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Cat Outside House

Cat Outside House Keep Cats Safe Outside.


Every indoors cat can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors. With a Cat Outside house you can allow your cat to come and go outside as it pleases, because it has an outside cat house as a place to seek refuge in, on the outside, if an when the need arises. An outdoor cat house would let it enjoy the wonders of the outside world, without the fear of it being injured or coming to any harm. A cat house for outside is a great addition to any home. A cat house outside, will be a treat for you and your cats for years to come.

Cat Outside House

Outdoor Shelters for Cats.

Even if you do not have a cat as a pet in your household, it is very important to understand and realize that there are many homeless cats. Some of them may be feral, and many of them abandoned pet cats. Whether they be feral or tame abandoned pet cats, the fact remains that cats living outdoors do need a warm, dry, windproof shelter.

Outdoor Shelters for Cats.

Housing for Outdoor Cats.

by Margaret Schill.

There are many homeless cats- some are feral cats, and some are abandoned pet cats. Whether feral or tame, abandoned pets, cats living outdoors need a warm, dry, windproof shelter. Make sure the opening is too small for a dog or coyote to fit in. All outside shelters should be off the ground several inches to keep the inside dry after rains have created puddles or to prevent a cat from getting blocked in by a heavy snowfall overnight (for regions that get snow).

For warmth, an outdoor shelter needs to be not much larger than the size of the cat. Make sure to face the opening of the shelter away from the direction of the prevailing winds, which usually come from the northeast.

Read More of : Outdoor Shelters for Cats. by Margaret Schill

Cat House – at Instructables.com

Information about outdoor housing for feral, homeless and stray cats.

Cat House: Author:pdjinc.com

This is a heated cat house that will keep your outside cat warm and cozy all winter long. There is enough room inside for food, water and a bed. Inside the house the water will not freeze even when it is freezing outside.

You may need to train your cat to use the house by feeding them inside. They will see how warm and cozy it is in there and before you know it they will be using it on their own


Read More of : Cat House: at Instructables.com – Author:pdjinc.com

If you liked the Cat Outside House, you would like to check out other items in the Outside Cat House range, such as the Large Heated Outside Cat House with Lower and Raised Lounging Decks and the Large Double Decker Outside Cat House with Lounging Decks all from undercover cedar pet houses with FREE shipping.

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Outdoor Cat Enclosure Designs

What’s your favorite nonhuman Twitter feed? From a cat lover’s point of view, I wish it were about outdoor cat enclosure designs, rather than vacant seats at Olympic venues in London. That way the feral and stray cats get to gain something out of it.

Outdoor Cat Enclosure Designs

Before we examine the type of designs needed to help the feral and stray cat population let us see what Hannah Weinberger of CNN says about Twitter accounts that represent cats, horses, traffic cones and even the universe

(CNN)— Five years ago, telling a friend that you interact regularly with a verbose orange traffic cone might earn you a pitying hug and a quick trip to the sanatorium………..

Hannah Weinberger

Hannah Weinberger, @Weinbergrrrrr, UNC-CH Chinese/Journalism ’13. @cnn Intern.

Welcome to the age of novelty Twitter accounts, where animals, inanimate objects and other nonhuman entities speak their mind regularly: ……..

Novelty nonhuman accounts have been a Twitter staple since Sockington, a Boston-area housecat, joined the service in March 2007 on his way to 1.4 million followers. But they’ve been in the news again recently after one user created @olympicseat, a tongue-in-cheek response to the curiously vacant seats at Olympic venues in London. In the span of a few days, it has amassed more than 21,000 followers.

Cat Food Breath

When the woman behind pet-centric account @CatFoodBreath began her novelty Twitter account in August 2010, she wasn’t planning on sticking around.

“I figured the best way to test the waters was with a pseudonym,” said the Burlington, Vermont, resident who asked that her name not be published to preserve the anonymity of her Twitter persona. “I wouldn’t offend friends and colleagues if I didn’t follow them, and I could make a polite exit from Twitter when I was done poking around.”

Two years and almost 19,000 followers later, she is still at it. In the beginning, though, she and many other novelty account successes admit they didn’t really know what “it” was.

“At first, I didn’t know this account was about a cat, [but] as I explored the Twitterverse, I soon realized I had a character that people related to,” she said.

Real or not, Cat Food Breath is definitely a character. The cat (its gender is ambiguous) writes odes to the couch, gives its owner commands with Garfield-like acerbity and complains about the family dog — lovingly called “Labradum.”

