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Behavior Issues For Older Cats

With reference to to the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest cat survived to be in its 30’s, but most cats, even ones with protective owners, don’t even make it past 20 years. It may be a shock to realize that the cat who was a kitten when the owner’s human child was a baby is now an old cat as the human baby has not even reached maturity. But understanding older cat behavior, as well as appreciation and nurturing, can ease your old dear’s transition into their golden years and their final cat run.

Cats retain their feline behavior and attitudes into old age, though they do have lower activity levels. Their movements become less graceful and their coat may not appear as healthy. They might slumber more and more in their favorite chair or in their bed. Other than this, older cat behavior is not that different from younger cat behavior.

More mature cats still purr with contentment, knead the laps of their guardians and behave like kitties when they’re pampered. They will still play with their toys, but without as much spunk as they did when they were youthful. They might even catch a bug or a moth occasionally. It’s important for more mature cats to get their work out to keep their joints from becoming too stiff and their muscles from becoming weak. The older cat may keep its hunting instincts, but will have diminished faculties and speed. So older cats who are allowed to roam are more susceptible to attacks by hawks, coyotes or even dogs.

The guardian needs to pay close attention to an elderly cat’s teeth and gums, and if the cat permits it the guardian might brush their teeth as needed. If the cat doesn’t want this, the guardian might give it a portion of meat occasionally, to help take the place of brushing. If the teeth have to be taken out, the cat can still get down soft food. Adding fiber to the meal also helps to keep cats’ bowels functioning normally. By the way, sometimes an old cat might miss the litter box. It’s important that the litter box be cleaned and the litter exchanged fairly regularly. More mature cats can object to a box that’s dirty.

Other signs to watch out for in a senior cat are:

Loss of appetite
This may be because their mouths are hurting because of periodontal disease, or loose teeth.

Increased thirst
This could be a sign of kidney or liver difficulties, or even diabetes.

Stool that’s too hard or too soft
This might be a sign of a difficulty with the GI track.

This can be because the bladder is paralyzed, or that the more senior cat has a case of cystitis. Cystitis can be treated fairly easily, however.

Lumps and Bumps
These may be harmless, but the owner ought to observe them. If they change in shape or increase in size they could be tumors.

Many elderly cats also begin to lose kidney function, a result of their high protein diet. The weaker kidneys cause the cat lose weight. Sometimes the diet can be improved, but there will come the day when the guardian will have to discuss with the veterinarian what to do about a cat who’s clearly fading.

When the time arrives to say goodbye, the cat owner who has been good, loving and responsible will be sad, but will know they’ve done all they could to give their old cat a good, long and satisfying life.

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Employing Cat Runs To Circumvent Cats From Running Out And About

Indoor domesticated feline animals are vulnerable pets, so if allowing your cat to spend time outdoors please secure your favourite cat by using cat enclosures.

Felines, even the domesticated kind, are skilled escape artists. They can escape with ease and before you know it, be in the neighbour’s house with their dog barking away. You can use cat runs as a good alternative to cat cages to keep your feline wards satisfied and safe from other cats or animals.

There are quite a few excellent outdoor cat enclosures and cat runs on the market today, and just getting your pet one is not enough. After having purchased one you must learn the tricks to keep the cat comfortable inside their cat enclosures, outdoor cat houses and runs, as well as learn the various methods to get rid of strays from your outdoor cat house, enclosures and runs.

The fantastic thing about cat runs is the independence they the cat. Cat runs allow your cats to climb up and run the different levels of space provided without the slightest chance of wounding themselves because of the protection afforded by these special cat enclosures.

It is important to use some toys inside the cat runs to keep the cats occupied. All cats possess a natural desire to hunt. When this desire is unsatisfied, they are prone to bolt. Toys and facilities that encourage the animal to chase, pounce or stalk “prey” will fulfil this need, avoid boredom and exhaust itself.

Most cats tend to wander away from their indoor confines, because it is in their character to explore the surrounding environment. Cat runs, while giving them the chance to explore the outsides of their indoor confines will assure you, that the places they will explore, is a thing you’ve got full control over. Cat runs permit your cats to come back indoors at any time, as most models have a secure connection to an entrance to your house.

Many of you may have already installed an outdoor cat house or are even employing cat runs to circumvent your cats from roaming out and about, but right now you want to know the best way to clean up the outdoor cat house. and cat runs. I will get to that in the next article.

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Indoor Cat Versus Outdoor Cat: What Do You Do?

Should your cat be an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? This is one of the more debatable and critical choices you must resolve as a cat person. How do you juggle the desires, security, and safety of a Happy Healthy Cat versus its needs? Will your cat be happy with cat climbing furniture or cat climbing trees for activity? Will it be fulfilled in cat condos houses or cat condos with stairs for that extra exercise?

Outdoor Cats

It is not always remembered that our cats are wild animals with a bit of domestication thrown in. They are created to the same characteristics as a wild cat is. They have the desire to hunt and catch their quarries. They live to stalk the local wildlife. If you present any opportunity, they’ll happily bring you back prey, adroitness made obvious. They will want your praise and approval of course, so don’t freak out, since you will only confuse them.

Having read this far, it is obvious that you are a cat loving person. If you do not own a cat, but have the facilities and finances to do something to manifest that love for the feline animal, then the best thing you can do right now is erect an outdoor cat house in your back yard.

By doing this you would be providing shelter for the unfortunate neighbourhood feral and stray who may, and many a time definitely will wander across your property at night in search for shelter and food.

Having found the shelter provided by you, any one of these unfortunate cats may and will make it a temporary home, and you can take it from there.

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