Outdoor Cat Enclosure Designs

What’s your favorite nonhuman Twitter feed? From a cat lover’s point of view, I wish it were about outdoor cat enclosure designs, rather than vacant seats at Olympic venues in London. That way the feral and stray cats get to gain something out of it.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure Designs

Before we examine the type of designs needed to help the feral and stray cat population let us see what Hannah Weinberger of CNN says about Twitter accounts that represent cats, horses, traffic cones and even the universe

(CNN)— Five years ago, telling a friend that you interact regularly with a verbose orange traffic cone might earn you a pitying hug and a quick trip to the sanatorium………..

Hannah Weinberger

Hannah Weinberger, @Weinbergrrrrr, UNC-CH Chinese/Journalism ’13. @cnn Intern.

Welcome to the age of novelty Twitter accounts, where animals, inanimate objects and other nonhuman entities speak their mind regularly: ……..

Novelty nonhuman accounts have been a Twitter staple since Sockington, a Boston-area housecat, joined the service in March 2007 on his way to 1.4 million followers. But they’ve been in the news again recently after one user created @olympicseat, a tongue-in-cheek response to the curiously vacant seats at Olympic venues in London. In the span of a few days, it has amassed more than 21,000 followers.

Cat Food Breath

When the woman behind pet-centric account @CatFoodBreath began her novelty Twitter account in August 2010, she wasn’t planning on sticking around.

“I figured the best way to test the waters was with a pseudonym,” said the Burlington, Vermont, resident who asked that her name not be published to preserve the anonymity of her Twitter persona. “I wouldn’t offend friends and colleagues if I didn’t follow them, and I could make a polite exit from Twitter when I was done poking around.”

Two years and almost 19,000 followers later, she is still at it. In the beginning, though, she and many other novelty account successes admit they didn’t really know what “it” was.

“At first, I didn’t know this account was about a cat, [but] as I explored the Twitterverse, I soon realized I had a character that people related to,” she said.

Real or not, Cat Food Breath is definitely a character. The cat (its gender is ambiguous) writes odes to the couch, gives its owner commands with Garfield-like acerbity and complains about the family dog — lovingly called “Labradum.”

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If you have the intention of creating a nonhuman twitter account, please let it be a cat and focus your tweets on outdoor cat enclosure designs so that the feral and stray cat population.

I am positive you are a cat lover wanting to help the feral and stray cats in your area. If you are in the mood to install an outside cat house on your property, you will be able to find a low prices quality unit, at one of these Outside Cat Houses Sale. If on the other hand you are a handy person and want to build the unit your self, you could get some very good designs at Free Outside Cat House Plans.

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