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Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks

Insulated and Heated Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks.


The Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks is designed to get your cats out of the way of predators when they go to the top level and protect them from all ground chill in wet conditions, with lounging decks for cat naps. Individually hand crafted from Canadian Northern White Cedar, the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor use, it can house up to 4 average sized cats between both the houses.

The large double decker outdoor cat house with lounging decks has Thermal-Ply insulation placed inside the floor, walls and ceiling. This not only ensures that your cat is kept warm in winter, but it also converts the house into a cool place for your cat to relax in during the heat of the summer.

The large double decker cat outside house with lounging decks provides the perfect shelter for any colony of feral cats that require a home, and especially for your indoor cats that always want to go outside to enjoy the weather.

Shipped with easy to follow instructions for trouble free and fast assembly with ordinary household tools.

Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks

Large Double Decker Insulated Cedar Cat House with Lounging Decks.

This smart design offers comfort for kitties: Its elevated height keeps them from ground chill and wet conditions.

This double decker is great for that colony of cats, it especialy gets them out of the way of predators when they go to the top level. Between the two houses they will house up to 4 averaged size cats. The extra lounging deck acts as a generous porch roof that helps shield the doorway opening from dripping rain and melting snow. The upper deck is great if your cat just needs to get away or just enjoy bathing in the sun.


House Exterior :

  24 x 23 x 20 Inches (D x W x H)
House Floor Interior :   18 x 18 Inches (L x W)
Door size :   7 x 9 Inches (W x H)
Total Height :   46 Inches from ground.
Lower Deck : 16 Inches off the ground with a
22 x 9 Inches (D x W) lounging deck.
Upper Deck: 36 Inches from the ground with a
34 x 22 Inches (D x W) lounging deck.
Shipping Weight:   65 lbs
Shipping Package:   34 x 23 x 10 and
24 x 20 x 14
Vinyl Door Flap :   $8.50
Extra Door :   $15.00
Roof Extension :   $35.00
Heating Pad Both Houses:   $120.00

  • Water proof.
  • Easily removable roof.
  • Delivered unassembled to save on shipping rates.
  • Easy to assemble, just 15 minutes, Instructions
    enclosed with product.
  • Guarantee against faulty materials and/or faulty
  • Product or Parts replaced if informed within 5 days
    of delivery.
  • Shipping and handling costs built into the LOW
    product price.
  • Free shipping to destinations in the 48 continental
    states of the USA

CLICK HERE to purchase the Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks from www.catbedandtoy.com

20 Inch Cedar Cat Townhouse : Size SMALL CEDAR TOWNHOUSE – INSULATED by Blythe Woodworks – at Amazon.com

Product Description:

This is a unique and fun multi-house arrangement for multiple cats. The first platform is 16″ from ground level and the second house is 24″ higher (40″ from ground level). The “upper bunk” is easily reached by most cats in a single bound, but with the front and back decks, even the fattest cat can climb to the top house! It’s fun, very practical, and it looks like something cats would design and build for themselves!

House Size: 20″W x 20″D x 25″H.

Door Opening: 7″W x 9 ¼”H.

Optional insulation for those extremely cold or hot climates – Thermal-Ply Radiant Barrier: Thermal-Ply blocks radiant energy in both summer and winter conditions. It blocks as much as 93% of radiation (summer heat gain) and 50% to 70% of winter heat loss through the ceiling and roof. The floor, ceiling and side walls are all insulated. To ensure long term
durability from chewing and clawing, the sidewall insulation is protected by a lightweight mahogany plywood liner.

CLICK HERE to browse all Wooden Outdoor Cat Houses currently available at Amazon.com

If you liked the Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks, you would like to check out other items in the Outside Cat House range, such as the Large Heated Outside Cat House with Lower and Raised Lounging Decks and the Small Heated Outside Cat House with Lower and Raised Lounging Decks all from undercover cedar pet houses with FREE shipping.

Cherishing Those Warm Cozy Moments With Your Pet

Our mission is to provide products that bring more joy to our pets and our lives!  Modern designs that fit into homes nicely. Durable products that fit any budget.  Inspired by pet owners.   And that’s only the beginning.  We give back a portion of the proceeds to animal shelters.  Helping animals in need is an important part of who we are!

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Buy Cat House Outdoor Cheap

Does your cat leave the house often? Do you have fears that he may wander off and get lost, if locked out accidentally? Buy Cat House Outdoor Cheap and prevent that from happening.

