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Transborder Rules Of Pet Transportation.

If you take your pet outside the boundary of your country, in addition to veterinary certificate, the owner must also have export license, which in some cases can be substituted with the lineage. Remember that the certificate issued to you for three days prior to the trip is changed for an international veterinary certificate at the day of leaving. Accuracy of documents is verified by customs veterinary control. If you have some problems with registration, you may contact the department of veterinary control at the state boundary of the Veterinary Department. Sometimes on the state border it is raised questions of pedigree value of pets. Appropriate document is issued by Felinological (for cats) or Dog Training (for dogs) federation.

Usually, at the plane it is permitted to carry from one to four animals, so you have to care about buying a seat for pet in advance. It does not matter whether pet is flying inside or in the luggage compartment, for its transportation it is necessary a special container which must comply with the International Air Transport Association. Its size should be chosen so that the dog or cat could stand in it and freely rotate. In this case, the transportation of pet is paid as an excess baggage.

For the most major international companies such as Lufthansa and Delta the service of fares with a pet is a priority. The employers of the company KLM are especially attentive to the pets. In its aircraft in transit flights through Amsterdam it is arranged a special hotel for pets.

In many countries, strict limits are imposed to the import of animals, it is required the availability of additional vaccinations, certificates, and it is also provided the quarantine of one to six months. The main and obligatory inoculation in all countries – is vaccination against rabies. Almost in all airlines to transport pets in the cabin of the aircraft is prohibited. Exception – dogs weighing less than five pounds and guide dogs accompanying blind or deaf passengers. In this the guides are carried free of charge. For dogs weighing more than forty kg a separate fare ticket and a separate passenger seat is required.

If you are carrying pets from one country to another, the animal must have an ID (tattoo or chip). You must have inoculation against rabies, carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, by an inactivated vaccine of at least one dose, i.e. in accordance with WHO standards.

It is necessary to have a veterinarian passport or, in case of re-entry into the EU, pet passport. If the pet is object sale, it must have issued by a veterinarian certificate conforming that no more than 24 hours before sending the animal was undergone to a clinical examination, showing that it is healthy and can be sent.

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