightweight and easier to break, in relation to wire dog kennels. That said plastic dog pens will fit perfectly for small size dogs that will not be able to drag it around or jump over it.

Once you choose a dog kennel, you will also have to think of the place where you will have to put it. You definitely don’t want your dog to struggle with the sun so make sure the dog pen is always in a shaded area. There are covered dog kennels but even if you go for one of them, you should still put them in a shaded area.

When away
One thing for sure is that you will not always be around to attend your dog’s basic needs. That is why you should provide your dog with certain basic tool that will enable him to enjoy his time inside the dog kennel. Toys are very important and will keep the dog happy during your time away. He may also need to drink something, provide a bowl with enough water. A dog potty may also help so that the dog will not have to hold on until you come before he can ease himself.

This is all I have for you. I hope this information was helpful; you can get more information about dog pen for outside use on my website: insulated dog house

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Heated Dog Houses: Are You Looking For A Way To Heat Your Dog House?

As a dog owner it is natural that you would want to offer your pet a doghouse to sleep in. There are different kinds of dog houses out there and you may want one that has certain specific features depending on the area where you live. May be you live in a temperate region and would want a doghouse that is able to maintain its own internal climate warm. So you want an insulated dog house or better yet, a heated dog house. What you would want to do is use the different techniques available out there to make sure that the dog house is warm during the winter. Let see the options that you have.

1. Get an insulated dog house
Insulated dog houses have the power to prevent external temperatures to easily get inside the dog house. This is a very nice and cheap way to keep your dog house warm. If you choose to buy an insulated dog house, the preferred choice should be a doghouse made of red cedar wood. Red cedar wood is the best type of wood that can provide insulation for the dog house all year long. It also discourages the dog from chewing the house. In some cases a dog house made of red cedar wood and a door is all you may need but in case of harsh winter you may add some other ideas.

2. Heating using electricity
You may decide to add more heating to the doghouse by using electric devices that emit heat. There are different options for that one.

One of them is to use an electric dog bed. There are many of them out there. You can just do a research online. They come with a thermostat that helps regulate the heat emitted by the electric bed. Mind you, this is not for dogs who like chewing. Even though the bed is made of materials not easy to tears up some dogs are still able to destroy it and that is at the risk of getting electrocuted.

You can also use another electric device that cannot be chewed by dogs, that is the ceramic heater. They are small electric devices that you can keep inside the dog house and it will emit heat as to keep the dog house warm. It is also equipped with a thermostat, so you can regulate the temperature automatically.

3. The use of heating pads.
Instead of using electricity you can also used heating pads. Using these pads, you can be sure that your dog will never get electrocuted. The heating pads are made with some chemicals that are able to retain heat for a very long time. All you do is heat it in a microwave for some few minutes and they are ready to go. It is still not advisable to give it to a dog that enjoys chewing because the heat chemicals inside are dangerous. Wrap it in a bed sheet before putting inside the dog house.

There you go, you got the 3 main options to keep your dog house heated. If you want more recommendations on heated dog houses,you can read them on my website: insulated dog house.

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Are You Dealing With A Dog Who Doesn’t Want To Enter His Insulated Doghouse? Here Is What You Can Do

It happens that dogs don’t want to use the dog house they’ve been offered by their owner. There are many possible explanations why the dog doesn’t want to use it. The size may be the matter, may be he is too big, he needs more space. It may happen that the dog house is producing a funny smell that he is not comfortable with. The fact is you are frustrated about that and you want to do something about it right?

After spending so much money getting your dog a house, you would at least expect him to use it . Otherwise the money becomes a waste. Here are some few things you can do in trying to convince him to use his dog house.

• Put food inside
Whatever the case, your dog cannot resist food. The strategy here is to get him closer to his dog house and progressively encourage him to enter by pushing the food deep inside the dog house. You can first put his bowl at the entry of the dog house for a week or two. As he gets used to it you can now decide to put the bowl a bit further inside the dog house. At that point he will have to enter his head inside the dog house if he really wants to access the food. After a week or so you may now put the food deep inside the dog house. He will have no choice but to enter his whole body if he wants to eat. That way, he gets used to using his dog house.

• Give him a comfortable bed
A good nice comfortable bed is a nice way to encourage your dog to use his house. Although dogs don’t mind sleeping on the floor, they do recognize there is a difference between sleeping on the floor and sleeping on a comfortable bed. I bet they prefer sleeping on a comfortable bed rather than the floor. If they have a nice bed in the dog house, they will be more than willing to use it.

It also has been recommended to give the dog a bed that has the smell of the dog’s owner. You might want to give your dog a bed that you’ve used before or at least you can put on that bed a bed sheet that has your smell on it, basically something that has your smell will make your dog feel more confident on it.

• The dog house has to be insulated
The dog house should represent some sort of refuge for which the dog knows he can rely on. In times of harsh weather conditions the dog house should play a role of protection. That is why it should be insulated against the elements. A dog house with an easy to open door will be very useful because it doesn’t allow the outer air to easily get inside the dog house. Wooden dog houses should be given preference.

• The door’s position
The dog may feel uncomfortable if the dog house door is position such that he cannot monitor his outside environment. Dogs want to be able to patrol their environment even when inside the dog house. You should position the dog house in such a way that the dog can still monitor his environment.

• Be strict over the rules, the weather will be the final judge
Let your dog understand that his outdoor dog house is the only refuge that he has. By being strict over these rules the dog will understand over time. If you feel to sentimental about it and let him inside your house anytime he start playing the sad dog he will never get used to his dog house.
There are cases where certain dogs never used their dog house until later in the winter where the weather became so intolerable. So just give it some time. The weather will sure let your dog know that sleeping inside his dog house is a good option.
If you want recommendations of good insulated dog houses out there you should check the website that talks about that: outdoor dog kennel.

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