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The Five Myths You Should Know About Diabetes In Cats

Feline diabetes is a growing problem among the feline population.  Unfortunately, there are several myths circulating about diabetes in cats.Anyone who lives with a diabetic cat should know the facts about his or her condition. 

Myth #1. The Only Treatment For A Feline Diabetic Is To Put Him To Sleep

This isn’t necessarily true.  Unless your kitty is quite old, or has other health problems like kidney failure, this disease can be managed quite sucessfully. 

However, it’s important for you to realize that it does take time, especially at first, to learn how to check your diabetic cat’s blood sugar and then give him an insulin injection, if he needs one. 

Myth #2. Feline Diabetes Cannot Be Prevented

Quite a few pet experts believe that this disease is a man-made condition that can be prevented by feeding your kitty a high-quality canned food, not dry cat food.

What’s wrong with dry cat food?  It’s made mostly from grains, which contain way too many carbs for a cat.  Cats have evolved to eat meat, not grains.Free-feeding your kitty dry cat food will likely lead to feline obesity, which predisposes a feline to diabetes in cats.   

Myth #3.  It’s Too Hard To Check Your Kitty’s Blood Glucose Levels At Home

It can be challenging at first, but anyone who lives with a feline diabetic should learn how to check their cat’s blood sugar levels.  You should never give your kitty an insulin injection if you don’t know how high or low his blood sugar is.You can save quite a bit of money, and avoid extra stress for your kitty, if your vet teaches you how to do this simple test at home.

Myth #4. Your Kitty Will Need Insulin Injections For The Rest Of His Life

Not true.It’s possible that changing your kitty’s diet from dry food to canned food can reverse feline diabetes.Your kitty would do well to drop those extra few pounds.  Check with your vet before putting your fat cat on a diet, as losing weight too quickly can cause serious problems for your kitty.

A good natural way to manage blood sugar is mild exercise.Take it slowly at first.  Gradually work up to two or three ten-minute exercise sessions every day.

Myth #5. Don’t Waste Your Time With Natural Remedies For Cats

On the contrary, researchers have found that the mineral chromium, along with certain herbs, including goat’s rue, astragalus, and fenugreek, are all very effective in helping to control blood sugar levels in human diabetics.You kitty can also benefit from these remedies.  Many cat owners have found that a combination of dietary changes, daily exercise, and natural remedies for cats has made it possible to discontinue insulin injections for their pets.

Don’t believe any of these myths about feline diabetes.  Click on any link in this article to find out how natural remedies for cats can help your favorite kitty.

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