Cat House Outdoor Cheap

Cat house Outdoor Cheap.

Produced below are excerpts from an article that appeared in the LA JOLLA LIGHT. You would not want your cats to disappear in the same way.

“Leo, a slender tuxedo-coated tabby belonging to Stasia Osment of Gravilla Place went missing May 8. The male cat was wearing a red cloth collar, with no nametag.”

“Bookie, a black cat with yellow eyes and small white patches on its chest and lower belly went missing May 22 from its home on Belvedere Street.”

“He goes out the door at 9 a.m. every day, sleeps at our neighbor’s house and comes home at 4 p.m.,” said Spurrier of the 17-year-old feline.

Spurrier said she contacted the Humane Society and neighbors, to no avail.

“He’s not a wanderer,” she said. “He basically stays within about three houses.”

“We’re all broken hearted,” Randolph said. “To have a healthy animal vanish, it haunts your dreams. You just can’t stop looking and you can’t let it go.”

Article Source

Domesticated indoor cats that have a free run and leave the house whenever they want to, can wander off, if they return and find the house locked.

Prevent returning kitty from wandering off, by installing a cat house outdoor cheap on your property.

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Cheap Outdoor Cat House

Do you have Feral Cat Colonies troubling your community? Do you want to help, both, your community and the feral cats? Installing a cheap outdoor cat house on your property will help both causes.

Cheap Outdoor Cat House Will Help Feral Cats

Cheap Outdoor Cat House

“It’s a horrible situation and I don’t know what the solution is either,” said one animal welfare worker who is familiar with the property but who asked not to be identified. “I don’t know that volunteers would be willing to step into that situation again.”

“I would say it is a significant problem, but at the same time, when people talk about it, there seems to be this sense that it is just an overwhelming problem and they don’t see what can be done about it. I get the sense it is sort of an uphill battle,” said veterinarian Dr. Kathy Kallay, of Four Paws Animal Hospital and Wellness Center in Fredericksburg.

“When we drove up to the company’s property we were surrounded by cats ranging in ages between newborn to emaciated adults,” she said. “There were adult cats staggering towards our car. A few groups of adults were procreating and fighting.”

Article Source

Feral Cat problems as depicted in the above article have become a challenge to every urban, sub-urban and rural community in the United States to-day. You can lend an helping hand.

Installing an affordable and cheap outdoor cat house on your property will go a long way to help these poor animals, who are there only because some human being has been cruel and irresponsible in the past.

Click on the image below to see how you can help.

Cheap Outdoor Cat Houses

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A Home for Kitty

Anyone who has spent much time with felines knows that, much like people, cats have personalities all their own. Some cats are lap kitties who love to spend time with their owners and purr contentedly nearby. Others are inveterate hunters who barely tolerate us homo sapiens and like to stay perched in their cat towers, far away from us or, better yet, love to run around outside wrecking havoc on the local rodent population entirely outside of our supervision. Some are a bit of both.

People also have cats for different reasons. Some of us want an affectionate, playful friend for companionship and family fun; farmers and others in particular keep cats primarily for purposes of pest control. For those of us whose cat saves us from a visit by the Orkin man, or who have pet cats who can’t quite be contained indoors on a 24 hour basis, an outdoor cat house that keeps cats comfortable and relatively safe from predators makes an awful lot of sense.

All kinds of cats love to play the acrobat and they all feel secure in high places, hence the popularity of the indoor cat tree. An outdoor cat house can provide the same function while also providing shelter and warmth. They also provide cats with the small, enclosed spaces where they naturally feel most secure. At the exact same time, with their easily opened tops, they make it easier to get to cats who may be in trouble and who are exhibiting their natural instinct to hide out while sick or otherwise vulnerable — an instinct that’s highly valuable in the wild but wildly counterproductive when we humans are actually trying to help them.

Just as having an indoor cat tree for Puff makes your indoor cat happier and easier to deal with, and outdoor cat house makes perfect sense for cats who can’t be contained in a house or apartment. It’s the best way we know to make the freedom of the wild comfortable and safe for our furry feline friends.

The Boston Cat Climbing Tower

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The Boston Cat Climbing Tower

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Outdoor Cat House

Welcome to Outdoor Cat House.

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People own cats for a few different reasons. The majority, because they love the feline animal.

I am pretty certain you belong to the majority, and you will agree with me, when I say, they do give us those moments of worry, like this for example.

