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The Best Way To Clean Up The Outdoor Cat House

Indoor domesticated feline animals can be vulnerable to many things, so if keeping your cat outdoors please secure your favorite cat by using cat enclosures.

There are quite a few excellent outdoor cat enclosures on the market today, and just getting your pet one is not enough. After having purchased one you must learn the tricks to keep the cat comfortable inside their cat enclosures, and you must also learn the various methods to get rid of strays from your outdoor cat house.

Many of you may have installed an outdoor cat house or even are employing cat runs to circumvent your cats from roaming out and about, but right now you want to know the best way to clean up the outdoor cat house.

The outdoor cat house provides your feline ward a place to be and feel safe in. They provide indoor and outdoor cats a refuge, shelter from the rain, snow, cold wind, hot sun, and a hiding location.

Like a cat’s litter box, an outdoor cat house requires routine cleaning. Left uncleaned, the microorganisms that build up inside can make it an unhealthy place for any cat, exposing them to various health risks.

Cleaning outdoor cat enclosures require nothing more than soap, or bleach diluted into water, wash rags or sponges, a hose or a spray cleaner if you own one.

Your first step is to open up the outdoor cat house. This process would vary depending on the brand and of house you have.

In most all houses, the top would come off, so first remove the roof. If your house is a moulded plastic type turn the house upside down and remove the bottom.

Remove any toys or even bedding. Clean them completely making use of the washing machine and dryer. Utilize the hottest cycle feasible. This will likely wipe out any kind of ticks on the items.

Mix liquid dish detergent with hot water in a big container. Use enough detergent to make the water sudsy. If possible, use a dish detergent that is anti-bacterial. Using a sponge or wash cloth, clean the interior of the outdoor cat house. Wash the walls, ceiling as well as flooring. Rinse the sponge or wash cloth as often as required in the soapy water.

Another way would be to apply the interior of the outdoor cat house with a spray cleaner using a solution of bleach and water. Alternatively, make use of a rag drenched in bleach if you do not own spray cleaner. The bleach will kill bacteria.

Rinse the insides of the cat enclosure with fresh water to get rid of any soap or bleach deposits. This is best accomplished by using a hose.

Leave the house to dry completely.

Put the fresh bedding as well as toys back in the house. Close the outdoor cat house simply by replacing the top or flipping it back over. Repeat cleanings every one to two weeks.

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