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Understanding How a Magnetic Cat Door Works

While a magnetic cat door sometimes operates on batteries or on regular house electrical current, that doesn’t mean that it’s always the case, which means that they can continue operating even when there’s a power failure. This is one of its main advantages, because it means that the cat won’t be locked out of the house if the power failure occurs when the owner is away at work or on vacation.

Understanding Magnetic Doors

This kind of door can sense a magnet that is installed on the collar of the cat, which works as some sort of “key” that will open the door to the cat. When the cat comes next to the door, the detection of the magnet makes the system open the door. In this way, the cat can come and go as it pleases and the door will always be locked when not in use.

This feature is a big plus for pet owners who are not home during the day or who are away on weekends because they will not have to worry if their pet can get in or out of the house while they are away


The magnetic cat door is safe and secure for pets to use because the door automatically locks after the cat passes through the door and only opens when activated by the magnetic collar around the cat’s neck. This means that if your cat is chased by another animal, like a feroucious dog, the door will keep other animals from following your cat inside the house. Plus it will protect against theft because a person will not be able to slip through the locked door either.

Some magnetic cat doors even have some extra features that will allow you to modify how and when access is granted. They are fairly easy to install and are very well-built.

A magnetic cat door is resistant to water, which means that you won’t have to worry about rain or winter affecting it, and it won’t let water come into your house either. While a magnetic cat door is very convenient, it’s not recommended for very young kittens.


They generally cost about $50. However, some models cost up to $100. You can even get one made in order to fit the style of your house, but that will cost even more.

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