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Training a Cat to use Litter Box

No matter how charming and cuddly cats can be, they still need to be potty trained. Said to be more intelligent than K-9s, proper training still needs to be conducted. You will need a lot of time and patience in order to train a cat. Besides, train your cat not to leave scratches on your furniture also calls for patience. Developing a habit in using the litter means training the cat at an early age. It is easier to train kittens than older ones. If you want to house break your cat, here are a few tips for training a cat to use litter box.

Find your cat a litter box that best suits it. Training a cat to use litter box means the cat should be able to access the litter box and be able to easily go in and out of it. If training a kitten, be sure that the litter box is just high enough but make sure that the kitten can step in and out of it easily. Cats will be discouraged to use the litter box if it finds it uncomfortable to use. When training a cat to use litter, make sure the box is nice and clean in order to entice the cat to step into it.

Cats usually do not like bad odors and their strong sense of smell picks up even the faintest of smells. Be sure to always clean the litter box and use cleaning tools that are unscented or better yet, just stick to soap and water. Replace the litter in the box regularly for hygienic purposes and to keep your cat attracted to it. Your initiative may be necessary during the early stages of training a cat by putting it inside the litter box. Direct your cat to the litter box location after meals so it can start developing the habit of relieving itself inside the litter box.

Familiarizing your cat with the litter box during play time is also advised. You will probably have to do this for a few weeks. If the cat successfully does its business inside the litter box then you can reward it with food and lots of love. In doing so, after several successful dumps and leaks inside the litter box, the cat will get the idea that doing this will give him a reward. Sure enough, your cat will start using the box on its own initiative. This will be the mark of a successful training a cat to use litter box.

Training a Cat to use Litter Box.

To be successful at training a cat to use litter box a person needs cat training material, cat litter training tips and cat litter training accessories. The best of these can be had at Amazon.com. Click on the image below to find out what is popular among the cat lovers of USA to-day.

Training a Cat to use Litter Box

How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat.

http://bit.ly/KHOTS1 – More great tips for raising a happy and healthy cat! How to Litter Train a Kitten: Litter Training a Cat Contrary to popular belief, a kitten's mother won't teach it how to use the litter box, which means you'll have to! Caitlin Lewis from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton discusses exactly how to train or re-train your cat to use a litter box in order to prevent house soiling.

Introducing Your New Cat to the Litter Box

MOST OF US KNOW CATS are finicky eaters, but they can also be pretty picky when it comes to the other end of the digestive process—making use of a litter box. Fortunately, the following suggestions should keep your cat from “thinking outside the box.”…….

“Litter-Training” Cats.

There’s really no such thing as “litter-training” a cat in the same way one would housetrain a dog. A cat doesn’t need to be taught what to do with a litter box because instinct will generally take over. The only thing you need to do is provide an acceptable, accessible litter box, using the suggestions above. It’s not necessary to take your cat to the litter box and move her paws back and forth in the litter; in fact, we don’t recommend it, as such an unpleasant experience is likely to initiate a negative association with the litter box.

If Problems Develop

If your cat begins to eliminate in areas other than the litter box, your first call should always be to your veterinarian. Many medical conditions can cause a change in a cat’s litter box habits. If your veterinarian determines that your cat is healthy, the cause may be a simple behavior problem that can be resolved by using behavior modification techniques.Punishment is not the answer, nor is banishing your cat outdoors. For long-standing or complex situations, contact an animal-behavior specialist who has experience….

Read More….Introducing Your New Cat to the Litter Box

Solving Litter Box Problems

You can resolve litter box issues by taking a closer look at your cat’s environment.

Cause and effect.

If you’re having a hard time persuading your cat to use the litter box, it just may be time to draw a line in the sand.

Most cats take to using a litter box very easily because their instinct is to bury their urine and feces. But when their preferences include the laundry basket, the bed or the Persian rug, you’ve got a problem.

There’s always a reason they stop using their box and it’s not to make you mad or get revenge Take a close look at what’s going on in your cat’s world. You should be able to uncover the source (or sources) of the trouble, and make the changes that will put his world to rights again.

Here are some important tips on preventing litter box problems in the first place »The case of multiple cats: A whodunnit

If you only have one cat, it’s obvious who’s misbehaving. But what if you have more than one? You need to do some detective work…..

Read More:….Solving Litter Box Problems.

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