Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks

Insulated and Heated Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks.


The Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks is designed to get your cats out of the way of predators when they go to the top level and protect them from all ground chill in wet conditions, with lounging decks for cat naps. Individually hand crafted from Canadian Northern White Cedar, the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use, it can house up to 4 average sized cats between both the houses.

The large double decker outdoor cat house with lounging decks has Thermal-Ply insulation placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling. This not only ensures that your cat is kept warm in winter, but it also converts the house into a cool place for your cat to relax in during the heat of the summer.

The large double decker cat outside house with lounging decks provides the perfect shelter for any colony of feral cats that require a home, and especially for your indoor cats that always want to go outside to enjoy the weather.

Shipped with easy to follow instructions for trouble free and fast assembly with ordinary household tools.

Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks

Large Double Decker Insulated Cedar Cat House with Lounging Decks.

This smart design offers comfort for kitties: Its elevated height keeps them from ground chill and wet conditions.

This double decker is great for that colony of cats, it especialy gets them out of the way of predators when they go to the top level. Between the two houses they will house up to 4 averaged size cats. The extra lounging deck acts as a generous porch roof that helps shield the doorway opening from dripping rain and melting snow. The upper deck is great if your cat just needs to get away or just enjoy bathing in the sun.


House Exterior :

  24 x 23 x 20 Inches (D x W x H)
House Floor Interior :   18 x 18 Inches (L x W)
Door size :   7 x 9 Inches (W x H)
Total Height :   46 Inches from ground.
Lower Deck : 16 Inches off the ground with a
22 x 9 Inches (D x W) lounging deck.
Upper Deck: 36 Inches from the ground with a
34 x 22 Inches (D x W) lounging deck.
Shipping Weight:   65 lbs
Shipping Package:   34 x 23 x 10 and
24 x 20 x 14
Vinyl Door Flap :   $8.50
Extra Door :   $15.00
Roof Extension :   $35.00
Heating Pad Both Houses:   $120.00

  • Water proof.
  • Easily removable roof.
  • Delivered unassembled to save on shipping rates.
  • Easy to assemble, just 15 minutes, Instructions
    enclosed with product.
  • Guarantee against faulty materials and/or faulty
  • Product or Parts replaced if informed within 5 days
    of delivery.
  • Shipping and handling costs built into the LOW
    product price.
  • Free shipping to destinations in the 48 continental
    states of the USA

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20 Inch Cedar Cat Townhouse : Size SMALL CEDAR TOWNHOUSE – INSULATED by Blythe Woodworks – at

Product Description:

This is a unique and fun multi-house arrangement for multiple cats. The first platform is 16″ from ground level and the second house is 24″ higher (40″ from ground level). The “upper bunk” is easily reached by most cats in a single bound, but with the front and back decks, even the fattest cat can climb to the top house! It’s fun, very practical, and it looks like something cats would design and build for themselves!

House Size: 20″W x 20″D x 25″H.

Door Opening: 7″W x 9 ΒΌ”H.

Optional insulation for those extremely cold or hot climates – Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier: Thermal-Ply blocks radiant energy in both summer and winter conditions. It blocks as much as 93% of radiation (summer heat gain) and 50% to 70% of winter heat loss through the ceiling and roof. The floor, ceiling and side walls are all insulated. To ensure long term
durability from chewing and clawing, the sidewall insulation is protected by a lightweight mahogany plywood liner.

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