How many times has your cat wanted to go outside, just minutes before you wanted to go to bed? In such a situation had I installed an outdoor cat house, I would have just let the cat out and gone happily to bed, confident that my little pet would be safe, if she needed any shelter or refuge, in her outdoor cat house.

I have forgotten the number of times, I have had to wait up for my cat to come in, to lock the house up and retire for the night. I am sure you would have too. In hind sight, had I installed an outdoor cat house, I would have never have waited up, but just locked up retired for the night, knowing that if my cat needed a place to seek refuge or shelter in, she had her warm and safe outdoor cat house to welcome her.

How many times have you stood there waiting for your much loved cat to come home, because you know you will not be able to get sleep, and will just lie awake with worry, if he or she is not in the house for the night. Now I ask you to be honest and tell me if you would have ever worried had you installed an outdoor cat house on your property.

I know from personal experience, that it is not easy to fall asleep, when you know that your cat is outside, while you are rugged up in bed, especially during the winter months, and on rainy nights. How many times have you got up in the middle of the night, and gone to the back door, to call them in? Like me, you would have eventually given up, rather reluctantly though, and prayed that your cat is ok and has found somewhere warm and safe for the night. However, all this worry and stress would have been needless, had we installed an outdoor cat house for our beloved pets.

On the other hand, do you have a spoiled house cat? A loveable wild tom cat, that will not stay in the house, but wants to roam? Do you hold an open house for sheltering the neighborhood stray cat? Have a soft corner for that luckless feral cat? Then you will need to provide some kind of Outdoor Cat Shelter, as outdoor enclosures have been established as the best protection for an indoor bred cat while spending time outdoors. Outdoor cat houses and cat enclosures outdoor have become a part of a normal pet cat’s important accessories.

Cedar Wood Outdoor Cat Houses

Cats will sleep just about anywhere in the house. However, spoil your house cat and give it the independence it needs. Take advantage of the insulated cedar open air cat houses we have on offer. Look at the katkabin cat house, it is an outdoor cat house built for the outdoor cat.

While investing in a cedar wood cat house for your favorite indoor house cat, you can go overboard. Indulge your cat a bit more by installing the optional in house heating pads.

Every outdoor cat house is made from treated Canadian Northern White cedar. The wood has a pleasant aromatic odor and weathers to a silvery sheen. Each Cedar cat/dog/pet house is insulated with a Thermal-Ply insulation that is placed in the house floor, house walls and ceiling.

This superior insulation not only keeps your cat warm in the cold and sometimes freezing winter months, but it gives them a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer.

An outdoor cat house is perfect for that loveable neighborhood feral that is adamant about staying outdoors. Ideal for your indoor kitty who insists on hanging out near you while you’re in the garden.

All the displayed hand crafted insulated cedar cat houses can be purchased from www.catbedandtoy.com. CLICK on the product name or the product image. Unit Prices include FREE SHIPPING within continental USA.

NOTE: Your cedar outdoor cat house will be delivered unassembled. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble the panels. Easy instructions enclosed. Easy to clean, roof is removed easily by 4 screws.

Outdoor Cat House – Small.

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Weighing 20 pounds, this small insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate one average sized cat.

Outdoor Cat House - Small

Outdoor Cat House – Large.

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Weighing 26 pounds this large insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate two average sized cats or one small dog.

Outdoor Cat House - Large

Outdoor Cat House – Small With Raised Lounging Deck.

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weighing 26 pounds this elevated insulated cedar cat house, protects your kittens from ground chill and wet conditions. The lounging deck is a great place for cat naps. The generous porch roof helps shield the doorway opening from dropping rain and melting snow. Large enough to accommodate one average sized cat.

Outdoor Cat House - Small With Raised Lounging Deck

Outdoor Cat House – Large With Raised Lounging Deck.

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weighing 32 pounds this larger elevated insulated cedar cat house, protects your kittens from ground chill and wet conditions. The lounging deck is a great place for cat naps. The generous porch roof helps shield the doorway opening from dropping rain and melting snow. Large enough to accommodate two average sized cat.

Outdoor Cat House - Large With Raised Lounging Deck

Outdoor Cat House – Small Duplex.

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Weighing 40 pounds this small duplex insulated cedar cat house- small dog house, keeps your pet warm in the winter, but also gives them a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer. It’s perfect for that colony of ferals that need a home, or for the indoor kitty or dog that insists on hanging out near you while you’re in the garden.