Read More: Cats, whales and empty seats: The best nonhuman Twitter feeds.

If you have the intention of creating a nonhuman twitter account, please let it be a cat and focus your tweets on outdoor cat enclosure designs so that the feral and stray cat population.

I am positive you are a cat lover wanting to help the feral and stray cats in your area. If you are in the mood to install an outside cat house on your property, you will be able to find a low prices quality unit, at one of these Outside Cat Houses Sale. If on the other hand you are a handy person and want to build the unit your self, you could get some very good designs at Free Outside Cat House Plans.

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Outside Cat House Designs

Should getting outside cat house designs be included in one’s preparation for bringing home a new cat? Not according to Celeste Yarnall in Care2.com

Outside Cat House Designs

Before we look at any outside cat house designs, lets us take a look at what Celeste Yarnall says

If you’ve made the wonderful decision to expand your cat family, the following seven tips will help make the transition smoother for your new kitten or cat to his new home, especially if you already have a dog or another cat (or cats) living with you.

Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Yarnall, PhD shares musings on a myriad of topics at her Celestial Musings Blog. She is the author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care with Jean Hofve, DVM and Natural Dog Care.

1. Prepare a room in your house for the new arrival

Your new kitten or cat is going to need some time to adjust to his new environment—the new sights, sounds, and smells; the new ecosystem of germs; and the new people—so set the room up for an extended stay. You’ll need to provide all the basic kitty comforts—water bowl, comfortable bed, and litter box. If you are using a spare bedroom or office for your kitty’s temporary quarters, make sure you “kitty-proof” it. Just like with small children, put away anything valuable or breakable. Get down on the floor and look around from a “cat’s eye view.” Cover any bed, sofa, or upholstered chair with a waterproof pad or sheet. Remember, cats are territorial and may, when feeling insecure, mark their territory with urine or feces. If another animal has been in the room and had a little “accident” that you never even noticed, the new kitten or cat will find it and “refresh” it!

Read more: 7 tips for bringing a new cat home.

Whether your new cat is coming from a shelter, a home, an urban street or a country barn, it is definitely going to need an outside cat house. You can either buy one, at some very low prices at one of these outside cat houses sale, or you can get some outside cat house designs and build one yourself.

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Outside Cat Houses Sale

Would it not be nice, to be able to attend an outside cat houses sale and shop to benefit Harmony House for Cats.

If this can be done all cat lovers would definitely buy an outdoor cat house at this outside cat house sale to help this great charity that has opened an Eco-friendly cat shelter in Chicago, as reported by Laura Moss of The Mother Nature Network.

Outside Cat Houses Sale

Huge online retail outlets like iGive.com and GoodShop.com should start marketing pet supplies, especially cat furniture, and hold a regular outside cat houses sale so that charities like Harmony House for Cats could be benefited. And this is why…

Cat on post

Cat on post – Photos: Harmony House for Cats

Harmony House for Cats’ new shelter isn’t just doing something good for Chicago’s felines — it’s also doing something good for the planet…..

“The spacious rooms give the cats more room to play and lots of sunlight, and they adore looking outside at people and dogs passing by. Cats in every room of the shelter will be able to nap in the sunshine, and look out at the trees and plants,” said Harmony House Board President Ann Dieter……

“It’s like a dream come true for the cats and the staff and volunteers that raise funds and care for our cats.”

Read More Here….:Eco-friendly cat shelter opens in Chicago.

The feral cat population is most all urban and suburban communities in the United States has reached alarming proportions. These cats need to be sheltered. Buy an outdoor cat shelter quite cheap, at an outside cat houses sale, and place it on your property. It will definitely help the stray and feral cats in your community.

If you are not inclined to go to an outside cat houses sale and purchase one cheap, but you are a handy man type of person and could build things, then building an outdoor cat house and placing it on your property is another way of helping out. Go here for Outside Cat House Plans and here for Free Outside Cat House Plans to help you on your way.

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Outside Cat House Plans

There are many people who want to help the feral and stray cats of their neighborhood by building an outside cat house on their property. While one may have an idea how to build a simple house for a cat, it would always be helpful to have some outside cat house plans as a guide.

eHow.com is one website that has plans to build almost anything that is needed around the house. Here are plans on how to build an Outside Cat House for a feral cat, By Jessica Frame, an eHow Contributor.

