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The Worry caused by Fleas

Has the population of fleas around the UK increased? Those with pets in Britain are finding fleas a problem. Animal keepers have realized a fluctuation in the number of insect infestation of their animals especially pets. Many of them are attributing the fluctuation to some hybrid-type of fleas that is not responding to normal treatment.

Practitioners in the animal field attribute the infestations to the warm, wet summers and mild winters. Consumers of veterinary products have opted to shop online hence increasing the risk of incorrect flea infestation control. Having one on one consultation with the expert will ensure you as a pet owner get the best and appropriate treatment for your pet. The vets say that weather is the major contributor. The damp summers and mild winter with all year round insulated houses help in the survival of the fleas. Fleas find it easy to multiply themselves under such conditions.

Fleas can live for up to a year in a place with no animals or pets, and as soon as a warm blooded creature comes along they will re-infest. This means that you need to check the areas and use treatments on them, When you giving medication to your pet in is crucial that you know the weight of your pet so the dosage is correct, or it will not work. This is why a visit to the vet is so much better than going on the internet, as they will work out the weight dosage for you.

At some point in the life of a pet, it might be infested. Flea infestation is a common phenomenon that should not cause panic to pet owners. It happens everywhere and can be controlled.

If you are going to have pets, then they chances are that at some time you will get fleas, regardless of how clean your house is. Fleas suck the blood of the pet as sustenance, and they also act as hosts to tapeworms.

Those with the cleanest homes should not assume they won’t get fleas inside them. This is because the transfer of fleas is as easy as two animals coming into contact. Do not worry about identifying fleas as they show their signs. When a pet scratches and crawls frequently, then it has fleas. The fleas can be found on the skin of the pet, carpets and furniture within the home.

If your animal constantly bites or scratches itself, you can look for flea droppings, which are brown or black. These can be found on the fur, at the base of the tail and the tail in general, on the neck, the armpit area and behind the ears. Try thorough brushing of the pet’s skin while it is on a damp white sheet of paper. When brushing, if your pet has fleas the colored granules will be seen of the white paper. This gives you the surety to start treatment.

Take time to seek efficient remedies from a certified vet who will provide effective advice and treatment. Your pet can get a flea control treatment which will kill fleas and tapeworms.

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