Outdoor Cat House - Small Duplex

Outdoor Cat House

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Outdoor Cat Shelters For Stray Cats

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Stray cats are a huge problem that many cities and suburbs are facing to-day. Most often, it is because the cat has wandered away from its home and got lost.. Many a time it is the conscious but cruel act of some heartless cat owner who has abandon his or her pet on the road site, leaving the poor feline to fend for itself..

You may have stray cats in your area, but it is an unfortunate fact that you will not be able to help them all. Stray cats invariably are infested with fleas, or have some other similar problem that makes it very dangerous to permit them into our homes. Even if you felt inclined to adopt every stray cat, it would not be feasible, because it would not be financially viable.

However there is one affordable way by which we can help these poor abandoned, stray and feral cats, and that is by installing an outdoor cat house in our backyard. An outdoor cat house will provide shelter for these unfortunate stray cats on cold winter nights or during stormy wet weather. This is one way, you can help the strays without having to risk allowing them into your home.

Before you dash off to purchase an outdoor cat house to provide strays with a safe and warm place to curl up in, there are several different aspects that needs consideration.

The first thing that needs to be decided upon, is the size of the house. This is a decision depending purely on the number of strays you wish to provide shelter for. If you are not sure, the most practical thing to do is to buy a fairly large sized house, if your finance permits it, in case more that one stray decides to take advantage of your hospitality.

Having said that, you would have to take into consideration the space you have available in your back yard, and how much of it you want to sacrifice for the outdoor cat house. If you have a smaller yard you may not want to purchase the biggest cat house available. The next important thing to consider is the exposure to the elements the cat house would be subject to if placed in that particular spot in your back yard.

With these basics decided upon you are now ready to start shopping for an outdoor cat house.

To get an idea of what is available, the best thing to do is to browse online catalogues where you will find a range of options on the architectural styles, materials used, insulated levels and sizes.

You can settle on a design to match the architecture of your house, and then move on to the type of material, which can be cedar wood or recycled plastic, but all this would depend on two major factors (1) the amount of time you can spend on cleaning and maintaining, and (2) your budget.

No matter what style, material or size you decide upon, and how much you spend, you can be rest assured that by placing an outdoor cat house in your back yard, you will be providing a stray cat with a warm place to sleep.

Small Insulated Cedar Cat House.

Outdoor Cat House Model ICCH_S

Weighing 20 pounds, this small insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate one average sized cat.

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KatKabin DezRez Cat Houses

The luxurious KatKabin DezRez outdoor cat house is the desirable residence for your favorite feline.

The KatKabin DezRez colorful range gives your kitty the much needed freedom a cat needs to spend time outdoors in comfort and in safety while you are away from home, at work or while you’re asleep.

This gives every cat owner the peace of mind where there the safety of their cats are concerned.

These luxurious outdoor cat houses provide the cat with all the comfort and safety it is used to having indoors. The KatKabin DezRez is not only an ingenious creation, it is quite simply the wonderful home away from home to every pampered feline.

Constructed to stand above the ground, it is a warm, cozy, shaded and insulated den for napping, stretching and relaxing.

It is a sturdy and purpose-made home, in which your cat is always protected from the weather and is safe and relaxed until you return.

The unit’s opening also has a conventional clip-on door flap that can be attached or removed depending on the season or your cat’s individual preference.

The KatKabin is also perfect for indoor use as a stylish addition to your home. Available in a captivating range of stunning colors that can either blend in or stand out on your patio, balcony, in your garden, outdoor area or any indoor room of the home.

The new and improved slim line design of the KatKabin DezRez is nothing but majestic! Wherever you choose to put yours, this certainly is one outdoor cat house with features that will make a stunning design statement!

KatKabin Outdoor Cat House Features.

  • Developed to withstand the widest range of temperature extremes.
  • Made from high grade, fade-resistant materials.
  • Feet fixing holes enable the KatKabin to be fixed to any surface.
  • Rear holes for air ventilation.
  • Innovative oval design helps the air to circulate inside rather than being trapped at the top.

Katkabin DezRez Outdoor Cat House Standard Model

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Features Of An Outdoor Cat House

While the iconic doghouse has become an engrained part of American culture there is very little mention, however, of the equally important and much needed outdoor cat house.

Any American who resides in a quiet suburban or rural area and who is owner to outdoor cats knows the importance and need for an outside shelter for his or her feline friends.

Designed very much on the lines of a doghouse, all outdoor cat houses are so built so as to keep a cat warm and dry in the cold, rainy winter months and cool in the hot dry summer months.