Outside Cat House Plans

Feral Cat

Keep feral cats safe out doors by building a cat house. – By Jessica Frame, eHow Contributor

Feral cats are wild cats that live outdoors, but just like an inside domestic cat, these feral cats need to be protected from the outside winter elements, such as the wind and cold. There are many different methods for providing outdoor shelter for feral cats, but one involves home storage bins and a little styrofoam for insulation and within an hour you can have a cozy little home for outdoor felines to use.

Read more: How to Build a Feral Cat House | eHow.com

Click free outside cat house plans and download plans from www.neighborhoodcats.org if the outside cat house plans on eHow.com do not meet your requirements

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Outside Cat House

Would, build an outside cat house on my property, be your answer, if asked the question, what can you do for stray, abandoned and feral cats?

As their answer to the question, Pets Kingdom and Caring About the Strays (CATS) have joined hands to open an adoption center, as featured in this article in the Miami Herald

Outside Cat House

For those who want to adopt a cat instead of building an outside cat house, let us see what Pets Kingdom, and Laney Silver, Executive Director of CATS, have in mind:

Pets Kingdom located at 270 Westward Drive isn’t your traditional pet store. Soon, Pets Kingdom in conjunction with Caring About the Strays (CATS) will showcase a pet adoption center inside the store.

Laney Silver - Execurive Director of CATS

Laney Silver – Execurive Director of CATS.Gazette Photo/RHONDA FERRARI CALVERT

“The idea of opening an adoption center is a really good way to bring adoptable cats to the people and get them the exposure that gets them adopted,” said Executive Director Laney Silver of CATS. “I don’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing because people are already here.”……

“Anything we can do to help Laney we’ll do it. We’re 100% behind her. And it’s a win-win, opening the adoption center because it’s going to help my business too.”……

CATS is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, fostering and finding permanent homes for homeless animals. The cats they service live in the alleyways and empty lots. Their lives are short and they struggle to find food and water in an environment filled with the constant threats of disease, starvation and cruelty.

Read more here:….

If you cannot adopt, but still have a bit of space in your back yard, and some time on your hands, you can help too, by building an outside cat house on your property to give shelter to a stray or two

Just click free outside cat house plans for some real great ideas on how to build an outdoor cat house

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Free Outside Cat House Plans

Every genuine cat lover does have the welfare of the unfortunate feral cat at heart. If everyone of them was able to, they would lay their hands on some free outside cat house plans and build a feral cat winter shelter on their property.

Neighborhoodcats.org the feral cat experts have some very good ideas with the ability to download detailed instructions on their web page How To Feral Cat Winter Shelter

Free Outside Cat House Plans.

Neighborhood Cats Winter Shelter

Neighborhood Cats Winter Shelter.

The Neighborhood Cats Winter Shelter…..

Materials include an 8-foot sheet of hard Styrofoam (usually pink), a few linoleum floor tiles, a tube of silicone sealant and deck paint. Average cost will likely be in the range of $50 to $60 each. Ideally the Styrofoam will be cut with a table saw in order to keep the edges of the pieces straight.

The CSM Stray Foundation Winter Shelter…

Here’s another idea inspired by the CSM Stray Foundation in Kew Gardens, Queens:

Materials needed are: a large Rubbermaid storage bin, an eight foot by two foot sheet of one-inch thick hard Styrofoam, a yardstick, a box cutter or utility knife, and straw, shredded newspaper or other insulating material.

FeralVilla Prefabricated Wooden Insulated Shelter

FeralVilla Prefabricated Wooden Insulated Shelter


For $64.95 plus shipping & handling, the manufacturer FeralVilla will send you a pre-fabricated wooden insulated shelter that you can assemble with a screwdriver. According to the website:

“The unique design has 2 levels — a ‘labyrinth’-type lower level to keep out wind and water, and an insulated, upper level that allows the cat’s own body heat to be retained during cold weather.

Read Full Article : http://www.neighborhoodcats.org/HOW_TO_FERAL_CAT_WINTER_SHELTER

If we make a search for the term free outside cat house plans we will be able to build an adequate shelter for one cat, from a simple Styrofoam cooler that is available at all hardware stores.

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Outdoor Cat House

Welcome to Outdoor Cat House.

Line Spacer Gif

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People own cats for a few different reasons. The majority, because they love the feline animal.

I am pretty certain you belong to the majority, and you will agree with me, when I say, they do give us those moments of worry, like this for example.

How many times has your cat wanted to go outside, just minutes before you wanted to go to bed? In such a situation had I installed an outdoor cat house, I would have just let the cat out and gone happily to bed, confident that my little pet would be safe, if she needed any shelter or refuge, in her outdoor cat house.

