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What You Should Have When Transporting Your Pets?

Of course, it is more comfortable to voyage with a dog on a train in the individual compartment, or at least, on the lower berth. Try to provide a comfortable existence at the stage of purchasing tickets. If it is impossible – do not bother, some dogs feel excellently on the second berth. Moreover, my dog pretty trickled comrades-in-carriage, when some passenger particular hurrying to the toilet across literally nose to nose with imperturbable bearded mug on the second berth.

For dogs that journey without a container take the veil to avoid problems with trainmen – they usually do not like very much if your dog will “leave a mark” on the clean linen after a walk along the platform.

It is desirable to take at least a minimum kit of drugs of first-aid:

Sorbent (activated carbon, enterosgel)
Antihistamine (suprastin, Claritin)
Antispasmodic (no-spa, baralgin)
Analgesic (Pentalgin, baralgin)
Antiseptic (iodine)
Antibiotic (furazolidone, chloramphenicol)

Stock up with a dose of tranquilizer or any accessible sedatives for very excitable dogs. If your animal has motion sickness – for half an hour before the trip give some remedy from motion sickness. Nowadays there are a lot of homeopathic remedies from motion sickness.

Use tranquilizing droplets or pheromones for the prophylaxis of transport stress and for precipitation of adjustment after arrival. Pheromones are an absolutely new and safe method for correction of behavior – it is agents secreted by the body in moments of absolute comfort, their presence produces the animal’s state of euphoria.

Well, of course, for majority of dogs, except for “pocket”, it is necessary to have a muzzle – he must be accustomed to it in advance. Even if your dog “does not bite” – without this attribute of social safety you just cannot be let in any transport – and they will be right.

But the problem lies not only in the technical details of transportation, but also in the peculiarities of issuing of documents for export and import of animals. Voyage within your country requires only a veterinary certificate, and to get it, it is necessary to have a vaccination against rabies, made not later than one month before the trip. That is why in vaccination pay attention to the issuing of a rabies vaccination officially. This certificate is valid only for three days, so it is better to issue it before the trip. Besides, it will be necessary a ticket for the animal. Transportation of animals is paid as baggage, they do not usually ask the weight.

If you have made decision to go with your four-legged friend on vacation or to the exhibition and you have chosen an airplane as a means of transportation, you have to inform an air carrier beforehand. As a rule, for domestic flights it is sufficient availability of veterinary certificate, which is issued three days before the travel and is valid only during this time. It shall include: name of the owner, nickname of the animal, his sex and age, date of vaccination and the results of analysis for worms. In addition, in the certificate it must be specified the route.

So, do you travel a lot and you want your pet to join you? Then for sure pet transport service will be useful to you. Those who live in west Australia can take advantage of pet transport in west Australia service.

In any way Google and other search engines are at our disposal. And they really help us to search any services we need, dog transport inclusive. In addition using them we can learn more info about the service providers, compare their prices and choose one on the best terms on the market.

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