All units are made from weather-resistant woods, (the same used in most outdoor furniture) and since of late also in poly resin plastics.

Wood is the most popular and is a classic choice because of its tradition as a building material and also because of its natural beauty. While some woods, like teak, are hardy and weather-resistant, other wood, like cedar, produce insect repellent tannins.

The last decade has witnessed the emergence of the outdoor cat houses made of plastics which have come a long way as far as quality and popularity are concerned. Current plastic models are extremely durable, colorful and elaborately crafted. They can be hosed clean and usually come fully assembled.

When buying an outdoor cat house make sure that is only big enough to allow the cat to comfortably lie down and turn around in, with a snug fit. A cathouse that is too big will cause the warmth produced by the cat’s body heat to quickly dissipate, actually making it colder.

Go for the slightly larger houses if you own multiple outdoor cats, or larger cats.

As far as features go, no matter what be the material they are constructed from, they must be waterproof, durable and have ventilation. Do not be taken in by appearance. You inspect one and find it is sturdy durable and waterproof, then you glance at the next it looks the same, but it may not be, inspect it to make sure.

The opening and doorway could be square, round, and even off center. Remember a cat can squeeze through small openings, and the smaller the opening the less heat is lost.

Extra protection from harsh weather, wind and moisture can be given with the addition of door vinyl flaps.

That much for the basic outdoor cat house. There are a lot of additional features on many upgraded models which are not necessary, but add convenience, are luxurious and fun.

Elevated floors or an entirely elevated house will keep your cat away from the damp and cold or wet ground. There are also cathouses with lofts and roof decks that would appeal to the climbing and jumping nature of cats, who will love lounging on their outdoor perch to survey their surroundings.

From the sublime to the ridiculous. There are outdoor cat houses that mimic the finer edifices of society, in miniature form. There are barns, cabins, mansions with attached deck, and covered porches. If you have more than one cat, you can find an ornate bi-level townhouse to mimic city living.

Last but not the least are the considerations of comfort and ease.

An easily detachable roof allows for the lifting of kittens, invalid and shy pets much more conveniently than through the front opening. It also facilitates complete cleaning of the inside of the house.

Bedding in the form of a cushion with waterproof filling and a waterproof, machine washable cover not only gives your cat a comfortable surface to lie on, they also add added insulation to the bottom of the outdoor cat house.

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Have you shopped for an Outdoor Cat house, or for your cat's various other furniture and feline lifestyle sustenance needs, at eBay.com?

Listed on eBay under the category of Outdoor House - Cat Supplies there are as of date (2/09/2017) in a single location 370 readily purchasable items, compromising of among other things Cedar Wood Outdoor Cat Houses, Cedar Wood Outdoor Insulated Houses, Cedar Wood Outdoor Heated Houses, and even Waterproof Outdoor Heated Houses. Most vendors of these items ship internationally, and many of them offer FREE SHIPPING to all destinations in continental USA. Displayed below are just a sample of the Cat Outdoor Houses currently available. Thank you for shopping with us, and if you have not found what you want here, or on www.catbedandtoy.com, give eBay a try - You can't go wrong.

Outdoor Cat House - K & H Pet Products, waterproof heated or unheated kitty houses Outdoor Cat House - Waterproof Solid Wood Outdoor Pet Shelter With Weatherproof Deck and Ramp Outdoor Cat House - Pawhut 2-Story Indoor/Outdoor Wood Cat House Shelter with Roof Outdoor Cat House - NEW SOLID WOOD 3 Story Outdoor Cat Home Kitten House Tower for Backyard Kitten Outdoor Cat House - Petsfit 20 Inches L x 20 Inches W x 32 Inches H Outdoor Cat Shelter, Cat House / Condo With Escape Door
Outdoor Cat House - Petsfit Grey 28 Inches L x 18 Inches W x 20 Inches H Outdoor Cat Shelter Large, Outside Cat House / Condo With Escape Door Outdoor Cat House - Weather Resistant Cedar Wood Outdoor Cat House Shelter with Pitched Roof Outdoor Cat House - Weatherproof Fully Enclosed 6 Large Free-Standing Perches Wooden Outdoor Cat House Outdoor Cat House - Petsfit Wooden Grey Cat House Condo Outdoor/Indoor Shelter With Back Escape Door For Feral Cat Outdoor Cat House - New Version Petsfit 30 inch x 22 inch x 29 inch Outdoor cat house With Escape Door
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