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Methods To Get Rid Of Strays From My Outdoor Cat House

There quite a few excellent outdoor cat enclosures on the market today, and just getting your pet one is not enough. After having purchased one you must learn the tricks to keep the cat comfortable inside their cat enclosures, and you must also learn the various methods to get rid of strays from your outdoor cat house.

Feeding stray kitties promotes them to linger on in your outdoor cat house. Millions of domesticated kitties turn into lost or abandoned and are considered “stray.” Since stray cats were formerly pets, they are generally comfortable around people.

Stray kitties roam parking lots, streets as well as yards hunting for food and shelter, they typically wander onto household kitty cages where kitty food is actually left out. While some property owners delight in supplying and caring for stray kitties, others don’t want stray cats nor wish to care for them. Fortunately, there are numerous humane styles for freeing your cat enclosures of stray cats.

Remove all cat food items from your outdoor cat house to encourage the stray kitties to leave. If you must feed your own kitty outdoors, leave the food on the porch for an hour or less per day.

Scatter fresh lemon and orange peels around your cat runs to discourage the stray kitties. The feline animal hate citrus fragrances. As an option you can certainly place potted lavender, geraniums and lemon thyme on your back porch, as cats generally dislike the scent of these plants.

Sprinkle cat-deterrent pellets onto the porch or near the outdoor cat house to repel any stubborn strays. Pellets made of lion dung are actually especially efficient as the stray and feral cats would assume that  lions are nearby.

Wear gloves when dispersing the pellets to reduce contaminating the lion dung odor with human scent as well as to prevent scaring your own kitty away.

Spray the stray animals with water if they just refuse to leave your outdoor cat enclosure. Cats despise water and would scurry away if they feel threatened.

In attempting to get of strays always use humane techniques and never resort to any violent means. Keep in mind, that these strays were in all probabilities once loved and cherished by their previous owners. Show some compassion by adopting one or two if you can.

Many of you may have installed an outdoor cat house or are even employing cat runs to circumvent your cats from roaming out and about, and may even want to know the best way to clean up the outdoor cat house. No matter what you do remember that indoor domesticated feline animals can be vulnerable to many things, so if keeping your cat outdoors please secure your favorite cat by using cat enclosures.

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Feral Cat House

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