I have forgotten the number of times, I have had to wait up for my cat to come in, to lock the house up and retire for the night. I am sure you would have too. In hind sight, had I installed an outdoor cat house, I would have never have waited up, but just locked up retired for the night, knowing that if my cat needed a place to seek refuge or shelter in, she had her warm and safe outdoor cat house to welcome her.

How many times have you stood there waiting for your much loved cat to come home, because you know you will not be able to get sleep, and will just lie awake with worry, if he or she is not in the house for the night. Now I ask you to be honest and tell me if you would have ever worried had you installed an outdoor cat house on your property.

I know from personal experience, that it is not easy to fall asleep, when you know that your cat is outside, while you are rugged up in bed, especially during the winter months, and on rainy nights. How many times have you got up in the middle of the night, and gone to the back door, to call them in? Like me, you would have eventually given up, rather reluctantly though, and prayed that your cat is ok and has found somewhere warm and safe for the night. However, all this worry and stress would have been needless, had we installed an outdoor cat house for our beloved pets.

On the other hand, do you have a spoiled house cat? A loveable wild tom cat, that will not stay in the house, but wants to roam? Do you hold an open house for sheltering the neighborhood stray cat? Have a soft corner for that luckless feral cat? Then you will need to provide some kind of Outdoor Cat Shelter, as outdoor enclosures have been established as the best protection for an indoor bred cat while spending time outdoors. Outdoor cat houses and cat enclosures outdoor have become a part of a normal pet cat’s important accessories.

Cedar Wood Outdoor Cat Houses

Cats will sleep just about anywhere in the house. However, spoil your house cat and give it the independence it needs. Take advantage of the insulated cedar open air cat houses we have on offer. Look at the katkabin cat house, it is an outdoor cat house built for the outdoor cat.

While investing in a cedar wood cat house for your favorite indoor house cat, you can go overboard. Indulge your cat a bit more by installing the optional in house heating pads.

Every outdoor cat house is made from treated Canadian Northern White cedar. The wood has a pleasant aromatic odor and weathers to a silvery sheen. Each Cedar cat/dog/pet house is insulated with a Thermal-Ply insulation that is placed in the house floor, house walls and ceiling.

This superior insulation not only keeps your cat warm in the cold and sometimes freezing winter months, but it gives them a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer.

An outdoor cat house is perfect for that loveable neighborhood feral that is adamant about staying outdoors. Ideal for your indoor kitty who insists on hanging out near you while you’re in the garden.

All the displayed hand crafted insulated cedar cat houses can be purchased from www.catbedandtoy.com. CLICK on the product name or the product image. Unit Prices include FREE SHIPPING within continental USA.

NOTE: Your cedar outdoor cat house will be delivered unassembled. It takes about 15 minutes to assemble the panels. Easy instructions enclosed. Easy to clean, roof is removed easily by 4 screws.

Outdoor Cat House – Small.

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Weighing 20 pounds, this small insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate one average sized cat.

Outdoor Cat House - Small

Outdoor Cat House – Large.

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Weighing 26 pounds this large insulated cedar cat house – small dog house can accommodate two average sized cats or one small dog.

Outdoor Cat House - Large

Outdoor Cat House – Small With Raised Lounging Deck.

Line Spacer Gif

weighing 26 pounds this elevated insulated cedar cat house, protects your kittens from ground chill and wet conditions. The lounging deck is a great place for cat naps. The generous porch roof helps shield the doorway opening from dropping rain and melting snow. Large enough to accommodate one average sized cat.

Outdoor Cat House - Small With Raised Lounging Deck

Outdoor Cat House – Large With Raised Lounging Deck.

Line Spacer Gif

weighing 32 pounds this larger elevated insulated cedar cat house, protects your kittens from ground chill and wet conditions. The lounging deck is a great place for cat naps. The generous porch roof helps shield the doorway opening from dropping rain and melting snow. Large enough to accommodate two average sized cat.

Outdoor Cat House - Large With Raised Lounging Deck

Outdoor Cat House – Small Duplex.

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Weighing 40 pounds this small duplex insulated cedar cat house- small dog house, keeps your pet warm in the winter, but also gives them a cool place to relax during the heat of the summer. It’s perfect for that colony of ferals that need a home, or for the indoor kitty or dog that insists on hanging out near you while you’re in the garden.

Outdoor Cat House - Small Duplex

Outdoor Cat House

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