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Outdoor Cat Shelter Plans

A lot of people visit Yahoo Answers when they are confused or need some ideas or more clarification. Here are some of the questions related to outdoor cat shelter plans, but first take a look at this video on the subject:

Outdoor Cat Shelter Plans

Can an indoor cat survives as an outdoor cat?

I have 2 years old cat, i feel so bad with him coz since he attacked my sister,my mom and me many times,like i got stitches on my ear even you pet him,got a lot of deep scars on my legs now,i still keep him,but keeping him in my room inside the cage,after that we moved to new place and keep him in the basement,i tried to let him out the backyard but he keeps meowing….so i let him in again. My family doesnt like him roaming around the house coz they are scared with him. I tried to and fight wioth it to make him familiar with everybody but always an incident happen,my cat attacked my mom again. I dont know what to do,i tried to make everybody happy but i cant handle anymore,i am planning to keep him as an outdoor cat but i wonder if he will survive since he got scared with just a slamming door what more with horns of cars and etc….helppppppp…if i take him to the shelter i feel bad for the family to take him,,my cat might attacked the new owner….hellllllp. He is very adorable though,and i understand why hes acting that way coz hes been in the cage for a while and i want him to roam outdoor,i just dont know if he will survive and thats the best for him..hellllp.

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This is a very difficult situation. It sounds to me like your cat would struggle with life outside. Especially if he's been inside all his life. Cats will adjust, but it's during that adjustment period that he'd get hit by a car or killed. I would NOT let him outside – what if he injures a neighborhood kid?! You'll be liable for any damage he causes. He may kill a neighbors cat or bite a little kid trying to pet him (cat bites are very painful and easily infected as I'm sure you know). If he is really this stressed and violent it may be best to euthanize him. It's terrible, but it doesn't sound like he's very happy in spite of what you've done for him. A miserable, fearful life in a home with people who are afraid of him is no life for a cat. Some cats have mental disorders and are really unhinged. I know this can be sad, but he'd never find a new home, and it's irresponsible to let anyone else handle him or let him outside to hurt more people. I'm so sorry.

How do you make an outdoor cat a happy indoor cat?

Basically, I have a stray cat that I took in. I believe based off her behavior that her previous owner had her do her business outside and let her outside during the day. She's happy to stay in at night but when I leave for work in the morning she bolts out the door. I don't want to punish her for doing this and I'm afraid to simply lock her inside because she might start to meow loudly and the neighbors might hear and complain. (Technically, I'm not supposed to have pets in my apartment and could get evicted over this. I'm planning on moving to a residence that allows them ASAP) I need her to want to stay inside. Any ideas? I have lots of toys in the apartment for her to play with and a cat perch. Part of me is thinking to just let her be an outdoor-indoor cat until I move to a residence that allows cats. And as far as taking her to an animal shelter is concerned, none of the no-kill shelters in my area will take her.

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If you brought the cat in your house recently, she may have to start getting used to inside. Stray cats usually can't wait to go outside after they have just been adopted. Let her outside occasionally but maybe after a while she will get used to your home. After a few months, she may even want to stay inside. While you are at work, make sure your cat has a nice place to sleep, plenty of water and food.

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This post was written by Noel D'Costa on July 10, 2012

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Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Pet House

Pets prefer staying outside. It is a fact that you can not deny. If you are a pet owner then you must have noticed that your pet prefers staying in the backyard than staying within the four walls. This is the reason that you should opt for an outdoor pet house. Your dog or cat will enjoy staying in its own place rather than staying inside the house.

One more reason of choosing an outdoor pet house can be that your house is not spacious enough to accommodate your pet. Even if your pet can stay inside it is better to opt for an outdoor pet house, because your pet would appreciate it.

If you are a first time owner, you can feel that a buying an outdoor pet house is an expensive affair. It needs to have excessive space and advanced features. But this is a misconception. You may need a big pet house depending on the size of your breed. If you have an Alsatian, opting for a big dog house will be a wise decision. However it is not true for each and every breed.

Pet houses include no complexities. A durable roof, sturdy walls, a screen and proper ventilation are all that you need for your pet house. A pet house with all these features can be considered as a good outdoor cat house.

Noel D’Costa is a pet care expert and writes articles on various topics including Outdoor Cat House, custom pet house, cedar cat houses, wood cat houses etc. For more information on outdoor cat shelters he recommends you to visit: http://outdoor-cathouse.com/

Extra Large Insulated Cedar Cat House – Small Dog House.

Extra Large Insulated Cedar Cat House - Small Dog House

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Outdoor Cat Shelters For Stray Cats

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Stray cats are a huge problem that many cities and suburbs are facing to-day. Most often, it is because the cat has wandered away from its home and got lost.. Many a time it is the conscious but cruel act of some heartless cat owner who has abandon his or her pet on the road site, leaving the poor feline to fend for itself..

You may have stray cats in your area, but it is an unfortunate fact that you will not be able to help them all. Stray cats invariably are infested with fleas, or have some other similar problem that makes it very dangerous to permit them into our homes. Even if you felt inclined to adopt every stray cat, it would not be feasible, because it would not be financially viable.

However there is one affordable way by which we can help these poor abandoned, stray and feral cats, and that is by installing an outdoor cat house in our backyard. An outdoor cat house will provide shelter for these unfortunate stray cats on cold winter nights or during stormy wet weather. This is one way, you can help the strays without having to risk allowing them into your home.

Before you dash off to purchase an outdoor cat house to provide strays with a safe and warm place to curl up in, there are several different aspects that needs consideration.

The first thing that needs to be decided upon, is the size of the house. This is a decision depending purely on the number of strays you wish to provide shelter for. If you are not sure, the most practical thing to do is to buy a fairly large sized house, if your finance permits it, in case more that one stray decides to take advantage of your hospitality.

Having said that, you would have to take into consideration the space you have available in your back yard, and how much of it you want to sacrifice for the outdoor cat house. If you have a smaller yard you may not want to purchase the biggest cat house available. The next important thing to consider is the exposure to the elements the cat house would be subject to if placed in that particular spot in your back yard.

With these basics decided upon you are now ready to start shopping for an outdoor cat house.

To get an idea of what is available, the best thing to do is to browse online catalogues where you will find a range of options on the architectural styles, materials used, insulated levels and sizes.

You can settle on a design to match the architecture of your house, and then move on to the type of material, which can be cedar wood or recycled plastic, but all this would depend on two major factors (1) the amount of time you can spend on cleaning and maintaining, and (2) your budget.

No matter what style, material or size you decide upon, and how much you spend, you can be rest assured that by placing an outdoor cat house in your back yard, you will be providing a stray cat with a warm place to sleep.

Small Insulated Cedar Cat House.

Outdoor Cat House Model ICCH_S

Weighing 20 pounds, this small insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate one average sized cat.

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